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  1. In the NASDAQ Securities Exchange 10,000-fold over 7 years to 17 billion yen (, apr , US$152 million). He first gained fame in Japan after he managed to profit 2
  2. He first gained fame in Japan after he managed to profit 2 billion yen (, apr , US$20 million) in 10 minutes from a Mizuki Securities order blunder. Japanese
  3. Only be run at the first round, and the two rounds at Fuji. GT300 Class The, apr , team,which has used the Toyota MR-S for a long time have discontinued to use
  4. Concept called NOVELIST. INTEGER:: Jan 1,Feb 2,mar 3,Apr,4 NOVELIST / week / Jan, feb, mar,Apr; 1994 – ANSI Common Lisp
  5. Its racing car" Toy Story Apr MR-S" and introduced the" Lightning McQueen, apr , MR-S " for the 2008 Super GT season. The car was based on the Toyota MR-S and
  6. File:1985-Sapphire. JPG|Armstrong-Siddeley Sapphire File: Armstrong Sid Sap reg, apr ,1960 3990 cc. JPG|Armstrong-Siddeley Star Sapphire Personal life W O married
  7. Image: underworld_darklongAPR. JPG|Cover (1994 junior recordings / April, apr ,002cd) CD Bad Company is a 2002 action-comedy film directed by Joel Schumacher
  8. Daisuke Kimono. As of 2011,he is racing for Serum in Formula Nippon and for, apr , in Super GT. Career highlights * 2010 All-Japan Formula Three Championship
  9. INTEGER:: Jan 1,Feb 2,mar 3,Apr 4 NOVELIST / week / Jan, feb, mar,Apr, ; 1994 – ANSI Common Lisp provides structures and the ANSI Common
  10. Des origins aux invasions mongols, IXe since av. J. -C. - Xiii since, apr , J. -C., Errance, Paris,2003 (2 ed,2007). * Les Mosques, une society
  11. The judge sentenced him to six years' imprisonment and a fine of 18,000 Bird (, apr , 1800 USD). On 18 February 2009,Afro's prison sentence was reduced from six
  12. Patrizia Gerard): Grand Prix for Best Austrian Feature Film 2009/10 * 2010,Apr, http://www.indielisboa.com/ Indie Lisbon: Distribution Award Caixa Gerald de
  13. Presentation software -. Prz files * Lotus Approach — relational database -., apr , ( data entry & reports), Dbf (database) files * Lotus Organizer — personal
  14. Indie Lisbon: Distribution Award Caixa Gerald de Depósitos * 2010,Apr, Festival Cinematographic International de Uruguay: Mentioned del Jurado:
  15. Fifth round. The Porsche 996 GT3-RSR was retired after the third round. * Team, apr , changed the name on one of their cars midway through the season, as a promotion
  16. Jaroslav. (2006). Les Races: Les« Scythes» d'Asia, VIIIe since, apr , J. -C. Editions Terrance, Paris. ISBN 2-87772-337-2. *Major S. E.," Monuments
  17. Have become extremely wealthy. For example, starting with 1.6 million yen (, apr , US$14,000) in 2000,Takashi Ottawa (Japanese: 小手川 隆) grew his account in
  18. And Toyota backed racing team Cars Racing replaced its racing car" Toy Story, apr , MR-S " and introduced the" Lightning McQueen Apr MR-S" for the 2008 Super GT
  19. Others praised Toyota for the new look and style. Motorsport The team, apr , participated in GT300 class of Super GT, replaced their MR-S with a midshipmen
  20. Study. These roles are as following: * ** chooses and leads the team members (, apr , 4-7 persons) ** has 8 weeks to carry out the study (it is usually more) **
  21. Station under construction (September 2009) File: unborn train station, apr ,2010. JPG|Unborn railway station under construction (April 2010) The
  22. A paper unit. Lineage * Constituted 714th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) on 6,Apr,1943: Activated on 1 May 1943: Redesignated 714th Bombardment Squadron (Very
  23. Les Races: Les < < Scythes > > d'Asia, VIIIe since av. J. -C. — Five since, apr , J. -C., Errance, Paris,2006. ISBN 2-87772-337-2. * Co-author with Stalin
  24. PNG|1997 Image: CIA org chart 2000 DEC. PNG|Dec 2000 Image: CIA org chart 2004,Apr, JPG|Apr 2004 Image: CIA org chart 2005 Nov. JPG|Nov 2005 Image:
  25. Figure in a TAKATA DOME NSW 1'54.306 (2007) * GT300: Kahuna Shiva in an, apr , MR-S 2'06.584 (2007) Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) (also fibre-reinforced
  26. Championship, Petronas Team TOM’S, Super GT Series,GT300 class, Corolla Axis, apr , GT * 2008 Formula Challenge Japan, Series Champion; Formula BMW, Macau GP
  27. For Corolla Axis (GT TRD) and Corolla Fielder (TRD GT).; Corolla Axis, apr , GT (E141) It is a Corolla Axis race car for 2009 SUPER GT GT300 class race.
  28. 2008,he raced in the All-Japan Formula Three for TOM'S and in the Super GT for, apr , as a Toyota young Drivers Program (TDP) driver. He finished runner-up in the

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