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  1. Site in Amsterdam for festivals and outdoor concerts, especially in the, summer , Plans were made in 2008 to remodel the square again, because many inhabitants
  2. And destroyed most of the film. Film career outside the Soviet Union During the, summer ,of 1979,Tchaikovsky traveled to Italy, where he shot the documentary Voyage in
  3. Did not begin a serious study of the India texts, however,until the, summer ,of 1814. Sansfranski maintains that between 1815 and 1817,Schopenhauer had
  4. And die during the warmer months of the year. The lawn weed crabgrass is a, summer ,annual. The Dragon Wing Begonia is a summer annual. Winter annuals
  5. The general replied," I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all, summer , " The Confederacy lacked reinforcements, so Lee's army shrank with every
  6. To look towards religion for answers and solace. After Willie's death, in the, summer ,or early fall of 1862,Lincoln apparently attempted to put on paper his private
  7. That lives among willows and on open tundra and muskeg. Plumage is brown in, summer , changing to white in winter. The Willow Ptarmigan is common in much of Alaska.
  8. At a latitude subject to a variety of weather patterns during the winter and, summer ,seasons, Albania has a high number of climatic regions for so small an area.
  9. For a union of the states. The final draft of the Articles was prepared in the, summer ,of 1777 and the Second Continental Congress approved them for ratification by
  10. Canada and Scotland. By 1885,a new summer retreat was contemplated. That, summer , the Bells had a vacation on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, spending time
  11. Kim Clusters. He played World Team Tennis for the Philadelphia Freedoms in the, summer ,of 2009 and played at the Outback Champions Series event for the first time. He
  12. Park in central Ankara. File: Ankara Park Segmented. JPG|Segmented Park in, summer , File: Ankara Park Segmented. JPG|Segmented Park in winter. File: Ankara Park
  13. Washington to send the Sullivan Expedition into western New York during the, summer ,of 1779. There was little fighting as Sullivan systematically destroyed the
  14. Is less plentiful. Prevailing winds that are easterly and north-easterly in, summer ,change to westerly and northerly in winter and carry with them a general
  15. The present city center, stood well outside the Roman city, but may have been a, summer ,resort. In the 19th century, the remains of at least one Roman villa or large
  16. In gardening, annual often refers to a plant grown outdoors in the spring and, summer ,and surviving just for one growing season. Many food plants are, or are grown
  17. With the Alaska State Fair in Palmer the largest),are held mostly in the late, summer , The fairs are mostly located in communities with historic or current
  18. Aruba following the explorations of Amerigo Vespucci and Alonso de Ojeda in the, summer ,of 1499. Though Vespucci boasted of discovering the island, he and Opera were
  19. Population of Ketchikan may rise by over 10,000 people on many days during the, summer , as up to four large cruise ships at a time can dock, debarking thousands
  20. In the late winter and spring months, and a near absence of rainfall during the, summer ,months. Algeria also has ergs, or sand dunes between mountains. Among these, in
  21. Specially designed barns in southern Alberta, then migrating north during the, summer ,into the Peace River valley where the season is short but the working days are
  22. 100-day growing season limits the crops that can be grown, but the long sunny, summer ,days make for productive growing seasons. The primary crops are potatoes
  23. Trip from Coney Island back to his home in New York City, after a leisurely, summer ,day in 1882,and he immediately wrote it down. He was so anxious to capture the
  24. As well as at his family home in Canada a big success. While working that, summer ,in Brantford, Bell experimented with a" photograph ", a pen-like machine
  25. Not a point, part of the midnight sun may be seen on the night of the northern, summer ,solstice up to about 50′ () south of the Arctic Circle; similarly, on the day
  26. Plans to retire following the US Open. Agassi played only two events during the, summer ,hard court season, with his best result being a quarterfinal loss at the
  27. 3 distinct water masses: *Aegean Sea Surface Water – thick veneer, with, summer , temperatures of 21–26 °C and winter temperatures ranging from in the north to
  28. Be fronted even more than elsewhere, often pronounced or: hence" sword" but ", summer ,"). However, in accents with no emphatic allophones of /a/ (e.g. in the
  29. Temperatures varying from in northern Alberta to in southern Alberta. In the, summer , continental air masses produce maximum temperatures from in the mountains to
  30. Algeria also has ergs, or sand dunes between mountains. Among these, in the, summer ,time when winds are heavy and gusty, temperatures can get up to. Politics
  31. About higher throughout the year. The difference is greater than during the, summer ,and somewhat less during the winter. Inland temperatures are affected more by
  32. Of Ankara's high altitude and its dry summer s, nightly temperatures in the, summer ,months are cool. Ankara's annual average precipitation is fairly low at
  33. That Hitler would be more than willing to resort to such a weapon. " In the, summer ,of 1939,a few months before the beginning of World War II in Europe, Einstein
  34. The Potomac, Pope was soundly defeated at the Second Battle of Bull Run in the, summer ,of 1862,forcing the Army of the Potomac to defend Washington for a second time
  35. Two homes, but Band Breach would, over the next 30 years, become more than a, summer ,home as Bell became so absorbed in his experiments that his annual stays
  36. On average, more snow in winter, lower humidity, and it is slightly cooler in, summer , There are, on average,300 days per year of sunshine. Economy Tourism, the
  37. Festivals and events including folk music festivals. With many, summer ,and winter events, Edmonton prides itself as being the" Festival City ". The
  38. Empress of Austria Elisabeth of Bavaria also known as Sissy built in 1890 a, summer ,palace with Achilles as its central theme, and it is a monument to Platonic
  39. Festival is 5daysoff,which takes place in the venues Paradise and Mosque. In, summer ,time there are several big outdoor dance parties in or nearby Amsterdam, such
  40. The large Taste of Edmonton & The Works Art & Design Festival throughout the, summer ,months. The City of Calgary is also famous for its Stampede, dubbed " The
  41. Countries he resided in: the United States, Canada and Scotland. By 1885,a new, summer ,retreat was contemplated. That summer , the Bells had a vacation on Cape Breton
  42. Cafés have terraces in summer . A common sight on the Leidseplein during, summer ,is a square full of terraces packed with people drinking beer or wine. Many
  43. College, had taken a train trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado,to teach a short, summer ,school session at Colorado College. Several of the sights on her trip inspired
  44. To Nome. In areas not served by road or rail, primary transportation in, summer ,is by all-terrain vehicle and in winter by snowmobile or" snow machine," as
  45. Climate Angola's average temperature on the coast is in the winter and in the, summer , It has two seasons; dry season (May to October) and hot rainy season (
  46. Angora rabbits and should be treated quickly. Sometimes they are shorn in the, summer ,as the long fur can cause the rabbits to overheat. Angora goat The Angora goat
  47. The Balkans. Northerly and northeasterly winds blow much of the time. Average, summer ,temperatures are lower than in the coastal areas and much lower at higher
  48. Year. The lawn weed crabgrass is a summer annual. The Dragon Wing Begonia is a, summer ,annual. Winter annuals germinate in autumn or winter, live through the
  49. Tribes by capturing the outposts of Kaskaskia and Cahokia and Incenses in the, summer ,of 1778. When General Henry Hamilton, the British commander at Detroit, retook
  50. Capital, emperors in the 4th and 5th centuries would retire from the humid, summer ,weather on the Bosporus to the drier mountain atmosphere of Ankara. Theodosius

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