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  1. And actor Emilio" El Indio" Fernández. Reluctant at first, Fernández was, finally ,convinced to pose nude to create what today is known as the" Oscar ". Then
  2. All three protons can be successively lost to yield H2PO4−,then HPO42-, and, finally ,PO43-, the orthophosphate ion, usually just called phosphate. An organic
  3. In January 1975,was different. They played to full houses everywhere and, finally ,got the reception they had aimed for. Live performances continued during the
  4. The Hittites in the Battle of Keynes and, after fighting to a stalemate, finally ,agreed to the first recorded peace treaty around 1258 BC. Egypt's wealth
  5. Safaris, Samanids, Ghaznavids, Ghurids, Kartids, Timurids, Mughals, and, finally , the Hotcake and Duran dynasties that marked the political origins of the
  6. The product is an alcohol, that could be next oxidized to an aldehyde, and, finally , to a carboxylic acid. The resulting fatty acid could be metabolized through the
  7. Others, placing others above self. It was rejected by twelve publishers before, finally ,being accepted by the Bobbs-Merrill Company on the insistence of editor
  8. Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation. The lawsuit dragged on for years before it was, finally ,dismissed. At the same time, a series of major product flops and missed
  9. The 13th amendment, name "/IN"> mcpherson70"/> ratified December 6,1865, finally , made slavery illegal everywhere in the United States, thus freeing the
  10. The Sacrifice. Under the influence of Glasnost and Perestroika, Tarkovsky was, finally ,recognized in the Soviet Union in the fall of 1986,shortly before his death
  11. Infringement, and the German Supreme Court (Reichsgericht in Berlin), finally , determined that the Porch brand belonged to his former company. " Porch! " In
  12. Updated as USA SI X3.4-1967,then USA SI X3.4-1968,ANSI X3.4-1977,and, finally , ANSI X3.4-1986 (the first two are occasionally retronamed ANSI X3.4-1967,and
  13. About Standard which is considered to be completely fictional and marks the, finally ,evolved figure of Alexander which remained popular in Iran. In this poem
  14. In 1981,Aruba's independence was set for the year 1991. In March 1983 Aruba, finally ,reached an official agreement within the Kingdom for Aruba's Independence
  15. Annexed by the U. S. and added to the Territory of Orleans (1810); and, finally , added to the Mississippi Territory in 1812. Throughout these later
  16. At Richmond. Each time a general failed, Lincoln substituted another until, finally ,Grant succeeded in 1865. An exceptionally astute politician deeply involved
  17. A Tripoli acid is citric acid, which can successively lose three protons to, finally ,form the citrate ion. Even though the positions of the protons on the original
  18. They have switched from offering the ESSD to the IB, back to the ESSD and, finally ,back to the IB again in February 2009. Sense 2009 island Academy has not
  19. Based on revolutionary discoveries of Lavoisier and John Dalton — which, finally ,provided a logical, quantitative and reliable framework for understanding
  20. Led immediately to" mechanical automata" beginning in the 13th century and, finally ,to" computational machines"—the difference engine and analytical engines of
  21. With two directors, Kinji Murasaki and Ohio Masada. ) Torn! Torn! Torn!, finally ,released to unenthusiastic reviews in September 1970,was, as Donald Richie put
  22. Amount of paper money (which became" not worth a continental. ") The U. S., finally ,solved its debt and currency problems in the 1790s when Alexander Hamilton
  23. Lesser Slave Lake into High Prairie, north to Peace River, west to Fairview and, finally ,south to Grande Prairie, where it ends at an interchange with Highway 43. The
  24. Billboard Adult Contemporary and Hot Dance Club Play). Nevertheless, Arrival, finally , became a true breakthrough release for ABBA on the US album market where it
  25. Called for an increase in tariffs in the 1860 election. The increases were, finally ,enacted in 1861 after Southerners resigned their seats in Congress. Name "
  26. Speer managed to reach a relatively safe area near Hamburg as the Nazi regime, finally ,collapsed, but decided on a final, risky visit to Berlin to see Hitler one more
  27. During a talent contest, and Fatso during a TV show in early 1968. Gangsta, finally ,linked up with her future bandmates in 1969. On 1 March 1969,she participated
  28. Be stopped on the street by people wanting him to explain" that theory ". He, finally ,figured out a way to handle the incessant inquiries. He told his inquirers "
  29. Button" ). **When a doubled consonant occurs before another consonant (or, finally ,), it is often shortened to a single consonant rather than a vowel added. (But
  30. Years later, another foreigner working in Hollywood, Andrei Konchalovsky, would, finally , make Runaway Train, though from a script totally different from Kurosawa's.
  31. Where the two armies engaged in trench warfare for over nine months. Grant, finally ,found a commander, General Philip Sheridan, aggressive enough to prevail in the
  32. In a series of lawsuits and tension between the two companies. These issues, finally ,ended with their most recent lawsuit in 2007. Slogans Apple's first slogan,"
  33. And further shipments of blankets were being collected at Bilbao. Spain, finally ,entered officially the war in June 1779,thus implementing the Treaty of
  34. Managed to harass and slow Attila's advance with only a shadow force. Attila, finally ,halted at the River Po. By this point disease and starvation may have broken
  35. Shifted over the millennia from Greco-Roman Egypt, to the Islamic world, and, finally , medieval Europe. Chinese alchemy was closely connected to Taoism and Indian
  36. Alabama in court and defiantly remained in office for more than a year before, finally ,giving up the seat after losing in court. This ultimately would lead to a
  37. Of director Yasujiro Oz, who championed the film, that Sanskrit Sugar was, finally ,accepted for release on March 25, 1943. (Kurosawa had just turned 33. ) The
  38. Aided by his sister Artemis in protecting their mother. During the battle Zeus, finally ,relented his aid and hurled Titles down to Tartarus. There he was pegged to the
  39. Employed against Tyre. After three unsuccessful assaults, the stronghold was, finally ,taken by force, but not before Alexander received a serious shoulder wound. As
  40. The satisfaction she desires, and she continues to manipulate Hank until he is, finally ,leaves her and joins Galt's strikers. Dr. Floyd Ferris is a biologist
  41. Inevitable. Around 2055 BC the Theban forces under Nebhepetre Amenhotep II, finally ,defeated the Herakleopolitan rulers, reuniting the Two Lands and inaugurating a
  42. On entering Persepolis Alexander allowed his troops to loot the city, before, finally , calling a halt to it. Alexander stayed in Persepolis for five months. During
  43. Is commonly used in handwriting. Calligraphy After Khalil in Ahmad all Farthing, finally ,fixed the Arabic script around 786,many styles were developed, both for the
  44. Continental Congress again abandoned Philadelphia, and on September 26,Howe, finally ,outmaneuvered Washington and marched into the city unopposed. Washington
  45. Sun-dried brick. " As Middle Egyptian evolved into Late Egyptian, Demotic,and, finally ,Coptic (c. 600 BC),debut became to be" mud brick. " This evolved into
  46. Simple ", in particular in reference to the Thessalian form of the name, and, finally , with (Babylon)," ever-shooting ". Psychics connects the name Apollo with
  47. Masai Kobayashi, and On Chicana),around the time that Dodeskaden was made, finally ,was filmed and released (in 2000) as Dora-Heita, by the only surviving
  48. Photographed 253 Mathilde in 1997,before entering into orbit around 433 Eros, finally ,landing on its surface in 2001. Other asteroids briefly visited by spacecraft
  49. 1986,he began treatment in Paris, and was joined there by his son, who was, finally ,allowed to leave the Soviet Union. The Sacrifice was presented at the Cannes
  50. By production and financing troubles and Kurosawa's health problems. The film, finally ,opened in April 1954,half a year behind its original release date and about

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