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  1. Ship. It is unclear whether the strikers or anyone else will return to, save ,him. *Ellis Wyatt is the head of Wyatt Oil. He has almost single-handedly
  2. Encouraging the border states especially to accept emancipation as necessary to, save ,the Union. Lincoln later said that slavery was" somehow the cause of the war "
  3. During the 1960s,a period dominated by draws as teams found it more prudent to, save ,face than risk losing. Of the 20 Tests played during the four series, Australia
  4. Such as Ptolemy's use of conjectural demonstrated theories in order to ", save ,appearances" of certain phenomena, which Alien did not approve of due to his
  5. 25, 2008 AOL announced it was shedding Drive, AOL Pictures, and BlueSt ring to, save ,on costs and focus on its core advertising business. AOL Pictures was
  6. Had an elaborate scheme for rewarding employees who purported to retain or ", save ," subscribers who had called to cancel their Internet service. In many
  7. And funded by the Cronkite School of Journalism, and is completely student-run, save ,for a faculty and professional adviser. The Blaze broadcasts local, alternative
  8. Its armiesand manages to fight off the invading Ottoman armies of Mehmet II, save ,the city from Islamic conquest, and even chase the Turks deeper into lands they
  9. Revolt due to the actions of the tyrant of Miles, Aristagoras. Attempting to, save ,himself after a disastrous Persian-sponsored expedition in 499 BC, Aristagoras
  10. To a hypnotized Captain K'buckles thinking he's a seal, so Flapjack could, save ,him. In Chapter 91 of Moby Dick, Stubb, one of the mates of the Pequot (
  11. Worth tens of thousands of dollars if they could successfully dissuade or ", save ," half of the people who called to cancel service. For several years, AOL had
  12. Is medically referred to as a therapeutic abortion when it is performed to, save ,the life of the pregnant woman; prevent harm to the woman's physical or mental
  13. Is found in the way of vegetation. South Africa is largely destitute of forest, save ,in the lower valleys and coast regions. Tropical flora disappears, and in the
  14. Representatives were expected to meet. These bonusesand the minimum ", save ," rates accompanying them, had the effect of employees not honoring
  15. Two alternate methods to compute the skewness and Kurtis, each of which can, save ,substantial computer memory requirements and CPU time in certain applications.
  16. Lombard king Liutprand, to the church of San Pietro in Cain d'Or, in order to, save ,them from frequent coastal raids by Moors and Berbers. In January 1327 Pope
  17. Two of the native trees, redwood and ebony, were good for tanning, and,to, save ,trouble, the bark was wastefully stripped from the trunks only, the remainder
  18. Although the latter eventually accepted it as part of total war needed to, save ,the Union. The Irish Catholics generally opposed emancipation, and when the
  19. City. Nonetheless, the written sources do not mention damages wrought by fire, save ,the Gardens of Sallust, which were situated close to the gate by which the
  20. All usable during the execution of a given macro, and allowing macros to, save ,context or exchange information. Thus, a macro might generate many
  21. To cancel service. For several years, AOL had instituted minimum retention or ", save ," percentages, which consumer representatives were expected to meet. These
  22. Was titled Anyone, after one of the Daniels. The Orestes The only complete (, save ,a few missing lines in several spots) trilogy of Greek plays by any playwright
  23. However, despite the fact that he never officially bore the name Octavia nus, to, save , confusing the dead dictator with his heir, historians often refer to the new
  24. In 2002,although it had already previously outlawed abortion except to, save ,the life of the mother. Sex-selective abortion might be an influence on the
  25. Wife of Thus. Cressey left Ion to die in the wild, but Apollo asked Hermes to, save ,the child and bring him to the oracle at Delphi, where he was raised by a
  26. Most in reading, and he made three trips to the library a week. He would, save ,his money to buy books (his personal library exceeded 12,000 later on in life
  27. Establishments of lay singing men and choristers in the late 16th century. All, save ,four of these have – with an interruption during the Commonwealth – continued
  28. The Thirteenth Amendment). His role in leading the national army would be to, save ,the union, using every tool available, including complete or partial
  29. Of what he had collected during his entire trip, were lost. He could only, save ,part of his diary and a few sketches. Wallace and the crew spent ten days in an
  30. Thou not content, O Ali, that thou should be unto me as Aaron was unto Moses, save ,that after me there is no prophet. " Burial Place According to Islamic
  31. The Greek goddess Hera and as such is usually taken to mean" one who comes to, save ,warriors ". In the Iliad, the character Paris is known also as Alexander. The
  32. Be killed by the looters (who recognize, too,that he is the only man who can, save ,them from economic collapse),that she realizes that the moral code of the
  33. Castel's new anti-plague serum is tried for the first time, but it cannot, save ,the life of Othon's young son, who suffers greatly, as Panel, Rieux, and
  34. By the APL interpreter);: +/N\, \! Prints the sum of N,i.e. 22. The user can, save ,the workspace with all values, programs and execution status. APL is well known
  35. As loose speculation parading as theory, and sought through his writings to, save ,his beloved science of chemistry from what he regarded as the scourge of modern
  36. Of being attacked, the Abdul contingent led by Ahmad Khan rushed either to, save ,Nader Shah or to confirm what happened. Upon reaching the King's tent, they
  37. For services which read," Invest 500 rupees [for a sex test] now, save ,50,000 rupees [for a dowry] later. " In 1991,the male-to-female sex ratio in
  38. Children, and they could call him when they need him. He also asked people to, save ,money and not to spend for immoral causes. Ashoka also believed in
  39. Public response included prayers in temples and offers to sacrifice limbs to, save ,him, while later, there were long queues of well-wishing fans outside the
  40. Easily through life: to believe everything or to doubt everything; both ways, save ,us from thinking. " Asteroids is a video arcade game released in 1979 by Atari
  41. A wretch like me! " Has been rewritten as" That save d and strengthened me ",", save ,a soul like me ", or " that save d and set me free ". Kathleen Norris in her
  42. Bock claimed that not even Kurosawa’s celebrated prowess as an editor could, save ,one particular scene from bathos:“ The last sequence ... is an excruciating
  43. To express himself freely. A gritty realistic story of a doctor who tries to, save ,a gangster (yakuza) with tuberculosis, it was also the director's first film
  44. Generations. The trust embarked upon an ambitious £10 million campaign to, save ,Abbotsford in 2009. This campaign will see the repair and restoration of the
  45. The greatest and most powerful of the original members of the Delian League, save ,Athens, was the last to revolt, and in the aftermath of the Syracuse
  46. Last of the" early" kings of Jerusalem, after whom there was no king able to, save ,Jerusalem from its eventual collapse. Within a few years, Emperor Manuel died
  47. And colleague Andre Gratis, described this as" A wondrous fable. " Nor did he, save ,Winston Churchill himself during World War II. Churchill was save d by Lord
  48. From a loss of blood. Aphrodite rushes back to his side, but she is too late to, save ,him and can only mourn over his body. Wherever Adonis' blood falls, Aphrodite
  49. And ten points in an initial bid in order to feel out the competition and to, save ,points for other uses. A high enough opening bid could signal a player
  50. Shirts" and Jobs' " pirates" over which product would ship first and, save ,Apple. Lisa won the race in 1983 and became the first personal computer sold to

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