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  1. By desperate, indebted governments. In other cases, the central bank may try, avoid ,or defer the widespread bankruptcies and insolvencies which cause economic
  2. Portugal involving driver Joaquim Santos in his Ford RS200. Santos swerved to, avoid ,hitting spectators in the road, and left the track into the crowd of spectators
  3. By the direct translation of ALS, sclerose lateral amyotrophic (SLA). To, avoid ,confusion, the annual scientific research conference dedicated to the study of
  4. In this arrangement the soprano and alto doubling have been rewritten to, avoid ,changing instruments. Response Gershwin did not particularly like Walter
  5. Of metal, forming with each other an angle of nearly 180°,allowed him to, avoid ,the diffraction effects caused (by the apertures) in the experiment of F. M.
  6. Himself as a historian, which justifies his decision to stick to the facts and, avoid ,subjectivity. This also explains why the style of The Plague often gives the
  7. About ten feet, with the actor carefully following chalk marks on the ground to, avoid ,being hit. (Some arrows missed him by an inch; the actor, who admitted
  8. His or her concentration. The target may become unbalanced in attempting to, avoid ,the blow, for example by jerking the head back, which may allow for an easier
  9. S approval, renounced his citizenship in the German Kingdom of Württemberg to, avoid ,military service, and in 1896 he enrolled in the four-year mathematics and
  10. Thus, an angle as two rays is characterized by an angle of rotation. To, avoid ,confusion when no isometry exists between particular representations of angles
  11. With broken asphalt. In many areas drivers have established alternate tracks to, avoid ,the worst parts of the surface, although careful attention must be paid to the
  12. e.g. " Film" or" democracy" ). However, the current preference is to, avoid ,direct borrowings, preferring to either use loan translations (e.g. " Branch
  13. Authorizes limited measures to combat it. When these do not work, he tries to, avoid ,responsibility, saying he will ask the government for orders. After this, he
  14. Apple with a" stuck icon ", adding that Apple at the time was" a choice to, avoid ,for the climate conscious consumer ". The Environmental Protection Agency rates
  15. Are in common use. Some scholars favor the hyphenated form antisemitism to, avoid ,possible confusion involving whether the term refers specifically to Jews, or
  16. Who will be Eaten First? " By Howard Halls) or" scholar" replacing Arab to, avoid ,any possible racist overtones. Biography H. P. Lovecraft According to Lovecraft
  17. Of the individual nonempty sets in the collection may make it possible to, avoid ,the axiom of choice even for certain infinite collections. For example, suppose
  18. Asking for their support in ratifying the Corwin Amendment as a means to, avoid ,secession. En route to his inauguration by train, Lincoln addressed crowds and
  19. Understand why the slower car wins or why somebody needs to hit the brakes to, avoid ,going too fast. Many local tracks have also complained that bracket racers will
  20. Work, and as the only one that stood the test of time. Speer could not, avoid ,seeing the brutal excesses of the Nazi regime. Shortly after Hitler
  21. Wrote about a spiritual discipline under a materialistic guise in order to, avoid ,accusations of blasphemy from the church and state. Thus, as science steadily
  22. South was preparing for war. Donald concludes that," His repeated efforts to, avoid ,collision in the months between inauguration and the firing on Ft. Sumter
  23. Believed that with resources and effort they could teach the deaf to speak and, avoid ,the use of sign language, thus enabling their integration within the wider
  24. Techniques (use of fertilizers, chemical pest control, growth control to, avoid ,lodging). Genetic engineering Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are
  25. Or pronouns and adjectives of the first person (such as the word" I" ), and, avoid , using it for a week or more. Should they say the word he instructed them to cut
  26. With broken asphalt. In many areas drivers have established alternate tracks to, avoid ,the worst parts of the surface, although careful attention must be paid to the
  27. Of basic commodities and foodstuffs, and under-reporting revenue to, avoid ,paying taxes. Despite pronouncements at the highest levels of government on the
  28. And the safety of yourselves and posterity. " He argued that Americans should, avoid ,having it said" that America had no sooner become independent than she became
  29. Nucleus. All other orbitals (p, d,f, etc.) have angular momentum, and thus, avoid ,the nucleus (having a wave node at the nucleus). The three p-orbitals for n =
  30. Still call Jews apes (and Christians swine); demand that students, avoid ,and not befriend Jews; claim that Jews worship the devil; and encourage Muslims
  31. To find a way to send multiple telegraph messages on each telegraph line to, avoid ,the great cost of constructing new lines. When Bell mentioned to Gardiner
  32. It may be incumbent on the individual to abjure one of his citizenship to, avoid ,possibly being forced into situations where countervailing duties are required
  33. Flowcharts and control tables are structured ways to express algorithms that, avoid ,many of the ambiguities common in natural language statements. Programming
  34. Speer related that the sight had no effect on him, other than to cause him to, avoid ,that room. When Hitler deprecated Werner March's design for the Olympic
  35. Above and below its modulated level, and for h 1.0 it varies by 100 %. To, avoid ,distortion in the A3E transmission mode, modulation depth greater than 100 %
  36. 8-bit,relatives of ASCII, with the 128 additional characters providing room to, avoid ,most of the ambiguity that had been necessary in 7-bit codes. For example, IBM
  37. Speer worked to persuade generals and Emulates to evade the Nero Decree and, avoid ,needless sacrifice of personnel and destruction of industry that would be
  38. More complex, anarcho-capitalists generally distrust and seek to, avoid ,intentional communal arrangements. Privatization, decentralization,and
  39. Γ, θ,φ, ...) to serve as variables standing for the size of some angle. (To, avoid ,confusion with its other meaning, the symbol π is typically not used for this
  40. Declined, he was not defiant and on his own made changes to the O. T. O. to, avoid ,conflict. He inserted notices into the last number of The Equinox to the effect
  41. That he wanted to kill his victim shortly before his own death so that he could, avoid ,succumbing to the arrogance of the murderer where he might come to view himself
  42. Community" or" partnership" ( Livonia). The aim of the city is not just to, avoid ,injustice or for economic stability, but rather to allow at least some citizens
  43. Pronounce Arabic names and phrases. These less" scientific" tend to, avoid ,diacritics and use digraphs (like sh and km). These are usually more simple
  44. Some time earlier, Lincoln had waited for a military victory to publish it to, avoid ,it being perceived as the product of desperation. McClellan then resisted the
  45. As Washington's top aide that a strong central government was necessary to, avoid ,foreign intervention and allay the frustrations due to an ineffectual Congress.
  46. Alphabets, such as Greek, that represent vowels more systematically. This is to, avoid ,the notion that a writing system that represents sounds must be either a
  47. It easier to balance the weight and increase bellows control while sitting, and, avoid , dropping the instrument while standing. Other accordions, such as the diatonic
  48. Jefferson Davis was eventually persuaded to support plans for arming slaves to, avoid ,military defeat. The Confederacy surrendered at Appomattox before this plan
  49. Ampoules packed in argon. In wine making, argon is used to top-off barrels to, avoid ,the aerial oxidation of ethanol to acetic acid during the aging process. Argon
  50. To separate his/her feet upon standing, in order to gain a wider base and to, avoid ,situation (bodily oscillations tending to be forward-backward ones). The

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