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  1. By their rather fleshy leaves, usually large and attractive flowers, with, six , stamens and an inferior ovary. The flowers are solitary or, more frequently
  2. Defined borders demarcating the various regions of Alaska, but there are, six ,generally accepted regions: South Central The most populous region of Alaska
  3. Product was phenomenally successful — over 100 million units were sold within, six ,years. In 2003,Apple's iTunes Store was introduced, offering online music
  4. With an ancient and historic cultural heritage. Azerbaijan is one of the, six ,independent Turkic states as well as the active members of the Turkic Council
  5. Education is officially compulsory for children between the ages of, six ,and 15. Approximately 5 % of the adult population of the country is illiterate.
  6. Cause or mechanism. Autism is defined in the DSM-IV-TR as exhibiting at least, six ,symptoms total, including at least two symptoms of qualitative impairment in
  7. The tip of the stem and are mainly of a rather generalized 'lily type ', with, six , tepals and up to six stamens. The orders which have been separated from the old
  8. During the rainy season, when termites are active. The first, six ,to eight weeks are spent in the den with the mother. After three months, they
  9. In the main not particularly distinctive, being of a general 'lily type ', with, six , tepals, either free or fused from the base. The order is thought to have first
  10. Students and later lecturers. The logical works of Aristotle were compiled into, six ,books in about the early 1st century AD: #Categories #On Interpretation #Prior
  11. And are mainly of a rather generalized 'lily type ', with six sepals and up to, six ,stamens. The orders which have been separated from the old Lilies are
  12. After describing the surface dust as" fine and almost like a powder ", six ,and a half hours after landing. Armstrong said that moving in the lunar gravity
  13. Computability ". Minsky's machine proceeds sequentially through its five (or, six ,depending on how one counts) instructions unless either a conditional IF–THEN
  14. In December 1849. He served in that role for more than five years, making, six , tours,and traveling more than annually on the Indian frontier of Texas. He
  15. Methane,CH4 - one carbon and four hydrogen: ethane,C2H6 - two carbon and, six ,hydrogen: propane,C3H8 - three carbon and 8 hydrogen: butane,C4H10 - four
  16. Oldest, Oud-Zuid, Oost/Watergraafsmeer, Zeeburg and Amsterdam-Noord, with the, six ,outer boroughs (Westport, Geuzenveld-Slotermeer, Osdorp, Slotervaart
  17. Is written in the typical French style of composers Claude Debussy and Les, six , This A section featured duple meter, singsong rhythms, and diatonic melodies
  18. Also enrolled at the Polytechnic that same year, the only woman among the, six ,students in the mathematics and physics section of the teaching diploma course.
  19. A military commander. The Macedonian phalanx, armed with the Carissa, a spear, six ,meters in length, had been developed and perfected by Philip II through
  20. The bouncing ball animation (below) consists of these, six ,frames. This animation moves at 10 frames per second
  21. When a message was received at the Bell home from Brantford, four miles (, six ,km) distant along an improvised wire strung up along telegraph lines and
  22. Immediately adjacent vowels in MSA. ) Vowels Modern Standard Arabic has, six ,pure vowels, with short and corresponding long vowels. There are also two
  23. Value in 1995,over double that produced in 1954. As of 2000 the top, six ,US supermarket groups had 50 % of sales compared to 32 % in 1992. Although the
  24. Senators were elected by the state legislature. After leading in the first, six ,rounds of voting in the Illinois assembly, his support began to dwindle, and
  25. And 10 hydrogen: pentane,C5H12 - five carbon and 12 hydrogen: humane,C6H14 -, six ,carbon and 14 hydrogen These names were derived from methanol, ether,prop ionic
  26. At many levels. They currently control both seats in the U. S. Senate and, six ,out of the state's seven congressional seats. Republicans hold all nine seats
  27. 5720 cc models. These cars were successful even in sporting events. The first, six ,cylinder model,4655 cc appeared in 1924. August Porch left the Audi company in
  28. Seven of the statewide elected executive branch offices. Republicans also hold, six ,of the eight elected seats on the Alabama State Board of Education. In 2010
  29. Symptoms often become less severe with age. Acquiring language before age, six , having an IQ above 50,and having a marketable skill all predict better
  30. Of movement. The astronauts reported that they needed to plan their movements, six ,or seven steps ahead. The fine soil was quite slippery. Aldrin remarked that
  31. At the end of each football season, there are playoff games involving the top, six ,teams in the AFC (the four division champions by place standing and the top
  32. Fundamental School) Length of program: nine years Age range:, six ,to 15 Certificate/diploma awarded: Brevet d'Engagement Doyen B. E. M.;
  33. Officially dates back to 1754,when Moses Solomon Hale vi Maduro, his wife and, six ,children received special permission to reside on the island by the Dutch
  34. Reconciliation in the face of lingering and bitter divisiveness. However, just, six , days after the surrender of Confederate commanding general Robert E. Lee
  35. By Path. Tuschinski is a heritage art deco building with a beautiful lobby and, six ,screens. Theater One is an architectural treasure with comfortable seats, two
  36. Of formal secondary and tertiary level education, Nobel gained proficiency in, six ,languages: Swedish, French,Russian, English,German and Italian. He also
  37. Democratic Republic succeeded in establishing diplomatic relations with, six ,countries, sending diplomatic representatives to Germany and Finland. The
  38. The AFC that took elements of the old AFL logo, specifically the" A" and the, six ,stars surrounding it. The AFC logo basically remained unchanged from 1970 to
  39. Most commonly in February or March following the relevant calendar year, and, six , weeks after the announcement of the nominees. It is the culmination of the film
  40. Focuses on tragedy has survived. Aristotle taught that tragedy is composed of, six ,elements: plot-structure, character,style, spectacle,and lyric poetry. The
  41. Of letters. An example is modern Greek which may write the phoneme in, six ,different ways: ‹ ι ›, ‹ η ›, ‹ υ ›, ‹ ει ›, ‹ οι ›, and ‹ υι › (although the
  42. The Ballot code),which would allow more than 64 codes to be represented by, six ,bits. In a shifted code, some character codes determine choices between options
  43. A 60 Minutes report aired 23 November 1986,featuring interviews with, six ,people who had sued Audi after reporting unintended acceleration, showing an
  44. The U. S. House of Representatives, the state is represented by seven members, six ,of whom are Republicans: (Jo Bonner, Mike D. Rogers, Robert Dermot, Morris
  45. In the military is compulsory for men aged 19–30,for a total of 18 months (, six ,training and 12 in civil projects). In October 2009,Algeria cancelled a
  46. For the Deaf in Northampton, Massachusetts. Returning home to Brantford after, six ,months abroad, Bell continued his experiments with his" harmonic telegraph ".
  47. About 20 miles (32 km) from Philadelphia, where they stayed for the next, six ,months. Over the winter,2,500 men (out of 10,000) died from disease and
  48. Legislatures. Also, individuals could not serve more than three out of any, six ,years. # Only the central government was allowed to conduct foreign relations
  49. Won 57 % of the vote statewide against Bailey. Since 1986,Republicans have won, six ,of the seven Governors elections and become increasingly competitive in Alabama
  50. Associated with reported incidents of sudden unintended acceleration linked to, six ,deaths and 700 accidents. A 60 Minutes report aired 23 November 1986,featuring

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