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  1. This is the ability of an individual to initiate, inhibit,sustain, and switch, attention ,and is involved in the organization of complex tasks down to smaller components
  2. The last. ” Image-sound counterpoint Kurosawa by all accounts always gave great, attention ,to the soundtracks of his films (Terry Noemi’s memoir gives many such
  3. Then, earnestly to recommend these articles to the immediate and dispassionate, attention ,of the legislatures of the respective states. Let them be candidly reviewed
  4. With intact connectivity of the task-positive network, used in sustained, attention ,and goal-directed thinking. In people with autism the two networks are not
  5. Development becomes apparent early in childhood. Autistic infants show less, attention ,to social stimuli, smile and look at others less often, and respond less to
  6. In 1993,being unwilling to build cars for the new formula, they turned their, attention ,to the fast-growing Super Touring series, which are a series of national
  7. East Florida failed. After French entry into the war, the British turned their, attention ,to the southern colonies, where they hoped to regain control by recruiting
  8. Wherever possible, since the user generally has to waste time, effort,and, attention ,span to define what is meant when they are used. Lexical ambiguity can be
  9. And their articles appeared over the initials AKM. Milne's work came to the, attention ,of the leading British humor magazine Punch, where Milne was to become a
  10. Or thrown age. Refers to the act of receiving a technique. Good semi involves, attention ,to the technique, the partner and the immediate environment—it is an active
  11. Like racism, slavery or human sacrifice, therefore,attract anthropological, attention ,and theories ranging from nutritional deficiencies to genes to acculturation
  12. Center. The trip was accompanied by mass hysteria and unprecedented media, attention ,(" Swedish ABBA stirs box-office in Down Under tour ... and the media coverage
  13. Of the possibility. The letter also recommended that the U. S. government pay, attention ,to and become directly involved in uranium research and associated chain
  14. Trial and execution of Indians who had attacked settlers. Lincoln paid less, attention ,to the civil war in Indian territory and the Navajo raids in the Southwest.
  15. Of the breathing of our lungs or the beating of our heart unless somehow our, attention ,is called to them. Our ability to control either is limited. Our kidneys
  16. Alternate tracks to avoid the worst parts of the surface, although careful, attention ,must be paid to the presence or absence of landmine warning markers by the side
  17. Made to her script by the producer. Her 1938 novella Anthem received little, attention ,from reviewers, both for its first publication in England and for subsequent
  18. Of English and American literature have largely ignored her work, although, attention , to her literary work has increased since the 1990s. Some academic philosophers
  19. Manga – many of them later animated. The work of SAMU Tea drew particular, attention ,: he has been called a" legend" and the" god of manga ". His work – and that
  20. As UNITS, given their regional constituencies, came out in favor of a greater, attention ,to the African languages, and as the FNMA favored French over Portuguese. The
  21. Alternate tracks to avoid the worst parts of the surface, although careful, attention ,must be paid to the presence or absence of landmine warning markers by the side
  22. Savants. Many individuals with ASD show superior skills in perception and, attention , relative to the general population. Sensory abnormalities are found in over 90
  23. Gold: More ABBA Hits in 1993. In 1994,two Australian cult films caught the, attention ,of the world's media, both focussing on admiration for ABBA: The Adventures of
  24. For the author to reach his or her audience, the work usually must attract the, attention ,of the editor. The idea of the author as the sole meaning-maker of necessity
  25. Who created detailed animations that required a team of artists and painstaking, attention ,for detail. Each frame was drawn on paper; which invariably required
  26. To the notion of chivalry, but unlike the European concept there is a focus on, attention ,to everything in existence. A constant concern for Allah results in a careful
  27. The source of continued disparagement of Lincoln, and dominated his time and, attention , From the start, it was clear that bipartisan support would be essential to
  28. The Girl with the Golden Hair. The concert attracted immense media, attention ,from across Europe and Australia. They continued the tour through Western
  29. Nearly perfect in its immorality ". Her subsequent books got progressively less, attention ,from reviewers. In 2007,book critic Leslie Clark described her fiction as "
  30. During the occult revival of the early nineteenth century, alchemy received new, attention ,as an occult science. The esoteric or occultist school, which arose during the
  31. During the early archaic period (640-580 BC),the artists tried to draw the, attention ,of someone to look into the interior of the face and the body which were not
  32. Anthropology mentions that the" Third World" had habitually received most of, attention ,; anthropologists who traditionally specialized in" other cultures" looked for
  33. Dental erosion and accidental poisoning of children. The review garnered media, attention ,and conflicting opinions from other researchers. Link HBO of Cancer Research
  34. Appearing in junior tournaments, and by the following year, was attracting, attention ,from tennis scouts across the world. Kournikova signed a management deal at age
  35. Much thought to politics, and several times he writes proudly of how little, attention ,he had paid" to political affairs of his day ". In a life that spanned several
  36. Considerable evidence for differences in autistic individuals with respect to, attention , orientation to auditory and visual stimuli, novelty detection, language and
  37. To them. Our ability to control either is limited. Our kidneys command our, attention ,on their schedule rather than one we choose. Few of us have any idea what our
  38. With difficult behaviors and family stress, and are often a focus of clinical, attention ,over and above the primary ASD diagnosis. History A few examples of autistic
  39. S songs) spawned new interest in the group's music. After receiving little, attention ,during the mid 1980s,ABBA's music experienced a resurgence in the early 1990s
  40. Postmodernism that was popular contemporaneously. Currently, anthropologists pay, attention ,to a wide variety of issues pertaining to the contemporary world, including
  41. Lincoln's views on racial issues. Black historian Throne Bennett won wide, attention ,when he called Lincoln a white supremacist in 1968. Critics complained that
  42. Theory, their emphasis on conflicts and conflict resolution, and their, attention ,to the ways in which individuals negotiate and make use of the social
  43. End, even when the old world is obviously collapsing and Deign has shifted her, attention ,and loyalty to saving the captive Salt. In the end, he stays with the
  44. Difference seemed insignificant, but it was important enough to attract their, attention ,for many months. They concluded that there was another gas in the air mixed in
  45. Oppressed ", Academic reaction During Rand's lifetime her work received little, attention ,from academic scholars. A few articles about Rand's ideas appeared in academic
  46. This concept was emphasized by Sufi mystics like Arabia al-Adawiyya who paid, attention ,to the difference in dedication to Allah and dedication to people. 13th century
  47. A period film to be called Dora-Heita, but when this was deemed too expensive, attention ,shifted to Dodesukaden, an adaptation of yet another Short Yamamoto work
  48. In 1972. Alabama state politics gained nationwide and international, attention ,in the 1950s and 1960s during the American Civil Rights Movement, when majority
  49. Italy, the development of ethnology and related studies did not receive as much, attention ,as other branches of learning. Germany and Norway are the countries that showed
  50. Of his research (entitled simply The Andaman Islanders) that paid close, attention ,to the meaning and purpose of rituals and myths. Over time, he developed an

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