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  1. Economic benefits were generally not felt as a result of heavy taxation used to, fund ,Cromwell's New Model Army. Later attempts An abortive scheme for union
  2. The State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan was established as an extra-budgetary, fund ,to ensure the macroeconomic stability, transparency in the management of oil
  3. To charge a high" termination fee" to the caller's carrier in order to, fund ,the cost of providing service to the small and sparsely populated areas that
  4. States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries, as well as a pension, fund ,for former employees. He is often regarded as the second-richest man in history
  5. Then allowing the buying and selling of shares in the ETF directly with the, fund ,sponsor. ETFs trade in the open market, with prices set by market demand. An
  6. Criticism of Sir James Light hill and ongoing pressure from the US Congress to, fund ,more productive projects, both the U. S. and British governments cut off all
  7. Of half pay for life. However, Congress had no power to compel the states to, fund ,this obligation, and as the war wound down after the victory at Yorktown the
  8. Of Nations" summarize this policy: The annual labor of every nation is the, fund ,which originally supplies it with all the necessaries and conveniences of life
  9. Between shares in underlying securities held by the fund and shares in the, fund ,itself, rather than allowing the buying and selling of shares in the ETF
  10. Neighborhood retail district, through the Chicago Climate Exchange, to directly, fund ,the Valley Wood Carbon Sequestration Project (thousands of acres of forest in
  11. The trees can be seen from nearby NASA Road One. *Roger B. Chaffee scholarship, fund ,in Grand Rapids, MI each year in memory of Roger Chaffee honors one student who
  12. Tax, capital gains tax, value-added tax (VAT),or wealth tax. Payroll taxes, fund ,social insurance benefits. In the most recent year, Overall tax revenue as a
  13. Since, diverting revenues which would normally be deposited into the general, fund , The Alaska Constitution was written to discourage dedicating state fund s
  14. To exchange back and forth between shares in underlying securities held by the, fund ,and shares in the fund itself, rather than allowing the buying and selling of
  15. It also hosts a summer concert series and Guthrie does six or seven, fund ,raising shows there every year. There are several annual events such as the
  16. Abby May was granted a sum from her father's estate which was put into a trust, fund , granting minor financial security. The Alcott's hosted a steady stream of
  17. Market instruments such as equities, debt issues, fund s (including hedge, fund ,structures) and depository receipt programs. The BSX is a full member of the
  18. The state uses monetary inflation as one of the three means by which it can, fund ,its activities, the other two being taxing and borrowing. Therefore, Austrians
  19. At Homestead and, in 1905,for American college professors. The latter, fund ,evolved into TIAA-CREF. One critical requirement was that church-related
  20. Taxes collected from traders and merchants added to his coffers sufficiently to, fund ,his continuous wars. According to the poet Saudi Shiraz: Asian possessed a
  21. The finance department and 48.508 million the city-operated enterprises and, fund ,assets) * 2007 total: 114.5 million Euros debts (69.448 million the
  22. The finance department and 45.052 million the city-operated enterprises and, fund ,assets) Culture and sights Theatre The city operates the“ Theatre of the City
  23. A stance has never really gained momentum. Starting in 1982,dividends from the, fund ,'s annual growth have been paid out each year to eligible Alaskans, ranging
  24. Position in Royal Dutch Shell—which had a DLC structure until 2005—by the hedge, fund ,Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM, see also the discussion below).
  25. Confidence in the economic system. Thus, LTCM failed as a fixed income arbitrage, fund , although it is unclear what sort of profit was realized by the banks that
  26. Foreign policy. In 1786,Thomas Jefferson, concerned over the failure to, fund ,an American naval force to confront the Barbary pirates, wrote to James Monroe
  27. And the government has accumulated large savings in the oil-stabilization, fund ,(FRR). Inflation, the lowest in the region, has remained stable at four
  28. And politicians debated and critiqued a proposal to use state money to, fund ,research into astrology. In February 2001,the science of Vedic astrology
  29. Hotspots in Vietnam. $32m has so far been allocated by the US congress to, fund ,the program. Vietnamese victims class action lawsuit in U. S. courts On January
  30. Of the market also alert the bookies to correct the market. *Exchange-traded, fund ,arbitrage – Exchange Traded Funds allow authorized participants to exchange
  31. The profits from the drug and weapon sales, and kidnappings can, in turn, fund ,more terrorism activities. Alleged CIA involvement Experts debate whether or
  32. Equivalent to about 1.8 billion kronor or 250 million US dollars in 2008) to, fund ,the prizes. The first three of these prizes are awarded for eminence in
  33. Has a financial self-sustainability. The club had set up a special amortization, fund ,using art. 18-bis Legged 91/1981 mainly for the abnormal signing in 2002–03
  34. In contrast, the United States contributed only $1.25 million for the special, fund , With this increase, the bank's capital base has tripled from $55 billion to
  35. The liberal state itself takes property forcefully through taxation in order to, fund ,its protection services, and therefore it seemed logically inconsistent to
  36. Blamed the weaknesses of the Articles for the inability of the government to, fund ,the army. The army had long been supportive of a strong union. Knox wrote: As
  37. Of same from the recently constructed Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. The, fund ,was originally proposed by Governor Keith Miller on the eve of the 1969 Proudhon
  38. Republic of Macedonia Having in mind the bad condition of the forest, fund , and in particular the catastrophic wildfires which occurred in the summer of
  39. Their religious connections to get his money. His interest in music led him to, fund ,construction of 7,000 church organs. He built and owned Carnegie Hall in New
  40. As a logical consequence of anonymous cash. Essentially anonymous contributors, fund ,those who can predict the time and manner of a given person's death; the "
  41. Councils. All of these political and economic activities enabled him to, fund ,his scientific research. At the height of the French Revolution he was accused
  42. Too large and complex for such a conversion. However, the Air Force agreed to, fund ,the study of a high-speed, high-altitude drone aircraft in October 1962. The
  43. Rivals viewed the transfer to Athens as usurping monetary resources to, fund ,elaborate building projects. Athens also switched from accepting ships, men and
  44. Was net income of €10,135,539 (€14 million as a group). Moreover, the special, fund ,(€80,189,123) was removed from the asset and co-currently for the equity as
  45. That falls within these guidelines. Exempli gratia, Berkshire-Hathaway. A hedge, fund ,that is an example of this type of arbitrage is Green ridge Capital, which acts
  46. Of 1998 large defaults on Russian debt created significant losses for the hedge, fund ,and LTCM had to unwind several positions. Eisenstein reports that the premium
  47. Which, even after hedging most risk, represents pure profit. For example,a, fund ,may see that there is a substantial difference between U. S. dollar debt and
  48. Received more than one million dollars from the sometimes controversial Pioneer, fund , Paleontologist and evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould, attacked Jensen
  49. Overseas administrative positions. Further they used the income from empire to, fund ,payment for office holding. This is the position set out by the anti-democratic
  50. During the time of its creation. From its initial principal of $734,000,the, fund ,has grown to $40 billion as a result of oil royalties and capital investment

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