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  1. After all, as fairies couldn't be true, the photographs must have been faked, somehow ,". The prints were also examined by another photographic company, Ilford, who
  2. Stumbles across the murder or is called upon by an old acquaintance, who is, somehow ,involved. Gradually, the detective interrogates each suspect, examines the
  3. Are not aware of the breathing of our lungs or the beating of our heart unless, somehow ,our attention is called to them. Our ability to control either is limited. Our
  4. San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. The town and other parts of the East Bay, somehow ,managed to escape serious damage from the massive temblor, and thousands of
  5. By a Japanese surface vessel until the ship became convinced the submarine had, somehow ,escaped. Psychological studies later showed that crewmen transferred to the
  6. S interests as an individual and as a member of various groups, and seeking to, somehow ,optimize among all of these interests. For example, it may be meaningful to
  7. Dealt with complex systems and phenomena. From one perspective, that which is, somehow ,complex-—displaying variation without being random—-is most worthy of interest
  8. Season in autumn and the beginning in spring, so it is believed that the virus, somehow ,survives in overwintering midges. Researchers at the Institute for Animal
  9. To suffer mortal wounds from a civilian mob. During the Dornier's descent, it, somehow , unloaded its bombs, one of which hit the Palace. It then crashed into the
  10. Of my imagination ", but left open the possibility she believed that she had, somehow ,managed to photograph her thoughts. The media subsequently once again became
  11. Throughout the book, Paul frequently remarks on how much of an eater he is, yet, somehow , manages to stay as" thin as a rake. " Jaden appears as a well-liked school
  12. And is necessarily subjective, it is commonly understood that what is not, somehow ,aesthetically satisfying cannot be art. However," good" art is not always or
  13. About 5,000 attended the game) believe they can win" if only" they could, somehow ,get" Mighty Casey" ( Mudville's star player) up to bat. However, Casey was
  14. By extremely painful experience, that they could not get sober on their own had, somehow ,become more powerful when two or three of them worked on their common problem.
  15. His birth at his home by the midwife, which led to the belief that his life was, somehow ,in danger. Though not known for certain, the immediate baptism was most likely
  16. Context switch: steps In a switch, the state of the first process must be saved, somehow , so that, when the scheduler gets back to the execution of the first process
  17. They received in. Although in the past it was speculated that Baseness were, somehow ,descended from jackals, modern genetic testing shows that Baseness are related
  18. Though he does not go through completely with the spell, a shadowy being is, somehow ,released. The shade advances on GED but is driven away by the timely return of
  19. With the necklace and kept silent as if nothing happened. But a man called Loki, somehow ,knew it, and came to tell Odin. King Odin commanded Loki to steal the necklace
  20. The poem directly, Cuthbert seems to imply that its particular wording was, somehow ,important, either since it was a vernacular poem endorsed by a scholar who
  21. MLB rules, but the Diamondback page from the 2007 MLB Official Style Guide was, somehow ,leaked around September 25,and local media broadcast printed the new design
  22. Defining a tensor product of representations of associative algebras, without, somehow , imposing additional conditions. Here, by tensor product of representations, the
  23. When the term Hispanic was first used. Some believe that the word Chicago, somehow ,became Chicano, which,unlike Chicago, reflects the grammatical conventions of
  24. In the semi-finals to a 5–2 aggregate defeat and fell behind in the League. Yet, somehow ,they reached their second consecutive FA Cup final, and the big day at Wembley
  25. By the private initiative of noblemen. This does not mean that he was a weak or, somehow ,cowardly man. The first years of his reign were marked instead by internal
  26. Both reference types and unboxed value types, the garbage collector needs to, somehow ,be able to distinguish which variables on the stack or fields in an object are
  27. With the company of a dim-witted aristocrat whose presence Black adder must, somehow ,tolerate. This role was taken in the first two series by Lord Percy (Tim
  28. Liquid. We might imagine deliberately upsetting this equilibrium situation by, somehow ,momentarily altering the surface shape of the water to make it different from
  29. Free space. In contrast, a non-moving GC must visit each unreachable object and, somehow ,record that the memory it alone occupied is available. * Similarly, new objects
  30. System may either need to suspend it until the collection cycle is complete, or, somehow , notify the garbage collector that there exists a new, reachable object. Precise
  31. A faction among the Portuguese court, aiming at privileges and power that, somehow , could compensate what they lost at home. The faction grew in power, especially
  32. Edward Herbert Thompson and Augustus Le London proposed that Atlantis was, somehow ,related to Mayan and Aztec culture. The 1882 publication of s were descended
  33. As necessary to save the Union. Lincoln later said that slavery was ", somehow ,the cause of the war ". Name "/NP"> SecondInaugural"/> Lincoln issued his
  34. Also achieved a significant degree of development by adding local flavors that, somehow ,preserved the local spirit involved in their preparation. Even though the
  35. Had fallen out of the cabin and when United goalkeeper Harry Gregg (who had, somehow ,got through a hole in the plane unscathed and begun a one-man rescue mission)
  36. Intercourse, as anal intercourse cannot lead to pregnancy unless sperm is, somehow ,transported to the vaginal opening in the process; in some populations, this
  37. Of thought. Some, like Grafton Elliot Smith, argued that different groups must, somehow ,have learned from one another, however indirectly; in other words, they argued
  38. Processing, a recurring idea in recent theories is that phenomenal states, somehow ,integrate neural activities and information-processing that would otherwise be
  39. He was set to send Pablo Fauna (a position player) in to pitch if the Actors, somehow ,extended the game. Game 4 was a pitcher's duel between Freddy García and
  40. In our minds, all the words are new, all the rites are new, and yet, somehow ,it has feeling in it, and we can get with that, you see, and we can dig that!
  41. To depend on God. As Lincoln grew older, some assert, the idea of a divine will, somehow ,interacting with human affairs increasingly influenced his beliefs and public
  42. These stories the limbs, hair,blood, bones or organs of the primeval being are, somehow ,severed or sacrificed to transform into sky, earth,animal or plant life, and
  43. Pipes, and if we are tempted to adopt what I think is the absurd view that, somehow ,the conjunction of man and water pipes understands, remember that in principle
  44. Chronicle, Áed was followed by Enchain, a grandson of Kenneth McAlpin, who is, somehow ,connected with Girl, but all other lists say that Girl ruled after AED and
  45. Weakens the bees enough to be finished off by the second, or whether they, somehow ,compound the other’s destructive power. " They're co-factors, that’s all we
  46. Must send the City feed on NBC's channel, even where the NBC version is, somehow ,different, particularly commercials. (These rules are not intended to apply in
  47. Worms. Because behavior is driven by brain activity, changes in behavior must, somehow ,correspond to changes inside the brain. Theorists dating back to Santiago Ramón
  48. Constantine's" godly" edicts of 326 and the irregularities of Crispus are, somehow ,connected rests on no evidence at all. Therefore, an alternative explanation
  49. Specifically trying to violate the censorship conjecture. This could be done by, somehow ,imparting an angular momentum upon the black hole, making it exceed the
  50. Of measuring the same spin, unless data about the first spin measurement has, somehow ,passed faster than light (of course TI gets around the light speed limit by

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