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  1. The Underwriter included built-in Applejack. Apple later released an Applejack, server ,suite known as AppleS hare, and included basic Applejack features as the default
  2. With the release of Operon server processors as AMD stopped the design of, server ,chipsets in 2004 after releasing the AMD-8111 chipset, and again opened the
  3. As part of a rewrite. Since April 1996 Apache has been the most popular HTTP, server ,software in use. Apache was estimated to serve 63 % of all websites and 66 % of
  4. PCs, branded Athlon 64. AMD released the first dual-core Operon, an x86-based, server , CPU,on April 21, 2005. The first desktop-based dual-core processor family—the
  5. Group Logic continues to bundle its Applejack protocol with its ExtremeZ-IP, server ,software for Macintosh-Windows integration which supports Windows 2008 Server
  6. Integrated with DNS and requires TCP/IP—DNS. To be fully functional, the DNS, server ,must support SRV resource records or service records. Replication Active
  7. Implementation of the Applejack protocol stack, as part of their HELIOS UB2, server , This is essentially a File and Print Server suite that runs on a whole range
  8. Updates in multiple places, certain operations are supported only on a single, server , These operations are performed using the roles listed below: Trust To allow
  9. In Spring 2008 as part of the code named Cartwheel platform. AMD returned to the, server ,chipsets market with the AMD 800S series server chipsets. It includes support
  10. Enabled through HyperTransport and the Direct Connect Architecture these, server ,class processors have been targeted at high-end telecom and storage
  11. And fate The Apache HTTP Server, commonly referred to as Apache (), is web, server ,software notable for playing a key role in the initial growth of the Worldwide
  12. Regions. Rosetta Antibody is a novel antibody FM region structure prediction, server , which incorporates sophisticated techniques to minimize CDR loops and optimize
  13. Products Mac and accessories * Mac mini, consumer sub-desktop computer and, server ,introduced in 2005. * iMac, consumer all-in-one desktop computer introduced in
  14. Be released on 2009 timeframe. Code named Giordano,AMD's first multiprocessor, server ,platform after ATI acquisition consists of AMD SR5690 + SP5100 server chipsets
  15. In addition, the website claims that the name's story resulting from the, server ,being A Patchy server (since it was a conjunction of software patches) is
  16. GPU from the Evergreen (GPU family) GPU series. The Magny-Cours and Lisbon, server ,parts will be released in 2010. The Magny-Cours part will come in 8 to 12 cores
  17. Used to break a custom server that used OpenSSL's AES encryption. The custom, server ,was designed to give out as much timing information as possible (the server
  18. Server was designed to give out as much timing information as possible (the, server ,reports back the number of machine cycles taken by the encryption operation)
  19. In the initial growth of the World Wide Web. In 2009, it became the first web, server ,software to surpass the 100 million website milestones. Apache was the first
  20. Excluding the use of buffered memory/registered memory DIMM modules, and a, server ,motherboard, the current setup includes two Athlon 64 FX-70 series processors
  21. Programmer best known as the author of and contributor to the Samba file, server , and co-inventor of the rsync algorithm. He is known for his analysis of
  22. Although the main design goal of Apache is not to be the" fastest" web, server , Apache does have performance comparable to other" high-performance" web
  23. Apple also offers a range of professional software titles. Their range of, server ,software includes the operating system Mac OS X Server; Apple Remote Desktop, a
  24. Website claims that the name's story resulting from the server being A Patchy, server ,(since it was a conjunction of software patches) is popular but incorrect
  25. Site-to-site replication can be configured to occur between a bridgehead, server ,in each site, which then replicates the changes to other DC's within the site.
  26. A third main table was added for security descriptor single instancing. Single, server ,operations Flexible Single Master Operations (FSM, sometimes pronounced "
  27. Suite that capitalizes on the ability to store personal data on an online, server ,and thereby keep all web-connected devices in sync. Announced at World Expo
  28. Even while it was busy servicing a print job from one client, a PAP, server ,could continue to respond to status requests from any number of other clients.
  29. Bridge claimed his analysis started with simply TELNETTing to a Beekeeper, server ,and typing HELP. Academic achievements Attending Barker College Horns by, NSW
  30. Zambezi and Orchid for the desktop and Interlagos and Valencia for the, server ,market. AMD’s Bulldozer/Orchid core die size is 315 mm^2. On August 31, 2011
  31. On the Canada Line in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada * Aberdeen LLC,a, server ,and storage server computer system manufacturer Algae (or; singular alga
  32. S response to the server was to send a block of PostScript code, while the, server ,could respond with any diagnostic messages that might be generated as a result
  33. Was the first viable alternative to the Netscape Communications Corporation web, server ,(currently known as Oracle planet Web Server),and has since evolved to
  34. many these programs are available on the Internet. The program or, server ,carries out an exhaustive search of a database of words, to produce a list
  35. Chipset from Nvidia. The initiative went further with the release of Operon, server ,processors as AMD stopped the design of server chipsets in 2004 after releasing
  36. Were expected to use dynamically-assigned socket numbers at both the client and, server ,end. Because of this dynamism, users could not be expected to access services
  37. Is 'pull' rather than 'push ', meaning that replicas pull changes from the, server ,where the change was effected. The Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC)
  38. A remote systems' management application; NetObjects, Java EE Web application, server ,; and San, a Storage Area Network file system. For the professional creative
  39. P, System i, System p5,System i5, server p5, server series and server i5, server , product lines, as well as IBM BladeCenter blades based on Power Architecture
  40. Commands and performing out-of-band status queries. It also allowed the, server ,to send asynchronous attention messages to the client. Applejack Transaction
  41. Platform. AMD returned to the server chipsets market with the AMD 800S series, server ,chipsets. It includes support for up to six SATA 6.0 Bit/s ports, the C6 power
  42. Documentation, but does not explain how to create them. There are no built-in, server ,methods or console snap-ins for managing shadow groups. The division of an
  43. By the OS as two cores and all of AMD's new 2011,32 nm high-end desktop and, server ,parts will be built on the Bulldozer microarchitecture, including Zambezi and
  44. Which basically meant" send me more data ". The client's response to the, server ,was to send a block of PostScript code, while the server could respond with any
  45. Processors. As of today, Nvidia and Broadcom are the sole designing firms of, server ,chipsets for Operon processors. As the company completed the acquisition of
  46. Server platform after ATI acquisition consists of AMD SR5690 + SP5100, server , chipsets,supporting 45 nm, codenamed Shanghai Socket F+ processors and
  47. Line in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada * Aberdeen LLC, a server and storage, server ,computer system manufacturer Algae (or; singular alga, Latin for" seaweed" )
  48. D. J. Bernstein announced a cache-timing attack that he used to break a custom, server ,that used OpenSSL's AES encryption. The custom server was designed to give out
  49. Chipsets in 2004 after releasing the AMD-8111 chipset, and again opened the, server ,platform for firms to develop chipsets for Operon processors. As of today
  50. Clients similar to the Jack PC to be connected through network to a blade, server ,for central management, to reduce client form factor sizes with AMD Trinity

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