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  1. 20th-century existentialism. While Kierkegaard's feeling of angst is fear of, actual ,responsibility to God, in modern use, angst was broadened by the later
  2. Checking the dominance of any one person’s point-of-view. " In addition to the, actual ,script, Kurosawa at this stage often produced extensive, fantastically detailed
  3. An affidavit which reflected a better grasp of the facts close in time to the, actual ,events may be used to refresh a witness's recollection. Materials used to
  4. Alkanes are usually shown in a zigzag arrangement in diagrams or in models. The, actual ,structure will always differ somewhat from these idealized forms, as the
  5. Of stories that are set in worlds in which history has diverged from the, actual ,history of the world. It can be variously seen as a sub-genre of literary
  6. St Peter's Church in St. George's, Bermuda,established in 1612 (though the, actual ,building had to be rebuilt several times over the following century). This is
  7. By victorious teams as a symbol of their victory in an Ashes series, but the, actual ,urn has never been presented or displayed as a trophy in this way. Whichever
  8. It is unlikely ever to be more than a utopian ideal. Some, however,point to, actual ,situations where protection of individual liberty and property has been
  9. Apparently, the researchers can also modify the shape of the mask based on, actual ,human faces. To" copy" a face, they need only a 3D scanner to determine the
  10. Appear on a represents the first regularly circulating U. S. coin to feature an, actual ,person. Abraham Lincoln's birthday, February 12,was never a national holiday
  11. Of the Tuareg people. Another historical migratory movements that made the, actual ,Algerians was the Vandalism invasion of the 5th century, and the Mediterranean
  12. Though the title" abbot" is not given in the Western Church to any but, actual ,abbots of monasteries today, the title archimandrite is given to" monastics "
  13. By the time the mission flew, the crew had spent seven hours training for every, actual ,hour of flight. Although all crew members were trained in all aspects of the
  14. Unity? However, according to Aristotle, the potential being (matter) and the, actual ,one (form) are one and the same thing. Universals and particulars Aristotle
  15. Only in units of disk blocks and used Control-Z (SUB) to mark the end of the, actual ,text in the file. For this reason, EOF,or end-of-file, was used colloquially
  16. A subgenre of speculative fiction dealing with divergences from the world's, actual ,history * Counterf actual history, a form of historiography which speculates on
  17. As they go. These detailed descriptions are known as" pace notes. " During the, actual ,rally, the co-driver reads the pace notes aloud (using an in-helmet intercom
  18. Review. Typical claims might include ineffective assistance of counsel and, actual ,innocence based on new evidence. These proceedings are separate from the direct
  19. To generic causes, particular effects to particular causes, operating causes to, actual ,effects. Essentially, causality does not suggest a temporal relation between
  20. Infants, albeit with less suffering than is experienced by those guilty of, actual ,sins. Medieval Christianity Pope Gregory I repeats the concept, articulated
  21. i.e. that there is an obligation to perform the 'right' action, regardless of, actual ,consequences (epitomized by Kant's notion of the Categorical Imperative) #
  22. The case in" The Chocolate Box ", which took place in 1893,as his only, actual ,failure of detection. Again, Poirot is not reliable as a narrator of his
  23. Constitutes the potential house, while the form of the substance is the, actual ,house, namely 'covering for bodies and chattels' or any other differential (
  24. Unemployment rate still hovers near 30 % and there remains a huge gulf between, actual ,and potential Gross Domestic Product. Global competitiveness The Armenian
  25. An incarcerated defendant locating DNA evidence demonstrating the defendant's, actual ,innocence. Appellate review is the general term for the
  26. Module Pilot was as navigator. Although Mission Control performed all the, actual ,navigation calculation, it was necessary to have a crew member serving as
  27. First came to this country. He was to lie here at the last. " While Poirot's, actual ,death and funeral occurred in" Curtain ", years after his retirement from
  28. Veteran, wandering the streets in search of the gun thief; it employed, actual ,documentary footage of war-ravaged Tokyo neighborhoods shot by Kurosawa's
  29. Album The Velvet Underground & Nico, as well as providing its album art. His, actual ,participation in the album's production amounted to simply paying for the
  30. Empirically, or demonstrated through indubitable conclusions. Also note: This, actual ,world of what is knowable, in which we are and which is in us, remains both the
  31. Of the great feudal families, as late as the 13th century and later,the, actual ,head of the community retaining that of dean. The connection of the lesser lay
  32. Was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment at Devil's Island. The, actual ,spy, Marie Charles Esterhazy, was acquitted. The event caused great uproar
  33. Causation. All causes, proper and incidental, can be spoken as potential or as, actual , particular or generic. The same language refers to the effects of causes, so
  34. It was needed so he could pick the right pose. As he started making the, actual ,sculpture he was shocked to discover he actual ly wanted to finish, even though
  35. Western/Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church. In the Orthodox Church, only, actual , monastics are permitted to be elevated to the rank of Archimandrite. Married
  36. Agoda (caecilians): Jurassic to recent — 174 recent species in 3 families The, actual ,number of species partly also depends on the taxonomic classification followed
  37. Celebrity is founded entirely on his ability to produce shocking concepts. The, actual ,production in many conceptual and contemporary works of art is a matter of
  38. Of the plateau which receives an average yearly precipitation of only. However, actual ,rainfall from year to year is irregular and occasionally may be less than
  39. Created the" stones" of that castle by having photographs taken of, actual ,stones from a celebrated castle, then painting Styrofoam blocks to exactly
  40. Software that defines the AI features of the platform, but rather the, actual ,platform itself that affects the AI that results, i. e., we need to be working
  41. To historian Chandra Manning, both Union and Confederate soldiers who did the, actual ,fighting believed slavery to be the cause of the Civil War. He argues that a
  42. The composition is often abstract, but sometimes the writing is shaped into an, actual ,form such as that of an animal. One of the current masters of the genre is
  43. For each oscillator. Einstein was aware that getting the frequency of the, actual ,oscillations would be different, but he nevertheless proposed this theory
  44. A form of historiography which speculates on" what if" counterf actual s to, actual ,history * Historical revisionism, the reinterpretation of orthodox views on
  45. Been in Site until the 1900 legislation mandated its transfer to Juneau (the, actual ,move took place in 1906,after initial questions arose),begun to take shape
  46. He holds the view that an adequate environmental ethic — one that addresses, actual ,environmental concerns — must be intrinsically holistic. Paul B. Thompson Paul
  47. Play the solo; Gershwin said he could, and so he briefly participated in the, actual ,recording. The radio broadcast of the September 8,1937, Hollywood Bowl George
  48. Presence of the Arabic diacritic mark, which indicates doubled consonants. In, actual ,pronunciation, doubled consonants are held twice as long as short consonants.
  49. To include general frustration associated with the conflict between, actual ,responsibilities to self,one's principles, and others (possibly including
  50. The pigs Snowball, Napoleon,and Squealer adapt Old Major's ideas into an, actual ,philosophy, which they formally name Animalism. Soon after, Napoleon and

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