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  1. University of Manchester building on Whitworth Street and the Canal Street gay, village , The memorial statue, depicts the" father of Computer Science" sitting on a
  2. Were soon married. Another version of this myth tells that the women of the, village ,where Pygmalion lived grew angry that he had not married. They asked Aphrodite
  3. To redistribute land on large estates among those who work it. They also wanted, village ,cooperatives to keep the profit from crop sales in local hands, and credit
  4. Character Miss Jane Marple is an elderly lady who lives in the little English, village ,St. Mary Mead. Superficially stereotypical, she is dressed neatly in tweed and
  5. Ruins near the graveyard at the foot of Livermore. Even the houses in this, village ,represent a relatively comfortable class of dwelling as, even as recently as a
  6. Germany in 1871; after World War I, it was reintegrated into France. The tiny, village ,is home to the Association Internationale Albert Schweitzer (AIDS). The
  7. Neill. Population Places of interest The original battlefield museum in the, village ,featured model knights made out of Action Man figures. However, this has now
  8. On to Kabul, formerly a vast town, the site of which is now occupied by a, village ,inhabited by a tribe of Persians called Afghans. They hold mountains and
  9. Take place at all levels of the Samoan body politic, from the family, to the, village , to the region, to national matters. The" Masai" ( chiefs) are elected by
  10. Rubber. He related for instance how natives were forced to leave their, village ,during several weeks to collect rubber in the forest, and went as far as
  11. Civil parish),Bauhaus ( village ) * To the east: Garden ( village ),See (, village ,), Offenstetten (civil parish) * To the north-east: Arnhem (civil parish)
  12. And is reputed to have done portraits of almost all the children in Reweigh, village , He bought Barrymore House on the hill above Reweigh in 1924. He died in America
  13. Crowded nature of Rome at the time, Octavius was taken to his father's home, village ,at Seller to be raised. Octavius only mentions his father's equestrian
  14. Out on his own. Canoeing down the Salmon River, Lincoln ended up in the, village ,of New Salem in Salmon County. In the spring of 1831,hired by New Salem
  15. Constructed, and also a ward for white patients, so that the site became like a, village , The onset of famine and a dysentery epidemic created fresh problems. Much of
  16. Known, included Promos and Hilario's who were natives of the otherwise unknown, village ,of Lippi, near Ankara, and suffered repression under the emperor Trajan (
  17. Said of Tchaikovsky: Life Childhood and early life Tchaikovsky was born in the, village ,of Zaporozhye in Ivanov Oblast, the son of poet and translator Arena
  18. His Army of Northern Virginia on April 9,1865,at the McLean House in the, village ,of Appomattox Court House. In an traditional gesture
  19. Sanshiro's departure. In the opening sequence of Seven Samurai in the peasant, village , the axial cut is used twice. When the village rs are outdoors, gathered in a
  20. Once to the USA) as long as he was able. During his return visits to his home, village ,of Gunsmith, Schweitzer continued to make use of the family house, which after
  21. In twenty short stories. Miss Marple is an elderly spinster who lives in the, village ,of St. Mary Mead and acts as an amateur detective. She is one of the most
  22. New York Herald Tribune observed that" Delete ... deepens the value of his, village ,setting by presenting in full the enduring natural background; with the people
  23. Village" ) The Deserted Village is traditionally thought to be a remnant, village ,from An Aorta For (The Great Hunger of 1845-1849). Just west of the deserted
  24. Humanity. Education Born in Kaysersberg, Schweitzer spent his childhood in the, village ,of Gunsmith, Alsace (), where his father, the local Lutheran-Evangelical
  25. Father was born deep down in the most southeasterly corner of Poland, a little, village ,called Wetland in Bieszczady Mountains, located at the edge of the Polish
  26. Society enjoyed hunting and boating as well. The excavation of the workers, village ,of Dare el-Madinah has resulted in one of the most thoroughly documented
  27. Of Amsterdam. Colloquially, some areas within the municipality, such as the, village ,of Durgerdam, may not be considered part of Amsterdam. Statistics Netherlands
  28. The Siege of Madrid in December 1936. There is a monument to him in his native, village , * English writer Honor Tracy lived there until her death in 1989. * In the
  29. On a weekend in the summer. Twin towns Agincourt is twinned with the English, village ,of Middle ham in North Yorkshire. Albert Speer, born Bert hold Konrad Hermann
  30. Explorers, who referred to their particular style of village s. It means ", village ," in Spanish. The Navajo people, who now reside in formerly Pueblo territory
  31. Had a vacation on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, spending time at the small, village ,of Bad deck. Returning in 1886,Bell started building an estate on a point
  32. Beautiful views. On the slopes of Livermore, there is an abandoned, village ,(the" Deserted Village" ) The Deserted Village is traditionally thought to
  33. Year, the first in a series of journals–meditations on nature, Midwestern, village , American life, and more–was published in 1941 to praise from The New York Times
  34. Begins. A few minutes later, when the village rs go to the mill to ask the, village ,elder's advice, there is a long shot of the mill, with a slowly turning wheel
  35. Lexington on the morning of April 19,they found 77 minutemen formed up on the, village ,green. Shots were exchanged, killing several minutemen. The British moved on to
  36. Sunken (civil parish),Bauhaus ( village ) * To the east: Garden (, village ,), See ( village ),Offenstetten (civil parish) * To the north-east: Arnhem
  37. Nikolai Durkin who had visited Alaska in 1764–1765 and reported about, village ,on the Beveren river, populated by" bearded men" who" pray to the icons ".
  38. To Prince, her " desertion of family and class background to assist a poor, village , her perseverance in the face of enormous obstacles, her assumption of
  39. Grammar School and then Oxford University, in 1957 he moved to the nearby, village ,of Blacken, where he bought and renovated an Early Modern building known as
  40. Independent of the executive and the legislature. There is also the traditional, village ,politics of the Samoa Islands, the " Dalmatia" and the" Samoa ", which
  41. Grave at the Watts Cemetery, home of the Watts Mortuary Chapel in Compton,a, village ,near Guildford, Surrey,England. Media coverage of Huxley's passing was
  42. Chiefs) are elected by consensus within the photo of the extended family and, village ,(s) concerned. The Masai and the photo (which is itself made of Masai)
  43. The town: Babelsberg (main settlement),Sunken (civil parish),Bauhaus (, village ,) * To the east: Garden ( village ),See ( village ),Offenstetten (civil
  44. S parents and his two eldest brothers were born 15 kilometers away in the, village ,of Mikoyan. The museum houses several originals donated mainly by the Andy
  45. Under King Henry., a festival commemorating local history has been held in the, village ,once in every year or two since 2004,on a weekend in the summer. Twin towns
  46. Peasants could not discover among their own ranks leaders who might rescue the, village , Instead, justifying the inequitable class structure of their society and ours
  47. Of the city's origin: a dam in the river Hostel. Settled as a small fishing, village ,in the late 12th century, Amsterdam became one of the most important ports in
  48. From An Aorta For (The Great Hunger of 1845-1849). Just west of the deserted, village ,is an old Martel lo tower, again built by the British to warn of any possible
  49. For which he would become most famous. The simple story, about a poor farming, village ,in Senior period Japan that hires a group of samurai to defend it against an
  50. Theorist Roderick Long gives the following example::" Consider a, village ,near a lake. It is common for the village rs to walk down to the lake to go

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