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  1. Of neighbors Amstelveen and Ouder-Amstel. This part of the coat of arms is the, basis ,of the flag of Amsterdam, flown by the city government, but also as civil
  2. Erred in the application of law, but it may also be possible to appeal on the, basis ,of court misconduct, or that a finding of fact was entirely unreasonable to
  3. He also announced that he will not be playing the tour on a full-time, basis , and played the tournament as a favor to long-time friend Jim Courier. Andre
  4. Argued in 1895 for renewed anarchist involvement in the labor movement on the, basis ,that anarchism could do very well without" the individual dynamiter. " State
  5. Godwin, a philosophical anarchist, from a rationalist and utilitarian, basis ,opposed revolutionary action and saw a minimal state as a present" necessary
  6. Met millionaire Alfred Matthew Hubbard who would deal with LSD on a wholesale, basis , On 24 December 1955,Huxley took his first dose of LSD. Indeed, Huxley was a
  7. Otherwise invalid, or may convince the higher court to order a new trial on the, basis ,that evidence earlier sought was concealed or only recently discovered. In the
  8. Sailed aboard the HMS Tartar, with the H-4 time piece. The voyage became the, basis ,for the invention of the global system of Longitude. *In 1858,Cyrus West Field
  9. As well as present-day Indonesia, India,Sri Lanka, and Brazil, forming the, basis ,of a worldwide trading network. Amsterdam's merchants had the largest share in
  10. Where the quality of non-initial vowels can now only be recovered on the, basis ,of umlaut processes in the first syllable. " (Starting et al. 2003:91) The
  11. In the check-list of Britain and Ireland, and so on, but lacking any scientific, basis ,or reliable sources, these numbers have no more credibility than the British
  12. No algebraic closure. *In all models of AFC there is a vector space with no, basis , *There exists a model of AFC in which there is a vector space with two bases
  13. Then 30 % of the population of the state. Heavy industry and mining were the, basis ,of the economy. Industrial development related to the demands of World War II
  14. Afroasiatic most remote from the others. * Alexander Military (2000),on the, basis ,of lexicostatistics, groups Berber with Chadic and both more distantly with
  15. A sharp break from imperial colonization, as in Europe, and provided the, basis ,for the rest of American continental expansion through the 19th Century. The
  16. Has led to numerous ideologies and historical events such as genocide. On this, basis , he argues that ethics must focus on 'dialectically integrating opposites' and
  17. Schedule by the NFL the previous May. Two of these games are assigned on the, basis ,of the team's final division standing in the previous season. The remaining 8
  18. Based on the notional passage of proper time on Earth's gelid. It is the, basis ,for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC),which is used for civil timekeeping all
  19. That Schopenhauer claimed that the Simenon, or thing-in-itself, was the, basis ,for Schopenhauer's concept of the will. Other commentators suggest that
  20. In the occult since his youth, participating in séances, which he used as the, basis ,for his doctoral dissertation" On the Psychology and Pathology of So-Called
  21. Gives the term its flavor of subjectivity. Making judgments of value requires a, basis ,for criticism. At the simplest level, a way to determine whether the impact of
  22. Astronomers. Most cities have amateur astronomy clubs that meet on a regular, basis ,and often host star parties in their communities. The Astronomical Society of
  23. Is appointed by the president; ministers are nominated by the president on the, basis ,of the prime minister's recommendation. The People's Assembly must give final
  24. Death of Patrols and Achilles' reaction to it. The episode then formed the, basis ,of the cyclic epic Ethiopia, which was composed after the Iliad, possibly in
  25. Every ideal in a ring is contained in a maximal ideal, every vector space has a, basis , and every product of compact spaces is compact. Without the axiom of choice
  26. Of local militia, with companies and an officer corps that could form the, basis ,of local militias, and provide a training ground for the national army that the
  27. As Johann Gottfried Herder and later Wilhelm Filthy, whose work formed the, basis ,for the" culture concept," which is central to the discipline.
  28. The existentialists and phenomenologists, he sees the ambiguity of life as the, basis ,of creativity. In literature and rhetoric, ambiguity can be a useful tool.
  29. And ultimately greater stability. The order is clearly circumscribed on the, basis ,of DNA sequence analysis, but is difficult to define morphologically, since its
  30. Argued that Christianity constituted a revolt against the materialistic, basis ,of Judaism, exhibiting an Indian-influenced ethics reflecting the Aryan-Vedic
  31. American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, have all concluded on the, basis ,of existing evidence that abortion does not cause breast cancer. The concept of
  32. A subarctic oceanic climate (Köppen CFC) in the northern parts. On an annual, basis , the panhandle is both the wettest and warmest part of Alaska with milder
  33. To himself as" Alexander the Large" while ravishing them; this was later the, basis ,for Alex's claimed surname Large in the 1971 film. ) *George or Georgie:
  34. Ten Watermark, and Dappermarkt. Some of these markets are held on a daily, basis , like the Albert Upmarket and the Dappermarkt. Others, like the
  35. American catholic anarcho-pacifist Amman Tenancy. Anarcho-pacifism became a ", basis ,for a critique of militarism on both sides of the Cold War. " The resurgence of
  36. A Governmental Agreement with German Air Company Deutsche Left Hans. On the, basis ,of a ten-year concession agreement, the Albanian Airlines Company Adrian Aero
  37. To a higher court to have their case reconsidered. This is usually done on the, basis ,that the lower court judge erred in the application of law, but it may also be
  38. Itself. " His position gained strength because he highlighted the moral, basis ,of republicanism, rather than its legalisms. Nevertheless, in 1861,Lincoln
  39. And Pythagoras introduced the abstract mathematical-relations which formed the, basis ,of the science of mathematics. These theories were built on a coherent building
  40. Since 1954),together with the DIN system (DIN 4512 since 1934),became the, basis ,for the ISO system (since 1974),currently used worldwide (ISO 6,ISO 2240
  41. Of linear functional **The theorem that every Hilbert space has an orthonormal, basis , **The Banach–Algol theorem about compactness of sets of functional. **The
  42. HCl (a) + NaOH (a) → H2O (l) + NaCl (a) Neutralization is the, basis ,of titration, where a pH indicator shows equivalence point when the equivalent
  43. Author Philip K. Dick (creator of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?,the, basis ,for the film Blade Runner),with full conversational capabilities that
  44. Of a Yuan is unknown, but in 2001 an explanation of the mathematical, basis ,of these instruments was proposed by Italian mathematician Nicotine De Pasquale
  45. Ironmongers) Ltd 1969 2 QB 158,the claimant appealed (successfully) on the, basis ,that, although he won in the court below, the lower court had applied the wrong
  46. Determines the way in which deduction is applied to the axioms. This is the, basis ,for the logic programming paradigm. In pure logic programming languages the
  47. Of artifacts recovered from archaeological excavations at Montville were the, basis ,of scholars' formulating the characteristics of the Southeastern Ceremonial
  48. Meat or to harvest animal products (like milk, eggs,or wool) on a continual, basis , but also to the breeding and care of species for work and companionship.
  49. May decline the offer. They are not always presented on a consistent annual, basis , Current special awards * Academy Scientific and Technical Award: 1931 to
  50. Person. They can be explicitly made for this purpose or interpreted on the, basis ,of images or objects. Art is something that stimulates an individual's

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