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  1. Approach in a motto that would become famous:" We fight , get beat, rise,and, fight ,again. " By March,Greene's army had grown to the point where he felt that he
  2. Is increased, and immune and digestive system functions are inhibited (the, fight ,or flight response). External signs of anxiety may include pale skin, sweating
  3. By the poet. Enraged over the death of Patrols, Achilles ended his refusal to, fight ,and took the field killing many men in his rage but always seeking out Hector.
  4. Asked what Grant's plans were, to which the general replied," I propose to, fight ,it out on this line if it takes all summer. " The Confederacy lacked
  5. S a futile exercise, and it's just misleading. ... There are groups that will, fight ,to the death. Whether we like to talk to them or we don't like to talk to them
  6. Often referenced classical mythology, and this seems to reference Achilles ', fight ,with Penthesilea but gives it an extra twist of Achilles' being" played" by
  7. Did not need to invade and hold enemy territory to win, but only needed to, fight ,a defensive war to convince the North that the cost of winning was too high.
  8. Against wooden ships, she seemed unstoppable. The next day, however,she had to, fight ,the new Union warship USS Monitor in the Battle of the Ironclads.
  9. Achilles once more obtained revenge on the battlefield, killing Demon. The, fight ,between Achilles and Demon over Antioch echoes that of Achilles and Hector
  10. Greene summed up his approach in a motto that would become famous:" We, fight , get beat, rise,and fight again. " By March,Greene's army had grown to the
  11. The South ignored the warnings and did not realize how ardently the North would, fight ,to hold the Union together. Name "/NP"> nationalism19"/> States' rights
  12. The British could have recruited more slaves and Native Americans to, fight ,the war, but this would have alienated many Loyalists, even more so than the
  13. Of/NP"> Revolution"/> Hundreds of thousands of German Americans volunteered to, fight ,for the Union. In 1861,Lincoln worried that
  14. Or army, fight ing inside Afghanistan. Bin Laden sent Arab recruits to join the, fight ,against the United Front. 3,000 fight ers of the regular Taliban army were Arab
  15. To independence in 1975,although since the beginning of the anti-colonial, fight ,in 1961 the Portuguese colonial authorities expelled a series of Protestant
  16. Favorite and dearest brother, Deiphobus, persuaded Hector to stop running and, fight ,Achilles face to face. After Hector realized the trick, he knew the battle was
  17. Thence Nome; Soviet pilots took possession of these aircraft, ferrying them to, fight ,the German invasion of the Soviet Union. The construction of military bases
  18. Routed his enemy. With the rout of the Athenians, the The bans were left to, fight ,alone; surrounded by the victorious enemy, they were crushed. At Corinth
  19. And powerlifter * Teddy Atlas (born 1956),a well-known boxing trainer and, fight ,commentator * James Atlas (born 1949),is a founding editor of the
  20. And foes who were wounded on the battlefield. Some enemy began to, fight ,again and some Sikh warriors were annoyed by Thai Kannada as he was helping
  21. Of having joined the abolitionists. The debates had an atmosphere of a prize, fight ,and drew crowds in the thousands. Lincoln stated Douglas's popular sovereignty
  22. And found on a farm in Virginia, some south of Washington D. C. After a brief, fight , Booth was killed by Union soldiers on April 26. An Army surgeon, Doctor
  23. And humanitarian agencies depend on anthropological insights as means to, fight ,poverty. Examples of applied anthropology are ubiquitous. Focused on a positive
  24. And changes his mind. He then decides to join Narrow and Dr. Room to help, fight ,the epidemic. Part three In mid-August, the situation continues to worsen.
  25. The gang. He is the only one who doesn't take particular sides when the druids, fight ,among themselves. He later meets and marries a girl, renouncing his old ways
  26. The Persian ruler Manages handed Egypt over to Alexander the Great without a, fight , Ptolemaic Dynasty In 332 BC, Alexander the Great conquered Egypt with little
  27. Recruits stationed in the Trans-Mississippi West territories and states to, fight ,American Indians. President Lincoln had planned to reform federal Indian policy
  28. Was wounded in the shoulder by a dart but eventually the Abrasion lost the, fight , Alexander then faced the Assani, who put up a stubborn resistance to
  29. Has changed his mind. He decides to stay in the city and continue to help, fight ,the plague, saying that he would feel ashamed of himself if he pursued a merely
  30. After, the New Kingdom, mercenaries from Nubia, Kush,and Libya were hired to, fight ,for Egypt. Technology, medicine,and mathematics Technology In technology
  31. Hope of subduing America by more armies, while Britain had a European war to, fight , " It was a joke," he said," to think of keeping Pennsylvania. " There was no
  32. Over her death. At first, he was so distracted by her beauty, he did not, fight ,as intensely as usual. Once he realized that his distraction was endangering
  33. Seek what solace they can as individuals, or should they join with others and, fight ,back, even though they must live with the certainty that they cannot win? Camus
  34. Name "/JJ"> americanheritage"/> Many Catholics in the North had volunteered to, fight ,in 1861,sending thousands of soldiers to the front and taking high casualties
  35. Is Narrow who first comes up with the idea of organizing teams of volunteers to, fight ,the plague. He wants to do this before the authorities begin to conscript
  36. Battle of Monterrey. Johnston managed to convince a few volunteers to stay and, fight ,as he himself served as the inspector general of volunteers and fought at the
  37. The congregation not to give up the struggle but to do everything possible to, fight ,the plague. A few days after the sermon, Paneloux is taken ill. His symptoms do
  38. While completing the novel, Rand was prescribed the amphetamine Benzedrine to, fight ,fatigue. The drug helped her to work long hours to meet her deadline for
  39. The French Communist Party in the spring of 1935,seeing it as a way to ", fight ,inequalities between Europeans and 'natives' in Algeria. " He did not suggest
  40. The Union Navy captured New Orleans without a major, fight , which allowed Union forces to begin moving up the Mississippi. Only the
  41. At home and accepted its former colonies' independence abroad. In Angola,a, fight ,for the conquest of power broke out immediately between the three nationalist
  42. On March 8,1862,the Confederate Navy waged a, fight ,against the Union Navy when the ironclad CSS Virginia attacked the blockade.
  43. Vice president. In 1857–58,Douglas broke with President Buchanan, leading to a, fight ,for control of the Democratic Party. Some eastern Republicans even favored the
  44. Metaphysical, and religious defenses .... When the crisis came it chose to, fight , It proved to be the death struggle of a society, which went down in ruins. "
  45. Rule is used to drive his business out of Colorado, he loses the will to, fight , and resigns himself to a quiet life of books and fishing. *Ken Manager owns
  46. Served as stop-over points for Cuban troops on their way to Angola to, fight ,UNITS rebels and South African troops. Prime Minister Pedro Fires sent FAR
  47. Then. Local militia, known as 'minutemen,' confronted the troops and a fire, fight ,broke out. See Battles of Lexington and Concord. Any chance of a compromise
  48. Like to talk to them, or we don't like to talk to them, they will continue to, fight , So, for them, I don't think that we have a way forward with talks or
  49. Because he loved Crisis) and at the urging of Thesis, Achilles refused to, fight ,or lead his troops alongside the other Greek forces. At this same time, burning
  50. Heels and captured the strategic hill-fort after the fourth day of a bloody, fight , Revolt of the army East of Ports' kingdom, near the Ganges River, was the

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