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  1. On condition that the local authority matched that by providing the land and a, budget ,for operation and maintenance. To secure local interest, in 1885,he gave
  2. System for alternative therapy practitioners, RAB. Criticism The OCCAM, budget ,has been criticized because despite the duration and intensity of studies about
  3. Like the F-15E and the now retired F-14 have roughly 80 percent of their, budget ,spent on avionics. Most modern helicopters now have budget splits of 60/40 in
  4. The donor money, only a small portion is provided directly to the government, budget , The rest is provided to non- budget ary expenditure and donor-designated
  5. Then pitched it to Data, who were happy to accept the project due to its low, budget , Shooting of Fashion began on July 7,1950, and, after extensive location work
  6. Modernized Atari 7800-like appearance. The redesigned 2600 was advertised as a, budget ,gaming system (under $50) that had the ability to run a large collection of
  7. Since 1993 exceed $800 million. These loans are targeted at reducing the, budget ,deficit, stabilizing the local currency; developing private businesses; energy;
  8. Manat, was stable in 2000,depreciating 3.8 % against the dollar. The, budget ,deficit equaled 1.3 % of GDP in 2000. Progress on economic reform has generally
  9. The Parliament of the United Kingdom passes the People's Budget, the first, budget ,in British history with the expressed intent of redistributing wealth among the
  10. 59 fighter ground attack aircraft and 16 attack helicopters. The defense, budget ,in 2005 totaled 1.16 billion US-Dollars. Navy Fleet (Marina de Guerra) Most
  11. Despite this, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, budget ,has been on a sharp sustained rise to support complementary medicine. In fact
  12. Deeply personal project, wrote the screenplay alone. Although its estimated, budget ,was lower than the films immediately preceding it, Japanese studios were still
  13. S operations office is located in New York City. The ANSI annual operating, budget ,is funded by the sale of publications, membership dues and fees, accreditation
  14. 1.71 billion in tax revenue in 2004 and now makes up 80 % of the government's, budget , a 5 % increase from 2003,and 45 % of GDP. Chevron Corporation produces and
  15. City with a family friend and worked at the UN for three years, primarily on, budget ,matters, writing daily to her future husband, Dr. Michael Arms. In 1972,Sung
  16. American Folk Artist Alvin Reynolds, intrigued by its defense, budget ,of $4.90,wrote a song" Andorra ". Pete Seeger added verses, and sang "
  17. During the 2007–2008 year, Chicago public school officials claimed that their, budget ,of $11,300 per student was not enough. Economic status Economically, African
  18. Brigade and the Albanian Training and Doctrine Command. Increasing the military, budget ,was one of the most important conditions for NATO integration. Military
  19. Television reporter, living a" hand to mouth" lifestyle on a" shoestring ", budget , Although Garner's early work is often labelled as" children's literature "
  20. Clifford B. Le Page, who was on loan from a founding member, ASME. An annual, budget ,of $7,500 was provided by the founding bodies. In 1931,the organization (
  21. Are still serving in Afghanistan. Despite the rise in Azerbaijan's defense, budget , which now doubles Armenia's entire state budget , the armed forces were
  22. Only $1.473 billion was spent in that year. KISS also suggests that the defense, budget ,in 2009 was $1.5 billion. Azerbaijan has its own Defense Industry, which
  23. In 1950,a precursor to the modern medicare system. Alberta's health care, budget ,is currently $13.2 billion during the 2008–2009 fiscal year (approximately 36
  24. John Cooper Mini Challenge, and Clio Cup, and at a more modest, budget , Birettas, Caterhams, BMWs,and MX5s. There are also single-chassis single
  25. To Congress as $25.4 billion in 1973. It took up the majority of NASA's, budget ,while it was being developed. For example, in 1966 it accounted for about 60
  26. Power, the production of ammonia is a significant component of the world energy, budget ,.: NH3 + 2 O2 → HNO3 + H2O Nitric acid is used for the production of fertilizers
  27. 80 percent of their budget spent on avionics. Most modern helicopters now have, budget ,splits of 60/40 in favor of avionics. The civilian market has also seen a
  28. An Austin Christmas tradition. In 2010,the Trail of Lights was canceled due to, budget ,problems, but the city says they hope to have finances for the trail next year.
  29. Kennedy's newly-appointed NASA Administrator James Webb requested a 30 percent, budget ,increase for his agency, Kennedy supported an acceleration of NASA's large
  30. More subdued than Warner had planned for the system in 1984 with a marketing, budget ,of just $300,000. Additionally, the keyboard and high score cartridge were
  31. Would be able to finance a project of such a scale with a total national, budget ,of less than $5 billion. However, in February 2009 Italian company Eel
  32. In 1966 it accounted for about 60 percent of NASA's total $5.2 billion, budget , In 2009,NASA held a symposium on project costs which presented an estimate of
  33. In The Catholic Encyclopedia, hosted by New Advent. The Acorn Electron is a, budget ,version of the BBC Micro educational/home computer made by Acorn Computers Ltd.
  34. Kurdish, Lezgin and Talks languages, which are financed from the state, budget , For centuries Azerbaijani music has evolved under the badge of monody
  35. 1954,half a year behind its original release date and about three times over, budget , making it at the time the most expensive Japanese film ever made. (However
  36. Rise in Azerbaijan's defense budget , which now doubles Armenia's entire state, budget , the armed forces were assessed in 2008 as not having a high state of battle
  37. Took a particularly hard toll on Arizona, resulting in large cuts to ASU's, budget , In response to these cuts, ASU underwent several rounds of reorganizations
  38. Men whose day goes from bad to worse. Filmed on location in Aberdeen shire for a, budget ,of £60,000,it is a black comedy/adult drama. Cultural cinema, educational work
  39. To high variable budget structure. For example, in 2003 Alabama had an annual, budget ,deficit as high as $670 million. Local and county government Alabama has 67
  40. Five ministers from the Shinji party for voting against the government's 2005, budget , In January 2005 Sharon formed a national unity government that included
  41. The largest R&D divisions in Silicon Valley. However, it spent much of its R&D, budget ,on projects that seemed rather out of place at a video game (or even home
  42. Capabilities and expansion options. However, the best-selling models were the, budget ,models, particularly the highly successful Amiga 500 (1987) and the Amiga
  43. Show he was still capable of working quickly and efficiently within a limited, budget , For his first work in color, the dynamic editing and complex compositions of
  44. To the use of amphetamine, which allowed Reed to bring the picture in below, budget ,and on schedule by filming nearly 22 hours at a time. The title of the 2009
  45. Rocket fuel, and numerous systems for testing it all. After a series of drastic, budget ,reductions during the late 1950s the research ended. One offshoot of the
  46. A good share of support among the fans. In order to further grow the club's, budget , the AZ board of directors has decided to extend the capacity of the new
  47. But the much less celebrated special effects expert, Richard Fleischer. The, budget ,was also cut, and the screen time allocated for the Japanese segment would now
  48. Structure largely depends on consumer spending, it is subject to high variable, budget ,structure. For example, in 2003 Alabama had an annual budget deficit as high as
  49. Extensive modernization and capacity expanding programs, with the military, budget ,increasing from around $300 million in 2005 to $2.46 billion in 2009. The total
  50. In military aircraft almost always forms the biggest part of any development, budget , Aircraft like the F-15E and the now retired F-14 have roughly 80 percent of

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