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  1. Real numbers. First we might try to proceed as if X were finite. If we try to, choose ,an element from each set, then,because X is infinite, our choice procedure
  2. Plantations and rejected secession until the Fort Sumter crisis forced them to, choose ,sides. Border states had fewer plantations still and never seceded. Name "
  3. Taxi services one can take to get from place to place, but most of the locals, choose ,to walk to their destinations. However, an important mode of transportation is
  4. Tool and a part of good anchoring gear, and a skilled mariner would not, choose ,to anchor without them. The depth of water is necessary for determining scope
  5. Agreed that each would give the Athenians one gift and that the Athenians would, choose ,the gift they preferred. Poseidon struck the ground with his trident and a
  6. Then on a native alternative. Some modern descendants of this culture often, choose ,to use the term" pueblo peoples ". The modern Hopi use the word" Hisatsinom "
  7. And presented herself to Paris naked. She whispered to Paris that if he were to, choose ,her as the fairest he would have the most beautiful mortal woman in the world
  8. To volition or ethical will as the primary meaning of life. Mankind had to, choose ,to create the moral structures of civilization: the world-view must derive from
  9. Asking that he be allowed to make a sculpture of Aphrodite before he had to, choose ,his bride. Flattered, she accepted. Pygmalion spent a lot of time making small
  10. But simply lucky enough to happen on the universe in which they did not, choose ,the cowardly route, take the stupid action, fumble the crucial activity, etc.;
  11. Little of a society that condoned it, believing that women, when left to, choose ,outside prevailing social influences, would never want to end a pregnancy.
  12. At will. For control of speech (symbolized as the unicorn) he recommended to, choose ,a commonly used word, letter,or pronouns and adjectives of the first person (
  13. Or unconscious. Choice or decision anxiety induced by the need to, choose ,between similar options is increasingly being recognized as a problem for
  14. Provincial department of education (Alberta Education). Home schoolers may, choose ,to follow the Program of Studies or develop their own Program of Studies.
  15. Chose the statue. Aphrodite told him that could not be, and asked him again to, choose ,a bride. Pygmalion put his arms around the statue, and asked Aphrodite to turn
  16. Douglas emphasized his Freeport Doctrine, that local settlers were free to, choose ,whether to allow slavery or not, and accused Lincoln of having joined the
  17. One item from each box. Clearly we can do this: We start at the first box, choose ,an item; go to the second box, choose an item; and so on. The number of boxes
  18. Backgrounds. In addition, camera angles show perspective. Directors can also, choose ,camera effects within cinematography, such as panning, zooming,facial closeup
  19. Of an adversary while yet warm. For the highest spiritual working one must, choose ,that victim which contains the greatest and purest force; a male child of
  20. Transmission mode. To generate double-sideband full carrier (A3E),we must, choose ,: A \GE M. \, Spectrum For more general forms of m (t),trigonometry is not
  21. Despite the actions of the seceding states. This call forced the states to, choose ,sides. Virginia declared its secession and was rewarded with the Confederate
  22. And students have been looking for someplace new. This has led many more to, choose ,Acapulco, in spite of the fact that the flight is longer and more expensive
  23. To do the latter? We must yield to the divine will, he says; we cannot pick and, choose ,and accept only what we can understand. But we must still seek to do what good
  24. Can do this: We start at the first box, choose an item; go to the second box, choose ,an item; and so on. The number of boxes is finite, so eventually our choice
  25. Marissa was kidnapped by Ida's but was loved by Apollo as well. Zeus made her, choose ,between them, and she chose Ida's on the grounds that Apollo, being immortal
  26. See non-measurable set#Example for more details. The reason that we are able to, choose ,the least elements from subsets of the natural numbers is the fact that the natural
  27. That leads to an endgame with microscopic chances of victory .... I would, choose ,the latter without thinking twice. If the opponent offers keen play I don't
  28. To select from an infinite number of pairs of shoes by stating for example, to, choose , the left shoe. Without the axiom of choice, one cannot assert that such a
  29. Pattern, Logrus or Conjuration can acquire virtually any object, players can, choose ,to spend character points to obtain objects with particular virtues -
  30. A\, represents the carrier amplitude which is a constant that we would, choose ,to demonstrate the modulation index. The values A 1,and M 0.5,produce a y (t
  31. As the Church presents the government with a short list of candidates to, choose ,from. This process is accomplished through collaboration with and consent of
  32. Include antianxiety medications or anti-depressants. Also, a therapist might, choose ,to have the subject partake in what is called" Exposure Therapy" where the
  33. And the fractional-reserve banking system, advocating that the market should, choose ,what is used as money. Some Austrians and supporters of the Austrian School
  34. Stepped away from the finished sculpture Aphrodite appeared and told him to, choose ,his bride. Pygmalion chose the statue. Aphrodite told him that could not be
  35. A finite number of) boxes, each containing at least one item, then we can, choose ,exactly one item from each box. Clearly we can do this: We start at the first
  36. In a location out of town. *The governor: The man who decides to let Alex ", choose ," to be the first reformed by the Ludovic technique. *Dr. Bran om: Brodsky's
  37. Would work on exactly the same pages of the script, and Kurosawa would, choose ,the best-written version from the different drafts of each particular scene.
  38. Four and possessing unwavering loyalty towards Poirot. However, when forced to, choose ,between Poirot and his wife in that novel, he initially choose s to betray
  39. And Spanish, respectively,as the main language of instruction. Parents may, choose ,which system their children attend. All schools are built and maintained by
  40. Associated with GMO foods, some believe the public should have the freedom to, choose ,and know what they are eating and require all GMO products to be labeled. The
  41. Of the real numbers which is a well-ordering. Then our choice function can, choose ,the least element of every set under our unusual ordering. " The problem then
  42. Who between them decide the party's policies, elect its governing bodies and, choose ,its candidates for public office. The majority of trade unions in Australia are
  43. And thus churches were permitted to remain inaccessible if they, choose , In addition to opposing the ADA on grounds of cost, church groups like the
  44. Limited. Our kidneys command our attention on their schedule rather than one we, choose , Few of us have any idea what our liver is doing right now, though this organ
  45. And other organs; these organs have an agenda which the conscious mind did not, choose , and over which it has limited power. When Schopenhauer identifies the Simenon
  46. The fractional-reserve banking system, private financial institutions generally, choose ,to further expand the level of bank credit, which multiplies the inflationary
  47. 144,585 Norwegian (4.4 %); and 137,600 Chinese (4.2 %). (Each person could, choose ,as many ethnicities as were applicable. ) Amongst those of British origins, the
  48. For many programmers. There are some situations in which practitioners might, choose ,to use assembly language, such as when: * a stand-alone binary executable of
  49. The choice for higher education on the island itself is limited, many students, choose ,study in the Netherlands, or abroad in countries in North America, South
  50. In battle, but Aphrodite came forth and whispered to Paris that if he were to, choose ,her as the fairest he would have the most beautiful mortal woman in the world

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