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  1. He continued for some time afterwards to maintain and update a (now defunct), blog , that denied the Holocaust and was critical of prominent Jewish people, and has
  2. Energy Performing Arts Center. On May 18, 2011,the CDC issues a guide on its, blog ,telling people how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. The effort was part of
  3. In the series, My Life on TV (2010),by American author Kimberly Greene, use, blog , posts to move the plot along and introduce key changes in the protagonist's
  4. Multimedia. Eisner wrote about the frenzy to build DirectX 1 through 5 in his, blog , DirectX 2.0 became a component of Windows itself with the releases of Windows
  5. Album would have lyrics as opposed to being purely instrumental, the Mic-To-Mic, blog ,reported that Capitol Records had confirmed it would be strictly instrumental
  6. Special * http://www.praguemonitor.com/czech-election-2006/ Czech 2006 Election, blog ,by the Prague Daily Monitor * http://www.ku.edu/~herron/ Erik Herron's Guide
  7. Begun to delve into campus life and local politics in print and on its daily, blog , dubbed the Blog. Political publications include The Current, a journal of
  8. Whereas men downloaded more. In terms of blog s, men were more likely to, blog ,in the first place; among those who blog , men were more likely to have a
  9. The previous Windows focus on personal computers. On the Building Windows 8, blog , it was announced that a computer running Windows 8 can boot up much faster
  10. Often applied to any threaded online discussion, such as forums, chat rooms and, blog ,comment threads, and has been invoked for the inappropriate use of Nazi
  11. The" Instance" ( when a smaller site gets links by the extremely popular, blog ,Instapundit),or a website being" Marked" ( where the target site is crashed
  12. Topics as outsourcing, fragmentation and intra-term trade. Recent episode In a, blog ,post of 28 April 2007,Gregory Mankind compared Riparian theory and
  13. Of Justice granting Lamo's original request. According to Kevin Poulsen's, blog ," the Justice Department formally settled the case, filing a joint stipulation
  14. Poll won the 2010 Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer, based on his writing on his, blog , http://thewaythefuture blog s.com" The Way the Future Blogs ". Early life and
  15. NBA San Antonio Spurs mascot is" The Coyote ", as well. The Daily Coyote is a, blog ,documenting the life of Charlie, a coyote domestically raised since he was a
  16. Was dismissed as assistant warden at Plymouth University, when he posted in a, blog ,that" The Jews declared war on Germany, not the other way round ". In February
  17. Contest On May 18, 2011,the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's, blog ,published an article instructing the public on what to do to prepare for a
  18. Of being" far left" infiltrators. In December Graham and Smith launched a, blog ,detailing their complaints against the trio. They were dismissed from their
  19. More. This sequence of shots is illustrated on film scholar David Bordwell's, blog , The three shots are not connected in the film by camera movements or dissolves
  20. Series 24,and amusing government studies. He labels various posts on his, blog ,with long acronyms, such as OIYDWYMTTY (NY)G (" or if you don't want your
  21. A man named Vincent Ferrari documented his account cancellation phone call in a, blog ,post, stating he had switched to broadband years earlier. In the recorded phone
  22. Suffered by Doonesbury character B. D., and did a 2006 Q&A at Cone's personal, blog ,about his new site, The Sandbox. Trudeau granted an interview with Rolling
  23. While in search of the Necronomicon (Book of the Dead. ) Campbell maintained a, blog ,on his official website, where he posts mainly about politics and the film
  24. In September 2008 Rollins began contributing to the" Politics & Power ", blog ,at the online version of Vanity Fair magazine. Since March 2009 his posts have
  25. It was finally released on April 28, 2008. On January 6,2009,Decide posted a, blog ,on their official Myspace page saying they had signed a worldwide record deal
  26. Lányá" blue tooth" ) for Bluetooth. 網誌 (Wang hi" internet logbook" ) for, blog ,in Cantonese for people in Hong Kong and Macau. Occasionally
  27. Setter. The Django web framework is named after him, as is version 3.1 of the, blog ,software WordPress. " Tango ", a track on Duane Eddy's album Road Trip, is a
  28. One of her cousins Castellano of the castle. George R. R. Martin stated on his, blog ,that he drew inspiration for Easterly Rock from the Rock of Gibraltar.
  29. Following table is based on a history compilation forum post, JQuery author's, blog ,post, and Microsoft's JScript version information webpage. Related languages
  30. Of whom refers the group to another department. Nora Tennessee comments in her, blog ,(which shows one example) that“ the wipe technique makes the sequence
  31. After the error was brought to his attention, Duritz apologized in his personal, blog , In popular culture *A tribute song," My Buddy Blind Papa Lemon," was
  32. A website called Cereal. Com was launched, with an online petition and a, blog ,that garnered hundreds of signatures from people and organizations expressing
  33. Of speech. Edit This Page Starting in December 1999,Wine offered a free, blog ,hosting service at EditThisPage. Com, and claimed to be hosting" approximately
  34. A web hosting service for the websites of AOL customers) and the AOL Journal, blog ,hosting service were eliminated, after first announcing the impending shutdown
  35. Including the Givenchy fashion party in Paris. She also started a fashion, blog ,titled What Courtney Wore Today http://whatcourtneyworetoday.com. In October
  36. On this invention, leading Rossi to create his own online" nuclear experiments, blog ,", called the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Publications The ISI identified cold
  37. Facebook, forum posts on http://www.absolutedsm.com/forum/ Absolute DSM. Com and, blog ,posts on http://www.livingdowntowndesmoines.com LivingDowntownDesMoines. Com;
  38. Track was leaked online on April 6 and subsequently made available via their, blog , On April 22,the Beastie Boys emailed out the cryptic message" This Sat
  39. Fans" ), 黑客 (hike" hacker ", literally " black guest" ), 部落格 (bulge ", blog ,", literally " interconnected tribes" ) in Taiwanese Mandarin. Another result
  40. Yale University professor of neurology, and founder and executive editor of the, blog ,Science Based Medicine, Steven Novella, and Wallace I. Sampson, clinical
  41. Voyaging. The dawn of the personal web page in the 1990s,and more recently the, blog ,site spawned thousands of cruising websites detailing the adventures of
  42. To send and receive them. Information overloads A December 2007 New York Times, blog ,post described information overload as" a $650 Billion Drag on the Economy "
  43. They have also now started a http://critpsy. blog spot.com/ critical psychology, blog , United States and Canada Critical psychology in the United States and Canada
  44. Of blog s, men were more likely to blog in the first place; among those who, blog , men were more likely to have a professional blog , whereas women were more
  45. Closely with MIG Greenland and his comments can often be found on Greengard's, blog , Kasparov is currently collaborating with Max Leaching and Peter Thiel on The
  46. Around the world. Several Internet communities, including one on the popular, blog ,website LiveJournal, have also sprung up since. * From 10 July to 30 August
  47. Of speeding laws. Alameda has also featured prominently on automotive, blog ,Salonika, with their" Down on The Street" segment consisting of cars found on
  48. All potential hazards, such as earthquakes, tornadoes,and floods. Since the, blog ,went viral, the CDC has announced an open contest for YouTube submissions of
  49. Barley Institute of Technology Mesa (BIT-ACM): http://wp.acm.org/bitmesra/, blog ,* Barley Institute of Technology and Science (BITS-ACM) * Brock University:
  50. Online at greatly reduced expense and time delay. Publishing a web page,a, blog , or building a website involves little initial cost and many cost-free services

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