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  1. Rhetoric of the Rights of Woman is at times heated and attempts to provoke the, reader , Many of the most emotional comments in the book are directed at Rousseau. For
  2. This is sometimes known as an artist' book. * A book may be evaluated by a, reader ,or professional writer to create a book review. * A book may be read by a group
  3. About fires—mechanically, half-consciously,caring nothing about either the, reader ,or me. " The admission may have done Chekhov a disservice, since early
  4. His friend, Francisco d'Antonia, helps him understand and by this mechanism the, reader ,is also prepared to understand the secret when it is revealed explicitly in
  5. Between analytic and synthetic propositions. The former, he tells the, reader , are proved by demonstration, while the latter are given through experience. (
  6. S is the De orthographic, a work on orthography, designed to help a medieval, reader ,of Latin with unfamiliar abbreviations and words from classical Latin works.
  7. And" the ridiculousness of the proposal" create a situation in which the, reader ,has" to consider just what perverted values and assumptions would allow such a
  8. System in which each symbol always or usually stands for a consonant; the, reader ,must supply the appropriate vowel. It is a term suggested by Peter T. Daniels
  9. Upanishads and Vedas, he writes in The World as Will and Representation: If the, reader ,has also received the benefit of the Vedas, the access to which by means of the
  10. Young century (1818) may claim before all previous centuries, if then the, reader , I say, has received his initiation in primeval Indian wisdom, and received it
  11. Detective Agency series) about Botswana that entertain as well as inform the, reader ,about the culture and customs of Botswana. Music Tswana music is mostly vocal
  12. Illustrations contain many other objects beginning with that letter that the, reader ,can try to identify. As an additional challenge, the author has hidden a
  13. Simulation of an algorithm: computer (computer) language: Knuth advises the, reader ,that" the best way to learn an algorithm is to try it... immediately take pen
  14. With history. Common Sense is oriented to the future in a way that compels the, reader ,to make an immediate choice. It offered a solution for Americans disgusted and
  15. Second Nicene council, AD 787,to confer the tonsure and admit to the order of, reader ,; but gradually abbots, in the West also, advanced higher claims, until we find
  16. In a distinct direction, dictating the actions of its members. Schopenhauer,a, reader ,of both Kant and Hegel, criticized their logical optimism and the belief that
  17. His patent-leather shoes, damage to which is frequently a subject of (for the, reader , comical) misery on his part. Poirot's appearance, regarded as fastidious
  18. Christie often characterized the" foreigners" in such a way as to make the, reader ,understand and sympathize with them; this is particularly true of her Jewish
  19. Copper who has a visual impairment. macOS also comes with a built-in screen, reader , called Voice-over. The movement towards greater web accessibility is opening a
  20. The voice of Swift and the voice of the Proposer. Phidias stresses that a, reader ,of the pamphlet must learn to distinguish between the satiric voice of Jonathan
  21. Languages written in the Arabic alphabet. Hence, from the point of view of the, reader , numerals in Western texts are written with the highest power of the base first
  22. Mere form. Fantasy and imagination should be evoked in the spectator, in the, reader , in the listener. All was focused around the individual Man, as a straight
  23. Of Beowulf as an entirely formulaic work diminishes the ability of the, reader ,to analyze the poem in a unified manner, and with due attention to the poet’s
  24. By drawing another picture. " These terse exclamations are meant to draw the, reader ,to her side of the argument (it is assumed that the reader will agree with
  25. From several itinerant teachers; he was mostly self-educated and was an avid, reader , He attained a reputation for brawn and audacity after a very competitive
  26. And Hot Springs High School – where he was an active student leader, avid, reader , and musician. College and law school years With the aid of scholarships
  27. Rhetoric Charles K. Smith argues that Swift’s rhetorical style persuades the, reader ,to detest the speaker and pity the Irish. Swift’s specific strategy is twofold
  28. It might also have been a pun on" all-has-read ", since Lovecraft was an avid, reader ,in youth. Another possibility, raised in an essay by the Swedish fantasy writer
  29. Provides little in the way of actual" retraction. " It does, however,give the, reader ,a rare picture of the development of a writer and his final thoughts. * The
  30. Via a computer or by means of a portable book display device known as an e-book, reader , such as the Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook or the Amazon Kindle. These
  31. For those with partial vision, and Microsoft Narrator, a simple screen, reader , Linux's distributions (as live CDs) for the blind include Ora lux and Adriane
  32. George McManus and Milt Gross. At about this same time, Capp became a voracious, reader , According to Capp's brother Elliot, Alfred had finished all of Shakespeare
  33. Meant to draw the reader to her side of the argument (it is assumed that the, reader ,will agree with them). While she claims to write in a plain style so that her
  34. Books from the Berlin central library in Wilmersdorf. Speer was a voracious, reader ,and he completed well over 500 books in the first three years at Spandau alone.
  35. Rebellion, and Death. Ideas on the Absurd In his essays Camus presented the, reader ,with dualism: happiness and sadness, dark and light, life and death, etc. His
  36. The satirical element of the pamphlet is often only understood after the, reader ,notes the allusions made by Swift to the attitudes of landlords, such as the
  37. Where tactile perception is used, as opposed to visual perception, a Braille, reader ,must develop new skills. One skill important for Braille reader s is the ability
  38. Of the essay describes the plight of starving beggars in Ireland, so that the, reader ,is unprepared for the surprise of Swift's solution when he states," A young
  39. Often gives the impression of distance and detachment. Only rarely is the, reader ,drawn directly into the emotions of the characters or the drama of the scene.
  40. On; these men are consistently the next to disappear. Later in the novel,the, reader ,discovers this worker's true identity. Henry" Hank" Rear den Henry (also
  41. Heroic actions, Achilles is filled with satisfaction. This leaves the, reader ,with an ambiguous understanding of how Achilles felt about the heroic life.
  42. Drawn from the innumerable centers of culture "; it is never original. For a, reader ,to assign the title of author upon any written work is to attribute certain
  43. Tabular form, but a textual explanation is usually preferred in practice, for, reader , 's convenience. Plays of small cards or discards are often omitted from such a
  44. Bought for $30.8 million at an auction in 1994. Gates is also known as an avid, reader , and the ceiling of his large home library is engraved with a quotation from
  45. Sexy, well-endowed (but virtuous) girlfriend—until Camp finally gave in to, reader ,pressure and allowed the couple to marry. This newsworthy event made the cover
  46. Towards them create" two opposing points of view" that" alienate the, reader , perhaps unconsciously, from a narrator who can view with 'melancholy '
  47. Attention to that broadcast, and stating that in the publisher's view the, reader ,might assume from Montgomery's text that Auchinleck had been planning to
  48. The following non-current editions marked major developments in the text or, reader ,'s helps printed in the Book of Mormon. Online The following versions are
  49. In the treatment of miracles. True to his empirical thesis, Hume tells the, reader ,that, though testimony does have some force, it is never quite as powerful as
  50. At the cost of ignoring the bigger picture. As a result it is difficult for the, reader ,to understand why the battles he describes had the outcome they did. Scholars

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