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  1. Spearhead formation, they should not allow themselves to be skyline. Units on, foot ,should have a point man some way ahead of the main body, and,if possible, a
  2. For their behavior. They found that only one of the 319 Albertosaurus, foot ,bones checked for stress fractures actually had them and none of the four hand
  3. Polydorus polytheists are known as pests of abalone. Human use The meat (, foot ,muscle) of abalone is used for food, and the shells of abalone are used as
  4. His machine came equipped with" certain moveable wooden rods" and" at the, foot ,are 21 keys like those of a piano etc... ". With this machine he could analyze
  5. Of his time, motioned to his guards not to interfere and drew his bow, but his, foot ,slipped, the arrow glanced aside, and he received the assassin's dagger in his
  6. To clean their carcasses. As his gunpowder dwindled, he had to chase prey on, foot , During one such chase he was badly injured when he tumbled from a cliff, lying
  7. And activate the TV camera, and at 02:56 UTC (10:56pm EDT) he set his left, foot ,on the surface. The first landing used slow-scan television incompatible with
  8. Sacked Baltimore. The Ketchup mosque (Drama Ketchup جامع كتشاوة),at the, foot ,of the Cash, was before independence in 1962 the cathedral of St Philippe
  9. So that one burst of automatic fire wouldn't take out the entire unit. When on, foot , if possible, the patrol should move in such a way as to maximize their
  10. Closely pursued by Sahel, brother of Job, who is said to have been" light of, foot ,as a wild roe" ( 2 Samuel 2:18). As Sahel would not desist from the pursuit
  11. A logistically nightmarish project to which he ultimately did not contribute a, foot ,of film shot by himself. (He had his name removed from the credits, though the
  12. Insert into holes drilled in the surface. Young, however,accidentally got one, foot ,tangled up in the cable to one of the probes, detaching it and rendering the
  13. Booty. More Latins were brought to Rome as citizens and were settled at the, foot ,of the Aventine near the Palatine Hill, by the temple of Murcia Angus Marcus
  14. Sentimental reasons. At the time it was a town of modest size built around the, foot ,of the Acropolis. The first King of Greece, Otto of Bavaria, commissioned the
  15. Keyboard, trackballs,joysticks, graphics tablets, touchpads,touch screens, foot ,mice, a microphone with speech recognition software, sip-and-puff input, switch
  16. A11v 1092338. Ogg|Neil Armstrong describes the Moon's surface before setting, foot ,on it. File: A11v 1094228. Ogg|Buzz Aldrin steps onto the Moon. Photo gallery
  17. The sciatic nerve, which run from the base of the spine to the big toe of each, foot , These single-cell fibers of the sciatic nerve may extend a meter or even
  18. Quarry, independent of size, the pubes had not fused to each other at their, foot ,ends. He suggested that this was a sexual characteristic, with females lacking
  19. 14 achievements included: the only use of MET; longest distance traversed by, foot ,on the lunar surface; first use of shortened lunar orbit rendezvous techniques;
  20. Pounds (254 kg/560 lbs.) is lifted between the legs while standing on two, foot ,rests. Mr. Olympia Schwarzenegger's goal was to become the greatest
  21. Relatively longer in juveniles, and the lower segments of the leg (shin and, foot ,) were relatively longer than the thigh. These differences suggest that younger
  22. Is partly used for cooling water for the Decker Power Plant. Additionally,the, foot ,of Lake Travis, including Mansfield Dam, is located within the city's limits.
  23. The ilium, the main hip bone, was massive, and the pubic bone had a prominent, foot ,that may have been used for both muscle attachment and as a prop for resting
  24. With mere physical love. The representation of Aphrodite Urania, with a, foot ,resting on a tortoise, was read later than emblematic of discretion in conjugal
  25. For the railroad business. He carries a pistol and a lucky rabbit's, foot , and he dresses in a military uniform, and has been described as" impervious
  26. Orbit. The second moonwalk, or EVA, was intended to reach the rim of the 1,000, foot , ( 300 m) wide Cone Crater. However, the two astronauts were not able to find
  27. And movements, but primarily serves to reinforce the concepts of distance, foot ,movement, presence and connectedness with one's training partner (s).
  28. To see the descent stages of the lunar modules, scientific instruments, and, foot , trails made by the astronauts. Mission insignia The patch of Apollo 11 was
  29. Heavy human and natural pressures to retire" from Italy without ever setting, foot ,south of the Po. " After Attila left Italy and returned to his palace across
  30. Of the conversion between the corresponding length units. For example, since :1, foot , = 12 inches, the relationship between square feet and square inches is :1
  31. Moon. The twelve who walked on the Moon are the only people ever to have set, foot ,on an astronomical object other than the Earth. Of the twenty-four lunar
  32. Earl of Effing ham publicly resigned his commission when his 22nd Regiment of, foot ,was posted to America, and William Howe and John Burgoyne were members of
  33. Charlie Chan mysteries where people collected in front of a fireplace or at the, foot ,of the stairs in order to explain what happened a few minutes ago. Howard Hawks
  34. Who had tried to mug him. Travelling to China, Crowley soon fell down a forty, foot ,cliff; finding himself unscathed, he believed that he was being protected for
  35. And the march to Jerusalem was delayed for months. However, the lower-class, foot ,soldiers continued to think of Appear as a leader; some of them claimed to
  36. A high cap called the Kiwanis. They were usually on horseback but sometimes on, foot , They can also be identified in vase paintings by the fact that they are
  37. River to its northernmost point near Edmonton, then setting northward on, foot , trekked to the Athabasca River, which he followed to Lake Athabasca. It was
  38. Tendon reflexes. Patients may present with symptoms as diverse as a dragging, foot , unilateral muscle wasting in the hands, or slurred speech. Neurological
  39. Cassette dictation system. To allow audio cassette playback with the aid of a, foot ,pedal. * Users produce tactile materials, for example diagrams and maps, by
  40. From the shooting line will be a half to a whole foot -length from the other, foot , on the ground. To load, the bow is pointed toward the ground, tipped slightly
  41. The city and neighboring areas, providing exercise and wilderness access on, foot ,and bike. Beyond Athens and across the county a great variety of outdoor
  42. Ranges up to away. Ceremonial Infrastructure - Great North Road: the thirty, foot ,wide highway One of the most fascinating and intriguing aspects of Ancestral
  43. Transport Cities not served by road, sea,or river can be reached only by air, foot , dogsled, or snow machine accounting for Alaska's extremely well-developed bush
  44. 12 inches, the relationship between square feet and square inches is :1 square, foot ,= 144 square inches, where 144 122 12 × 12. Similarly: * 1 square meter 10,000
  45. And retained only two digits. The hind limbs were long and ended in a four-toed, foot , The first digit, called the Hall, was short and only the other three
  46. Hill north-eastward along ANZAC Parade to the Australian War Memorial at the, foot ,of Mount Aisle. The area known as the Parliamentary Triangle is formed by
  47. Australia fair.; Verse 4: Should foreign foe e'er sight our coast, : Or dare a, foot ,to land, : We'll rouse to arms like sires of yore, : To guard our native strand;
  48. Earlier can be seen in the" Deserted Village" ruins near the graveyard at the, foot ,of Livermore. Even the houses in this village represent a relatively
  49. Changes in sleeping patterns,nail-biting and increased motor tension, such as, foot ,tapping. While chemical issues in the brain that result in anxiety (especially
  50. Transformed from explorers crossing the isolated remote area of Antarctica by, foot ,to a more open area due to human technologies enabling more convenient and

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