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  1. Blair said," Terrorism is wrong , full stop ", whereas in AME," Terrorism is, wrong , period. " Social and cultural differences Lexical items that reflect separate
  2. Normative ethics, which concerns what people should believe to be right and, wrong , and from meta-ethics, which concerns the nature of moral statements. An
  3. And Signal Company, Inc. of Connecticut. He is a businessman who sees nothing, wrong ,with the moral code that is destroying society and would never dream of saying
  4. In his letter to Hodges, Lincoln explained his belief that" If slavery is not, wrong , nothing is wrong ... And yet I have never understood that the Presidency
  5. On issues of law, and may reverse if it finds that the lower court applied the, wrong ,legal standard. In some rare cases, an appellant may successfully argue that
  6. Over you, and I am not the best of you. If I do well, help me; and if I do, wrong , set me right. Sincere regard for truth is loyalty and disregard for truth is
  7. And quoted the Greek line:“ And if you are not queen, my dear, have I then you, wrong , ” Agrippina became involved in a group of Roman Senators who opposed the
  8. God, Dionysus:: :AES. It was Orpheus singing who taught us religion and how, wrong ,people are when they kill, : :And we learned from Museum medicinal cures and
  9. Chinese-American cuisine is“ dumbed-down” Chinese food. It’s adapted for the, wrong ,reasons, to be blander, thicker and sweeter for the American public. " Most
  10. Crimes. It does so by placing" beside every possible motive for committing a, wrong ,a more powerful motive for leaving it undone, in the inescapable punishment.
  11. Case of conditional blocks this avoids a dangling else that could pair with the, wrong ,nested if-expression in other languages; for example, C or Java. Ada is
  12. By a luminous source, the speed of light must be finite. " He also provided a, wrong ,explanation of the rainbow phenomenon. Carl Benjamin Boyer described Avicenna
  13. Challenge ", first in" soul-searching whether they had done anything, wrong ," and then for pleading guilty of technical reasons, despite believing they
  14. Used for the punctuation mark. For example, Tony Blair said," Terrorism is, wrong , full stop ", whereas in AME," Terrorism is wrong , period. " Social and
  15. Among the most powerful people in the Polish. Yet in the case of Pericles, it is, wrong ,to see his power as coming from his long series of annual generalship (each
  16. Shocks. Cauchy was later shown, by Jean-Victor Ponce let, that he was in the, wrong , Archimedes of Syracuse (Greek: {{ poly tonic | that bears his name. Modern
  17. Adherence to strong typing allows detection of many common software errors (, wrong ,parameters, range violations, invalid references, mismatched types, etc.)
  18. Based on the philosophy of Ethical naturalism) attempts to define right and, wrong ,in empirical terms that allow for objective answers to be sought. Moral order (
  19. Review of their earthly actions and they are made aware of what they have done, wrong , Some view this period as being a" re-schooling ", with the soul gaining
  20. Aspect of this is that a proposition such as" torturing babies for fun is, wrong ," is generally regarded as a statement of fact, a position known as moral
  21. If, in the editing room, he asked for a piece of film, and she handed him the, wrong ,one, he would immediately recognize the error, though she had taken detailed
  22. Increase the money supply in the first place. Secondly, he says that Tucker is, wrong ,to think that interest would disappear regardless, because people in general do
  23. Hodges, Lincoln explained his belief that" If slavery is not wrong , nothing is, wrong ,... And yet I have never understood that the Presidency conferred upon me an
  24. Idioms of U. S. origin are got the hang of, take for a ride, bark up the, wrong ,tree, keep tabs, run scared, take a backseat, have an edge over, stake a claim
  25. It is something like that with alcoholism. Therefore, we did not wish to get in, wrong ,with the medical profession by pronouncing alcoholism a disease entity. Hence
  26. As though it were an illegitimate emancipation from eternal being,a, wrong ,for which destruction is the only penance ". (Ibid., § 4) The world of
  27. Horn would imply that what is good is arbitrary; God decides what is right and, wrong ,in the same way that a government decides which side of the street cars should
  28. On a priori grounds of absurdity or impossibility, the deniers have always been, wrong , Wallace began investigating spiritualism in the summer of 1865,possibly at
  29. Cobb said," If slaves will make good soldiers our whole theory of slavery is, wrong , " Confederate generals Patrick Cliburn and Robert E. Lee argued in favor of
  30. To the Crown—which they insisted was the only legitimate government—was morally, wrong , while the Patriots thought morality was on their side. Loyalists were
  31. Well-functioning human beings are typically aware of actions as being right and, wrong , Furthermore, this awareness binds them to certain obligations, regardless of
  32. His elderly mother, all of whom he supports. Hank Rear den knows something is, wrong ,with the world, but he is unable to define the problem. His friend, Francisco
  33. farmworker strike in U. S. history, begins. *1973 – A bank robbery gone, wrong ,in Stockholm, Sweden,turns into a hostage crisis; over the next five days the
  34. At which one's protagonist realizes that everything he thought he knew was, wrong ,). At the American publisher's insistence, Burgess allowed their editors to
  35. Mission, the cause was diagnosed as the rendezvous radar switch being in the, wrong ,position, causing the computer to process data from both the rendezvous and
  36. He did not fit into the scheme. I see now how imbecile I was, how hideously, wrong ,and weak it is to reject any part of one's personality. " It was in December
  37. To preserve the integrity, stability,and beauty of the biotic community. It is, wrong ,when it tends otherwise"15 He holds the view that an adequate environmental
  38. Reminds users to take medicine and calls for help if something is, wrong , * Telephone Reassurance: community based program that calls seniors at home
  39. The action of technologically advanced aliens, or a human experiment gone, wrong , S. M. Stirling wrote the Island in the Sea of Time trilogy, in which Nantucket
  40. And rejected any" groping for some middle ground between the right and the, wrong ,". Despite his inelegant appearance—many in the audience thought him awkward
  41. Doctrine: An Economist's View. He says that first Tucker was, wrong ,to think that that would cause the money supply to increase, because he says
  42. Is scheduled to be executed. Caligula ends up admitting his absurd logic was, wrong ,and is killed by an assassination he has deliberately brought about. However
  43. Wormwood Scrubs). Litotes, such as" not bad "," not much" and" you're not, wrong ,", are also used, as are Diminutives, which are commonly used and are often
  44. Rates of taxation and low social outlays. He concludes that Friedrich Hayek was, wrong ,to argue that high levels of government spending harms an economy, and " a
  45. However, while Camus possibly suggests that Caligula's absurd reasoning is, wrong , the play's anti-hero does get the last word, as the author similarly exalts
  46. Wilberforce to say" slavery may be approved of by society, but it is morally, wrong ,". # If they truly have such authority, there should be a rational argument why
  47. Basis that, although he won in the court below, the lower court had applied the, wrong ,measure of damages, and he had not been fully decompensated. An appealed is the
  48. As a butler and an heiress. Freakazoid tells the viewer" I think I'm on the, wrong ,channel. " In Phony Fern, an Arthur episode, Fern Walters plays detective
  49. In a raid and moved them to Prague. According to Polish accounts he took the, wrong ,relics, those of St Gardenias, while Saint Adalbert's relics were hidden by
  50. Another (see tort and contract law) in order to decide if an act is right or, wrong , However, Murray Rothbard, while also supporting a natural prohibition on force

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