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  1. On the CAN are joke s in themselves. The Acme:: hierarchy is reserved for, joke ,modules; for instance, Acme: :Don't add a don't function that doesn't run
  2. Literature and rhetoric, ambiguity can be a useful tool. Grouchy Marx’s classic, joke ,depends on a grammatical ambiguity for its humor, for example:" Last night I
  3. That it was most likely a coyote with mange. " It was a spoof or a practical, joke ," Crabtree said. " ... I really didn't believe it. " His story appeared on
  4. Gave birth to twins, Catherine and Jean, on 5 September 1945,he continued to, joke ,to friends that he was not cut out for marriage. Camus conducted numerous
  5. The corporation established to manage the business end of Car Talk. Initially a, joke , the company was incorporated after the show expanded from a single station to
  6. S perennial doormats. The Senators became the butt of a well-known vaudeville, joke ," First in war, first in peace, and last in the American League" ( a twist on
  7. To which Jed rejoins," I'll take it! " When Brewster insists he was making a, joke ,; Jed allows that he can go right ahead. Brewster:" Well, that was the joke . "
  8. With Gary's to get revenge on his co-workers on a prior practical, joke , Another episode involved a pickup basketball game, in which Gary tricked the
  9. S bleak film noir world view. The term was originally coined around 1987 as a, joke ,to describe some novels of Tim Powers, James P. Blaylock, and K. W.
  10. False, and who can tell about Zorn's lemma? " — Jerry Bond: This is a, joke ,: although the three are all mathematically equivalent, many mathematicians find
  11. Of lime. Dominicans often call" Cuba Libra" " mantilla" or little lie as a, joke , it all started at the end of the Cold War. In Greece Thessaloniki, there is
  12. Lye soap were running gags throughout the run of the series. As another running, joke , the movie theaters back in the hills were still showing films from the silent
  13. America by more armies, while Britain had a European war to fight. " It was a, joke ," he said," to think of keeping Pennsylvania. " There was no hope of
  14. Iron, trust me. " His spokesperson later said the comment was meant to be a, joke , A joint statement read:" The parties are content to put this matter behind
  15. Were two pages of pre-prepared complex geological terminology, added as a, joke ,to give him the option to sound to Mission Control like he was as skilled as a
  16. The coloration of its Kerry Beagles. Tennis comedian Mike Non elaborated the, joke ,in Limerick's Theatre Royal, and the nickname soon took hold, as the RIC
  17. Before the flight, backup crew members Hernán, Evans and Angle played a, joke ,on the astronauts by stashing their own crew patches in every single locker and
  18. Lay in the fact that it was the first film from a major studio to have a fart, joke , American Film Institute Lists *AFI's 100 Years ... 100 Movies (10th
  19. On CD in 1993 by Crammed Discs, under the title Self-Portrait Jumping. As a, joke , Gain contributed a recipe for marijuana fudge to a cookbook by Alice B.
  20. The real scene of action and theatrical illusion was treated as something of a, joke , In The Albanians, for example, The Onyx is just a few steps from the hero's
  21. I'm being funny no matter what I say or do and that's not the case. I rarely, joke ,unless I'm in front of a camera. It's not what I am in real life. It's what
  22. Kölsch is also the name of the local dialect. This has led to the common, joke ,of Kölsch being the only language one can drink. Cologne is also famous for EAU
  23. Some kids were led bawling from Batman Returns where the PG-13 rating was a, joke , " Mick LaSalle had a mixed reaction, concluding " a shot of Kilmer's rubber
  24. Has led to Bamberg being called the" Franconian Rome" — although a running, joke ,among Bamberg's tour guides is to refer to Rome instead as the" Italian
  25. No 2 of 1992 where it was found that a" hold-up" in a shop justified as a, joke ,would still constitute an offense. It is a separate offense to assault on a
  26. Hanna in the face during Lollapalooza in 1995 after Hanna allegedly made a drug, joke ,about daughter Frances Bean, and was sentenced to anger management classes
  27. Fame" for batting champions. " I was too bum last year," he wrote. " I was a, joke ,in that Boston-Pittsburgh Series. What does it profit a man to hammer along and
  28. War, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen" ). A spin-off, joke ,was coined for the Browns:" First in shoes, first in booze, and last in the
  29. How much these kit cars were worth. The answer: about $800 million. It was a, joke ,call from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory concerning the preparation of the Mars
  30. Money out of his bank,Drysdale's face would turn green. A variation of the, joke ,of Drysdale's face changing color is in one episode when, after being given
  31. Out of his pocket,Drysdale's blood pressure would go up. A similar running, joke ,was that when it seemed the Competes would take their money out of his bank
  32. Is not the same strip that appeared in some newspapers. The alternate strip,a, joke ,about Hobbes taking a bath in the washing machine, has circulated around the
  33. S pet name for an intimate part of Marion Davies' anatomy. " A resultant, joke ,noted, with heavy innuendo, that Hearst and/or Kane died" with 'Rosebud' on
  34. Origin. During rehearsals, she drew an Ireland ball instead of France as a, joke ,at the expense of FIFA, referring to Thierry Henry's handball controversy in
  35. 17?? ) *La Burley reprocess new contraccambio (17? ?)" The returned, joke ," *Chi la fa l'aspects o SIA I cassette del carnival (17?? )" Who does
  36. Hercules. He observes to the audience that every time he is on hand to hear a, joke ,from a comic dramatist like Phrynichus (one of Aristophanes' rivals) he ages
  37. Points to be made while still whetting the audience's appetite for the next, joke , *Lyrics: Almost nothing is known about the music that accompanied Greek lyrics
  38. And Moon by sighting sets of stars with optical instruments. As a practical, joke , the Apollo 1 crew named three of the stars in the Apollo catalog after
  39. Hey Lamar threatened to sue, saying the film's running" Heyday Lamar ", joke ,infringed her right to publicity. This is lampooned when Heyday corrects
  40. Who followed with its concept of a pirate radio broadcast. Within the record, joke ,commercials recorded by the band and actual jingles from recently outlawed
  41. Degree in Chicano studies. Adam's parents did not give him a middle name. As a, joke , he wrote" Adam Lakers Corolla" on his driver's license application. His
  42. In Bridgeport, Connecticut without receiving a diploma. The cartoonist liked to, joke ,about how he failed geometry for nine straight terms. His formal training came
  43. Pound Hammer ", on the album The Atkins - Travis Traveling Show *A practical, joke ,played on Down Beat magazine editor Gene Lees in the late 1950s took on a life
  44. An" Aarhus story" — similar to a Solo story — is a kind of derogatory ethnic, joke , Such stories about the citizens of Aarhus began in the early 20th century and
  45. A joke ; Jed allows that he can go right ahead. Brewster:" Well, that was the, joke , " Jed:" Mr. Brewster,you're an awfully nice feller, but I've heard a sight
  46. Moreland was a transvestite and Love later referred to their wedding as" a, joke ,"; an annulment was filed within the first few months of the marriage. In 1991
  47. His one-act curtain-raiser, The Painful Predicament of Sherlock Holmes as a, joke ,on the British press, Chaplin was brought in from the provinces to play Billy.
  48. Eventually his estate's, express consent. Turner later claimed that this was a, joke ,intended to needle colorization critics, and that he had never had any
  49. Narratives for an anonymous" collector" for a dollar a page, somewhat as a, joke , (It is not clear whether Miller actually wrote these stories or merely
  50. And connect with them. For example, out of two persons telling the same, joke ,one may greatly amuse the audience due to his body language and tone of voice

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