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  1. A visually striking effect is seen every March and September as an unusual, shadow ,occurs on the equinoxes. A shadow appears to descend the west balustrade of the
  2. Was unfair. The American colonists formed a unifying Continental Congress and a, shadow ,government in each colony. The American boycott of British tea led to the
  3. Its apparent course, the sun draws a curve with the tip of the projected, shadow , which is shortest at noon, when pointing due south. The variation in the tip’s
  4. In direct sunlight, the spacecraft could be heated to over while the parts in, shadow ,would be. These temperatures could cause the heat shield to crack or propellant
  5. Seen every March and September as an unusual shadow occurs on the equinoxes. A, shadow ,appears to descend the west balustrade of the northern stairway. The visual
  6. Pursues the shadow southwards across the ocean, but is nearly drowned when the, shadow ,lures him into steering his boat onto rocks. The vessel sinks, but he manages
  7. Third of the century. The generation of Italian engravers who trained in the, shadow ,of Durer all either directly copied parts of his landscape backgrounds (Giulio
  8. Directory itself. Such groups are known as Shadow Groups. Once created, these, shadow , groups are selectable in place of the OF in the administrative tools. Microsoft
  9. Soil was quite slippery. Aldrin remarked that moving from sunlight into Eagles, shadow ,produced no temperature change inside the suit, though the helmet was warmer in
  10. To be seen. He once said that he was sculpting not the human figure but" the, shadow ,that is cast. " Scholar William Barrett in Irrational Man: A Study in
  11. And that the shadow cannot now avoid a final confrontation. GED follows the, shadow ,south, but he is now unwelcome at every island he lands on. This is because the
  12. The Lords can send out Lords tendrils and pull themselves or objects through, shadow , *Shape-shifting: Shape-shifters can alter their physical form and abilities.
  13. S wise guidance, the roles of GED and his enemy become reversed, and the, shadow ,becomes the hunted. GED pursues the shadow southwards across the ocean, but is
  14. Functionality and added an option of running the micro with 32 KB of, shadow ,RAM in addition to the ordinary 32 KB — giving 64 KB total. Some clever program
  15. It to be taken away. Alexander, however,detected the horse's fear of his own, shadow ,and asked for a turn to tame the horse, which he eventually managed. According
  16. To help him. Together, the two wizards set off south and east in pursuit of the, shadow , Eventually they leave the last known island of Earthsea and head off into the
  17. Tropic, and that on the day of the summer solstice, a vertical staff cast no, shadow , They noted that the sun's disc was reflected in a well at noon. This
  18. Returns to Got and Orion, who advises him to turn the tables on his, shadow , In following his master's wise guidance, the roles of GED and his enemy
  19. Anna Softer. Three large stone slabs leaning against a cliff channel light and, shadow ,markings onto two spiral petroglyph on the cliff wall, marking the solstices
  20. Two days of the year when the noon Sun passes directly overhead and casts no, shadow , In parts of Mesoamerica this was considered a significant day as it would
  21. To offer battle, managed to harass and slow Attila's advance with only a, shadow ,force. Attila finally halted at the River Po. By this point disease and
  22. He estimated this apparent diameter, as well as the apparent diameter of the, shadow ,cone of the Earth traversed by the Moon during a lunar eclipse. Given these
  23. Emotion through detailed, textured surfaces, and the interplay of light and, shadow , To a greater degree than his contemporaries, Rodin believed that an individual
  24. And the gift's significance are revealed in the sequel). Back at sea,the, shadow ,nearly takes GED unawares, but he senses it just in time and comes to grips
  25. Spinning ball (about 1/4 screen size) bouncing up and down and casting a, shadow ,on a wall behind it. The echoing deep Bong! Sound and left-right motion was
  26. Island of Earthsea and head off into the open sea. As they draw closer to the, shadow , GED perceives the ocean gradually turning into land, an immensely powerful
  27. Kennedy's legacy. The MESA failed to provide a stable work platform and was in, shadow , slowing work somewhat. As they worked, the moon walkers kicked up gray dust
  28. Against the Taliban but failed to fully defeat them. By 2009,a Taliban-led, shadow ,government began to form in many parts of the country complete with their own
  29. Then. There are no built-in server methods or console snap-ins for managing, shadow ,groups. The division of an organization's information infrastructure into a
  30. Degree of virtue. I speak collectively of the whole sex; but I see not the, shadow ,of a reason to conclude that their virtues should differ in respect to their
  31. Slopes of the mountain ranges before reaching the province, casting a rain, shadow ,over much of Alberta. The northerly location and isolation from the weather
  32. For his name's sake. # Even though I walk through the valley of the, shadow ,of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me; your rod and staff they
  33. But GED senses that he has forged a bond that cannot be broken and that the, shadow ,cannot now avoid a final confrontation. GED follows the shadow south, but he is
  34. In the tip’s position at noon indicates the solar time and the seasons; the, shadow ,is the longest on the winter solstice and shortest on the summer solstice. However
  35. A vertical pillar or rod mounted on a horizontal plane. The position of its, shadow ,on the plane indicated the time of day. As it moves through its apparent course
  36. Noon. This statement is only approximately correct; at the summer solstice,the, shadow ,was only 1/400th of the staff, and so could scarcely be discerned, and the
  37. Had produced only The Professor. The general view has been that Anne is a mere, shadow ,compared with Charlotte, the family's the most prolific writer, and Emily, the
  38. There is no inherent reason why a game could not be written to function in, shadow ,mode. During its decline, Master RAM Boards were added to every Electron in an
  39. And their valleys are less suitable for agriculture. Also, being in the rain, shadow ,of the Baltic Cordillera means that they receive a lesser volume of water.
  40. Trump, and magic. *Pattern: A character who has walked the pattern can walk in, shadow ,to any possible universe, and while there can manipulate probability. *Lords:
  41. Point and Alexandria as the terminal point of a measured arc (based on, shadow ,length at the solstice). The Nile is nearly 3,000 yards wide above Aswan. From
  42. He attempts to summon a dead spirit - a perilous spell which goes awry. The, shadow ,seizes the chance to escape into the world and attacks him, scarring his face.
  43. S blue glare fills Oklahoma plains, the train rolls east casting yellow, shadow ,on grass Twenty years ago approaching Texas, I saw sheet lightning cover Heaven
  44. Inside the suit, though the helmet was warmer in sunlight, so he felt cooler in, shadow , Nixon originally had a long speech prepared to read during the phone call, but
  45. Spiritual parts or aspects. In addition to the body, each person had a SWT (, shadow ,), a BA (personality or soul),a key (life-force),and a name. The heart
  46. Selectable in place of the OF in the administrative tools. Microsoft refers to, shadow ,groups in the Server 2008 Reference documentation, but does not explain how to
  47. Runs aground. GED steps out of the boat and walks off to confront his waiting, shadow , Though some of his teachers had thought it to be nameless, Ged and his
  48. His enemy become reversed, and the shadow becomes the hunted. GED pursues the, shadow ,southwards across the ocean, but is nearly drowned when the shadow lures him
  49. With which it comes into contact. The use of bitumen as a glaze to set in, shadow ,or mixed with other colors to render a darker tone resulted in the eventual
  50. South, but he is now unwelcome at every island he lands on. This is because the, shadow ,has taken on Ged's own shape and has gone before him, frightening the

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