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  1. Incendiary, propaganda,chaff (foil to jam radars: originally known as ", window ,") and modern exotics such as electronic payloads and sensor-fuzed munitions.
  2. Shook. At one point, Cronkite was forced to dampen the booth's plate glass, window ,to prevent it from shattering. This launch showed that additional protective
  3. 1961,serving as the backdrop for New York Department Store Brownie Teller's, window ,display. This was the same stage his Pop Art contemporaries Jasper Johns, James
  4. Allen don't take drugs -- the key is in the bars, in the sunlight in the, window ,". In a letter she wrote to Ginsberg's brother Eugene, she said," God's
  5. By Athens, principally on the subject of wine-drinking, but for.333," wine, window ,into a man ", was quoted much later by the Byzantine grammarian, John Teethes.
  6. Drugs; she says," The key is in the window , the key is in the sunlight at the, window ,-- I have the key -- Get married Allen don't take drugs -- the key is in the
  7. Observe – Bomb tower – Boot house – Boss – Boudoir – Boulder wall – Bow, window ,– Bowstring bridge – Bowell – Box truss – Brandishing – Brick not – Brick –
  8. For solitary confinement; each cell measured by with a single ventilation, window ,above the floor. Vijaya Samovar Bavaria was one of the notable prisoners
  9. Because they are load bearing and have low structural strength. When placing, window ,and door openings, a lintel is placed on top of the opening to support the
  10. In 2009 that" There is no climate change, hasn’t anybody looked out of their, window ,recently? " Over the years, Widdecombe has expressed her support for a
  11. God himself I saw in the sky. The sunshine showed too, a key on the side of the, window ,for me to get out. The yellow of the sunshine, also showed the key on the side
  12. Original refined, rather austere, architectural effect. The distinctive round, window ,high in the south transept was originally lit up at night as a beacon for
  13. Boulevard when he witnessed the crash, which he recounted," I looked out my, window ,and I saw this plane, this jet, an American Airlines jet, coming. And I thought
  14. Is ova – Soviet – Iran J Jack and Jill bedroom – Jack arch – Jalousie, window ,– Jetty – Jin-pole – Joist – Joist K Damian – Kasai – Curb – Kitchen –
  15. Of the Chorus in that play by a herd of pigs passing to market under the, window ,of his lodgings in San Giuliano, Italy. * Aristophanes (particularly in
  16. Error correction. That is, correction done in situ without using a separate, window ,or widget, using a minimum of gestures. If a word is recognized improperly, the
  17. On the date of the Winter Solstice, the sunlight shines directly through the, window ,above the entrance to this cave, onto the Buddha on the opposite wall and at
  18. Etc.) -- Oregon Vietnam Veterans Memorial – Organic architecture – Oriel, window ,– Orthodox temple – Overthrow – Overthrow P Pacific lodge – Pack horse bridge –
  19. To get out. The yellow of the sunshine, also showed the key on the side of the, window , " These letters and the inability to perform the kaddish ceremony inspired
  20. Vincent, who was then working on a story on that city's Christmas store, window ,displays. By tracing the camera's serial number, the U. S. Federal Bureau of
  21. There was no chimney, only a hole at the angle of the roof; there was one, window ,on the eastern side and there were two doors. The house of the village head was
  22. That goes beyond their artistic function, as historical documents that open the, window ,on life and politics in classical Athens, in which respect they are perhaps as
  23. Release handle as flames in the cabin spread from left to right and licked the, window , Only 17 seconds after the first indication by crew of any fire, the
  24. Nearby apartment building, heard the noise of loud jet engines, glanced out his, window , and saw a" very, very large passenger jet ". He watched" it just plows right
  25. Dillon who is a former Amiga developer. Window Lab and amino are among several, window ,managers for the X Window System seek to mimic the Workbench interface. Unix
  26. Left and ceremonial tools were taken in and out. The Ainu have regarded this, window ,as sacred and have been told never to look in through it. A house had a
  27. The DC-3s had a four-star" admiral's pennant" outside the cockpit, window ,while the aircraft was parked, one of the most well-known images of the airline
  28. Of classical music, prompting him to attempt suicide by leaping from a high, window , Alex wakes up in hospital, where he is courted by government officials anxious
  29. Heads and trees in the background. Some women are looking at them through the, window , SHAD-DANTA JATAKA: There is another version of the Saldana Jataka, which
  30. X Window System, together with Motif as the recommended widget collection and, window ,manager. * Network file systems: NFS from Sun; AFS, the Andrew File System; and
  31. Window There is a Giant Horse-Shoe Window on the façade. The carving of this, window ,suggests that it copied a wooden structure of the same time. The pillars and
  32. Round is required from each gun and most of these could arrive in the 15 second, window , *burst fire, a rate of fire to deliver three rounds from each gun within 10 or
  33. Only in fragmentary form, varying in size from mere phrases, such as wine, window ,into a man (for.333) to entire groups of verses and stanzas, such as those
  34. On the age of the fetus, often using a trimester-based system to regulate the, window ,of legality. Many restrictions are waived in emergency situations. Some
  35. Bonaparte in 1805. According to legend, he rammed his head to bleed on this, window , when he was startled by the noise of his soldiers ridiculing the“ Spy of
  36. As a storeroom. The house had three window s, including the" rorun-puyar," a, window ,located on the side facing the entrance (at the east side),through which
  37. If air burst is used. There are several ways of making the best use of this brief, window ,of maximum vulnerability: *ordering the guns to fire together, either by
  38. Allows entrance to the hall. On either side of the door is a square-shaped, window ,to brighten the interior. The hall has four colonnades which are
  39. Above is contrasted with the moving urchins below. Under the arched Charity, window ,are sculptured images of the Buddha in the niches. The forecourt has fallen.
  40. Ginsberg to be good and stay away from drugs; she says," The key is in the, window , the key is in the sunlight at the window -- I have the key -- Get married
  41. Disemboweled and, according to eyewitness accounts, thrown from a second floor, window ,of the palace onto piles of garden manure. The
  42. Tabernacle, which becomes extended to any elaborated framework for a niche, window ,or picture. Gothic aedicula As in Classical architecture, in Gothic
  43. Isolation - Basilica – Bastion – Basement light – Bath Stone – Ban – Bay – Bay, window ,– Beach house – Beach hut – Beam – Bed-mould – Pedestal – Bedroom – Bedsit –
  44. System. If needed, an applet can leave the dedicated area and run as a separate, window , However, applets have very little control over web page content outside the
  45. Some applications, a single alpha channel is not sufficient: a stained-glass, window , for instance, requires a separate transparency channel for each RGB channel to
  46. In the basement were the" dark cells "; these cells had only a very tiny, window , and a solid door. Prisoners placed in these cells would gradually suffocate as
  47. The use of the function word out as a preposition in out the door and out the, window ,is standard to mean" out through ". For example, in AME, one jumps" out of a
  48. They entered the accepted way, by climbing in through the kitchen, window , to find Muddy Waters' band sleeping on the kitchen floor. Although Cyril
  49. Too small and they moved to a much larger factory building nearby (formerly a, window ,glass factory),and started mass-producing the Aster for a period of a few
  50. Letter, including the lines" the key is in the light" and" the key is in the, window ,". New York Beats In Ginsberg's freshman year at Columbia he met fellow

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