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  1. For the one who betrayed Him to death; and He commanded everyone to love his, lord ,as Himself. " When one turns from the combos introduction to the laws
  2. This solution was opposed by the new pope, Eugene IV, who was nominal feudal, lord ,of the King of Naples. As the Neapolitan's had called for the French, Alfonso
  3. Attempt failed, but gained him the support of Muhammad in Ibrahim in Heyday, lord ,of Cardona, and a cousin of the Seville lord , Ahmad in Mas lama. When the
  4. Of healing. Ananias (III.19,13) reports that the Delphic Pythias sent a, lord ,of Proton to be cured of a chest wound. Minus Marcellus (XXII.8)
  5. Western province, Abd ar-Rahman's authority was completely unrecognized. The, lord ,of Badajoz, Abd Allah in Muhammad, grandson of Abdel-Rahman in Marian
  6. The Old High German given name Altar, and with Old English Balder, baldor ", lord , prince, king " (always used with a genitive plural, as in Guinea Balder "
  7. Time that infinitely repeats. " (He uses as evidence the fact that Washing’s, lord , unlike the kindly King Duncan of Shakespeare’s play, had murdered his own lord
  8. As a Black Lantern, reconstructing a body in the process by Black Hand's, lord , Neuron, to move against the Justice League and the Titans. After the Black
  9. People dedicated a new temple now located at Shikoku? Am, Krishna District. The, lord ,of the temple is known as Andhra Vi? H? U or Shikoku? Andhra Vi? H? u. The
  10. Tutelage of his master. One day at the taunting of the daughter of the local, lord ,- who, it is later revealed, is also a witch - GED reads out a powerful spell
  11. Fát. The long vowel of a one-syllable word may get shortened. E.g.: or (, lord ,) → rat. But: bur (Boer) → Burt. If a word has more than one syllable and
  12. Of the Black Sea. Achilles from Luce island was venerated as Pentarchies the, lord ,and master of the Poetic Sea, the protector of sailors and navigation. Sailors
  13. And finds what appears to be a safe haven in the domain of Benders,the, lord ,of Terranen. However, Serret, the lady of Terranen, is the same girl who
  14. With a genitive plural, as in Guinea Balder" lord of men ", wigena Balder ", lord ,of warriors ", etc.) Old Norse shows this usage of the word as an honorific in
  15. Apollo Belongs was a healing and sun god. * Apollo Cunomaglus ('hound, lord ,'). A title given to Apollo at a shrine in Wiltshire. Apollo Cunomaglus may
  16. Collapses after proclaiming" I would rather be a servant in the house of the, lord ,than sit in the seats of the mighty. " *1961 – K-19,the first Soviet nuclear
  17. Crime that could not be compensated with a payment of money is treachery to a, lord ," since Almighty God adjudged none for those who despised Him, nor did Christ
  18. Because they had no lands by virtue of which they could acknowledge a superior, lord , Anthony (Dresden,27 December 1755 – Dresden,6 June 1836),also known by
  19. Of the church by siding with the rebels of Montpellier against their, lord , A second time he was excommunicated; but in 1146 he took the cross at the
  20. De Luna, Pedro de Castillazuelo ( lord of Calaway),Pedro Corner (, lord ,of Murillo de Gállego),and the majordomo Jimena de Artusilla, all of whom
  21. Sense it represents the feudal liege homage, which could be due only to one, lord , while simple homage might be due to every lord under whom the person in
  22. Because they are bound to obey and serve him; and he is called their liege, lord , because he should maintain and defend them (Ex parte Anderson (1861) 3 El &
  23. Musters in individual estates; every able-bodied man had to respond to their, lord ,'s call to arms, and each noble had exclusive authority over his militia.
  24. Of Moscow, where he lived until 1899 with his family. " It's nice to be a, lord ," he joked to his friend Ivan Lenten (who wrote humorous pieces under the
  25. Middle Ages, the people of Babelsberg enjoyed a level of autonomy above their, lord , They elected a city council, although only a few rich families
  26. Down they had to stand up again and fight on. But in the end, the Christian, lord ,Olaf Tryggvason, who has a great fate and luck, arrived with his christened men
  27. Amanda: Guardian of the Dharma by Helmut Becker Anaxagoras (,", lord ,of the assembly "; c. 500 BC – 428 BC) was a Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher.
  28. Contemporary emergency—the revenues of the community were handed over to a lay, lord , in return for his protection, early suggested to the emperors and kings the
  29. Which could be due only to one lord , while simple homage might be due to every, lord ,under whom the person in question held land. United Kingdom The English
  30. First lines of the book is the line" My old man would sit there like a feudal, lord , " However, when informed of this, author Saga's reaction was to feel honored
  31. Muhammad in Ibrahim in Heyday, lord of Cardona, and a cousin of the Seville, lord , Ahmad in Mas lama. When the latter was surrounded by Umayyad troops, he sued
  32. Another line from" Floater" is" My old man,he's like some feudal, lord , " On the first lines of the book is the line" My old man would sit there like
  33. Prince, king " (always used with a genitive plural, as in Guinea Balder ", lord ,of men ", wigena Balder" lord of warriors ", etc.) Old Norse shows this usage
  34. Is a name synonym to lord Brahma, Meru means hills. Ajmer means abode hills of, lord ,Brahma) was found in the late seventh century by Sushant Chauhan. He
  35. Was against the treaty for one of his adopted daughters had married the future, lord ,of Regina, Antonello Open. Venetians in Regina (1451–1537) In 1451,Regina
  36. And Dakota—Pedro de Luesia, Loferrench de Luna, Pedro de Castillazuelo (, lord ,of Calaway),Pedro Corner ( lord of Murillo de Gállego),and the majordomo
  37. This relationship has changed. A thief chosen to act as the double of a great, lord ,continues his impersonation even after his master’s death:" the relationship
  38. Lord, unlike the kindly King Duncan of Shakespeare’s play, had murdered his own, lord ,years before to seize power, and is then murdered in turn by Washing (the
  39. Sanskrit Ajayameru) (It was called' Ajmer '. AJ is a name synonym to, lord ,Brahma, Meru means hills. Ajmer means abode hills of lord Brahma) was found
  40. Island and rename themselves the Knights of Rhodes. *1430 – Francesco Fora, lord ,of Milan, conquers Lucca. *1461 – The Empire of Rebind surrenders to the
  41. Wrote his devotional songs dedicated to lord Rama. It was believed that, lord ,Rama spent some years on the banks of river Goddard here in Treat Yoga.
  42. American rodeo pioneer (b. 1906) *1997 – Maseru Tatum, Japanese yakuza, lord ,(b. 1936) *2003 – Brian Douglas Wells, American criminal (failed) (b. 1956
  43. As provincial governors. The title SAR kiss became recognized as meaning ", lord ,of the universe ". Sargon is even recorded as having organized naval
  44. Had produced conflicting accounts,'Am I never to hear the truth? ' 'No, my, lord , merely the evidence ', replied counsel. The name" adversarial system" may be
  45. A Nation," while Bad Jinan said that as soon as" the relationship between, lord ,and subject is established, hearts become daily filled with evil designs, until
  46. Etymology suggested by M. Hammarström, looks to Etruscan, comparing (e)prune ", lord ,", an Etruscan honorific loaned into Greek as πρύτανις. This would make the
  47. Where Ranchers Gonna (1620–1680) wrote his devotional songs dedicated to, lord ,Rama. It was believed that lord Rama spent some years on the banks of river
  48. His ships decorated with banners, firing cannon volleys. He declared himself, lord ,of all the navigation, demanding the Sultan release the prisoners, pay for the
  49. Kagemusha, the epic story of a thief hired as the double of a medieval Japanese, lord ,of a great clan. Lucas, enthralled by the screenplay and Kurosawa's
  50. Is none to dispute; From the center all round to the sea, I am, lord ,of the fowl and the brute. * In Allan Cole and Chris Bunch's Seen science

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