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  1. Connected by wipe transitions, each of whom refers the group to another, department , Nora Tennessee comments in her blog (which shows one example) that“ the
  2. In order to prevent the Styrofoam“ stones” from melting in the heat, the art, department ,coated the surface with four layers of cement, then painted the colors of the
  3. Other crucial" reserve positions" such as the director of the administration, department , By the end of 1972,Japan contributed $173.7 million (22.6 % of the total)
  4. Airport. The narrow-body repair hangar will be shut. The city's aviation, department ,offered to upgrade repair facilities on condition that the airline maintain at
  5. Serve the city, which is divided into five water districts. The city's water, department ,also operates four dams along the Huron River, two of which provide
  6. Tourist attraction or indeed a village) would always be on a major road, but a, department ,store might be in Oxford Street. Moreover, if a particular place on the street
  7. 2007 total: 114.5 million Euros debts (69.448 million the finance, department ,and 45.052 million the city-operated enterprises and fund assets) Culture
  8. Debts: * 2006 total: 109.9 million Euros debts (64.639 million the finance, department ,and 48.508 million the city-operated enterprises and fund assets) * 2007
  9. Of the Molina Institute. * Carlo Lottery: director of the Political Theory, department ,of the Bruno Leoni Institute, a libertarian think-tank based in Turin and
  10. To weapon system, with experts rather than civil servants overseeing each, department , No department head could be older than 55—anyone older being susceptible to "
  11. Aachen has many spin-offs from the university's IT-technology, department ,and is a major center of IT development in Germany. Due to the low level of
  12. Music. Schweitzer also studied piano under Isidro Philipp, head of the piano, department ,at the Paris Conservatory. In 1905 Wider and Schweitzer were among the six
  13. Renovated Army Fund building in Panepistimiou Street includes the" Attica ", department ,store and several upmarket designer stores. * Plaza, Monastiraki, and Mission
  14. Of women to enroll at Petrograd State University, where she studied in the, department ,of social pedagogy, majoring in history. At the university she was introduced
  15. Rate is less than three percent, according to Dr. Jihad El-Sana, from BGU's, department ,of computer sciences, who developed the system along with master's degree
  16. Sciences, Andhra Pradesh. Tourism Andhra Pradesh is promoted by its tourism, department ,as the" Kohinoor of India. " Andhra Pradesh is the home of many religious
  17. Research, thus giving birth to the conservation profession in the UK. This, department ,had been created by the museum to address objects in the collection that had
  18. To the Constitution. It was established on 10 April 1997. The administrative, department ,is not a part of the president's office but manages the financial, technical
  19. London Underground tunnels during the First World War. The development of this, department ,at the British Museum moved the focus for the development of conservation from
  20. The postponement, at the least, of his architectural dreams. Speer placed his, department ,at the disposal of the Wehrmacht. When Hitler remonstrated, and said it was not
  21. The second child of Marie Chef fer and Jean-Baptiste Rodin, who was a police, department ,clerk. He was largely self-educated, and began to draw at age ten. Between ages
  22. For the time. Problems of this scale were becoming common in physics,the, department ,in which John Standoff worked. The machine could be fed two linear equations
  23. Hall's successor as lecturer on Roman law at the university, and in this, department ,his researches were epoch-making. Bibliography Among his numerous juridical
  24. Canada - 7th Floor Lobby Sketch. JPG|Interior drawing,Eaton's College Street, department ,store, Toronto,Canada ASCII art is a graphic design technique that uses
  25. To Saint Petersburg he had discovered that similar abuses existed in the naval, department , For these abuses, several high-placed personages—among others two of the
  26. Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and the head of the university's, department ,of History of science and technology. Kaiser has published two books in
  27. Station of the same name and a nearby market hall, followed by the opening of a, department ,store of Hermann Dietz in 1904,becoming a major commercial center. The Urban
  28. Club, wishing to retain Fleming in the team suggested that he join the research, department ,at St Mary's, where he became assistant bacteriologist to Sir Alioth Wright
  29. Its first results in 1940,Fleming telephoned Howard Flora,Chain's head of, department , to say that he would be visiting within the next few days. When Chain heard
  30. System, with experts rather than civil servants overseeing each department . No, department ,head could be older than 55—anyone older being susceptible to" routine and
  31. Historically, Agincourt in English) is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais, department ,in northern France. Geography Situated 12 miles (20 km) north-west of
  32. Of combustible material" close to ignition sources. The NASA crew systems, department ,had installed of Velcro throughout the spacecraft, almost like carpeting. This
  33. Street factory remains in Aston Martin ownership as the restoration and service, department , U. K. production is subsequently concentrated at Gaydon on the former RAF
  34. Will be constructed. However, beginning with the reconstruction of the Author, department ,store in 2004,and the biggest underground railway station of Berlin, some
  35. In 1919 and in 1924 became professor of neurology. Under Jakob's guidance the, department ,grew rapidly. He made notable contributions to knowledge on concussion and
  36. In October 2006,the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, a governmental, department , authored a document:" Understanding the Future: Priorities for England's
  37. Was considerable and for the age remarkably accurate. His industry in every, department ,was great, and though we find in his system many gaps which are characteristic
  38. In Allen, like the Allen Jazz Festival (see below). The Allen volunteer fire, department ,since 1952 has a marching band whose roots date back to 1883. In 1959,the band
  39. Administrative process Certain government bureaucracies, such as a, department ,of motor vehicles will issue an abstract of a completed transaction or an
  40. All follow the Program of Studies and the curriculum approved by the provincial, department ,of education (Alberta Education). Home schoolers may choose to follow the
  41. Senior management architect or non-registered graduate; responsible for major, department ,(s) or functions; reports to a principal or partner. *Project Manager:
  42. Model from the earlier film Jurassic Park. At an early stage he altered the CG, department ,'s suggested name" Bronte ", taken from Brontosaurus, to 'Onto '. Sinclair
  43. Architecture * George W. Snyder, statistician; founder of first academic, department ,of statistics in the United States at Iowa State University * Billy Sunday
  44. Number by finding or creating a programming language generally suitable for the, department ,'s requirements. The result was Ada. The total number of high-level programming
  45. Build a proof of concept prototype was submitted in March 1939 to the Agronomy, department ,which was also interested in speeding up computation for economic and research
  46. 1930s to support her writing, Rand worked for a time as the head of the costume, department ,at RIO Studios. She made several attempts to bring her parents and sisters to
  47. Planned for Ruth Benedict to succeed him as chair of Columbia's anthropology, department , but she was sidelined by Ralph Linton, and Mead was limited to her offices at
  48. Alan Turing Auditorium ". *One of the amphitheaters of the Computer Science, department ,(LIFE) at the University of Lille in northern France is named in honor of
  49. Accounting for 14 % of the total. Retail Shops in Amsterdam range from large, department ,stores such as De Bijenkorf founded in 1870 and Madison de Bonneterie a Parisian
  50. What was then the Domain of Canada. True anthropology began with a Government, department ,: the Geological Survey of Canada, and George Mercer Dawson (director in 1895)

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