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  1. Suffixes provide only adverbial or adjectival notions to verbs. Other linguists, disagree ,arguing that they may additionally be syntactic arguments just as free nouns
  2. Been used to describe situations when influential members of Congress, disagree ,so strongly with a President from their own party that they rise up and take a
  3. That the Buddha must at least have taught something of the kind: Some scholars, disagree , and have proposed many other theories. According to such scholars, there was
  4. To the one God. And although they are not Trinitarians or Athabaskans, they, disagree , with Arius’ views in many respects. Arius, for example, denied that the Son
  5. River. Murals preserved from this time belong to India Second period Scholars, disagree ,about the date of the Santa Caves' second period. For a time it was thought
  6. Time. After the band's first album, Warhol and band leader Lou Reed started to, disagree ,more about the direction the band should take, and their artistic friendship
  7. Empire in the time of Juvenal (c. 200 CE). However, other modern scholars, disagree ,with this interpretation, In Christianity, Pope Sixths V (1585–90) is noted
  8. May place Aztlán in Nayarit or the Caribbean while other historians entirely, disagree , and make a distinction between legend and the contemporary sociopolitical
  9. Been present in the early stages of the Proto-Indo-European language. Linguists, disagree ,regarding the relationship of the Baltic languages to other languages in the
  10. And an Eastern, largely Greek, branch,the Orthodox Church. These two churches, disagree ,on a number of administrative, liturgical,and doctrinal issues, most notably
  11. Are considered black and wealthy blacks are considered white. Some scholars, disagree ,arguing that whitening of one's social status may be open to people of mixed
  12. When the flow speed is much greater than the speed of sound. Aerodynamics, disagree ,over the precise definition of hypersonic flow; minimum Mach numbers for
  13. Possibly one third of its population, including Pericles. Modern historians, disagree ,on whether the plague was a critical factor in the loss of the war. Although
  14. Northeast and the agricultural South helped cause the war. Most historians now, disagree ,with the economic determinism of historian Charles Beard in the 1920s and
  15. Evidence seems to suggest the assignment of orders is accurate, but scientists, disagree ,about the relationships between the orders themselves; evidence from modern
  16. With the functioning of a free market economy. Although anarcho-capitalists, disagree ,on the critical topics of profit, social egalitarianism, and the proper scope
  17. Bar: Korea color: era from: -1500 till: -300 text: Goose China Historians, disagree ,about the dates of a" Bronze Age" in China. The difficulty lies in the term "
  18. At least some version of the Doctrine and Covenants. However, they tend to, disagree ,to varying degrees with the LDS Church on matters of doctrine and church
  19. Ehret's dictionary and the one published by Orel-Stolbova are divergent and, disagree ,). Until a reconstructed set of Afroasiatic roots is agreed upon, it is
  20. Can deactivate cationic agents present in the mouth rinse. However, many would, disagree ,with this hypothesis; in fact, many of the popular mouthwashes contain sodium
  21. Of Cain, a fact which some scholars link to The Cain Tradition. Scholars, disagree , however, as to the meaning and nature of the poem: is it a Christian work set
  22. A positive sign that people are finally seeking help for their issues. Others, disagree , saying that this shows that people are becoming too dependent on
  23. Of the advanced reptiliomorph amphibians, and thus of amnions. Authorities also, disagree ,on whether Salient is a Super order that includes the order Aura, or whether
  24. His speech maintains that Job, while righteous, is not perfect. Job does not, disagree ,with this and God does not rebuke Elite as he does Ballad, Zophar, and Elisha.
  25. Added. Smith's" Wealth of Nations" offers many insights other theories, disagree , It argues that agriculture offers fewer possibilities to a division of labor
  26. Smaller or less powerful parties can be intimidated to not openly, disagree , In order to maintain the coalition, they will have to vote against the party
  27. Between sources. Although the origin of Alabama could be discerned, sources, disagree , on its meaning. An 1842 article in the Jacksonville Republican originated the
  28. Article are left to member states. A number of alternative medicine advocates, disagree ,with the restrictions of government agencies that approve medical treatments.
  29. To estimates of natural variability. " A small minority of scientists do, disagree ,with the consensus: see list of scientists opposing global warming consensus.
  30. Called" common law" and it binds future decisions. In cases where the parties, disagree ,on what the law is, an idealized common law court looks to past presidential
  31. Tax created more criminals than any other single act of government. " *“To, disagree , one doesn't have to be disagree able. ” *“Equality, rightly understood as our
  32. The ACLU interprets the Second Amendment as a collective right. Therefore, we, disagree , with the Supreme Court’s decision in D. C. v. Heller. Heller takes a different
  33. Monopolists, charges exorbitant prices. " But, again,since anarcho-capitalists, disagree ,with Tucker's labor theory of value, they disagree that free market
  34. Dissertations on archaeoastronomical topics. Since archaeoastronomy, disagree ,so widely on the characterization of the discipline, they even dispute its name
  35. Canadian province of Alberta, after which the genus is named. Scientists, disagree ,on the content of the genus, with some recognizing Stegosaurus liberates as a
  36. Apostles' Creeds in the inclusion of anathemas, or condemnations of those who, disagree ,with the Creed (like the original Nicene Creed). Widely accepted among
  37. Lover Gains Sirius in a public ceremony while Claudius was at Ostia. Sources, disagree ,whether she divorced the Emperor first, and whether the intention
  38. Been many complaints overrules that govern an AOL user's conduct. Some users, disagree ,with the TOS, citing the guidelines are too strict to follow coupled with the
  39. Defense System. Government of the Czech Republic agrees (while 67 % Czechs, disagree ,and only about 22 % support it) to host a missile defense radar on its
  40. Both are true (up from 26 % in 1999). Christian criticism Many Christians, disagree ,with the teaching of creationism. Several religious organizations, among them
  41. That those scriptural references pertain to a spiritual death, although others, disagree , It is clear, however,that the LDS church does not conform to the same
  42. Rather, when conveying emotion, if body language, tone of voice, and words, disagree , then body language and tone of voice will be believed more than words. For
  43. Employees. The proposal included the rule that" a board member may publicly, disagree ,with an ACLU policy position, but may not criticize the ACLU Board or staff. "
  44. Render an independent decision usually in labor disputes when the arbitrators, disagree ,on something. Umpire is another word for" arbitrator" or an arbitrator
  45. Knowing what they mean) and not to machines in general. Earle does not, disagree ,that machines can have consciousness and understanding, because,as he writes
  46. Press, including school newspapers and points of view even most ACLU members, disagree ,with. The ACLU said to a House Subcommittee::: The ACLU accepts reasonable
  47. Since anarcho-capitalists disagree with Tucker's labor theory of value, they, disagree , that free market competition would cause protection (or anything else) to be
  48. That circumcision is required for salvation. Paul and his associates strongly, disagree , After much discussion, James the Just, leader of the Jerusalem church, decrees
  49. This is an amount that is pre-established, regardless of whether they agree or, disagree , consent to it or not. The wealthy (are obligated to pay) each year
  50. Behaving as if he were thinking deeply about these matters. But, even though I, disagree ,with him, his simulation is pretty good, so I’m willing to credit him with real

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