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  1. Folio 23 verso: Cat (Music) (Isidora of Seville, Etymologiae, Book XII, ii , 38) * Folio 23 verso: Mouse (Mus) (Isidora of Seville, Etymologiae, Book
  2. Reconstruction and Development (HBO) and the EXIT Bank of India (2000). (, ii ,) You between Export Credit & Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd. (ECG) and
  3. Calculability” to be (i) an" axiom or axioms" in an axiomatic system, or (, ii ,) merely a definition that“ identified” two or more propositions, or ( ii i)
  4. Are (i) that residual instrumental errors in MAP cause the effect (, ii ,) that unexpected microwave emission from within the solar system is
  5. Mean astrologist. In this sense it is used in the Book of Daniel (Dan. i. 4, ii , 2 et seq. ), and with the same meaning it is used by the classical writers (
  6. Theorem, as a global formula corresponding to the definition, and (, ii ,) the following" easy to memorize" definition of the curl in orthogonal
  7. Burned to death. An early blood libel appears in Bonus Universal de Apibus, ii , 29,§ 23,by Thomas of Baltimore (a monastery near Chambray). Thomas wrote "
  8. Disseminating strategic evaluations (in consultation with stakeholders),(, ii ,) harmonizing performance indicators and evaluation methodologies, and ( ii i)
  9. Matins, keeping only the Scripture readings (the former lesson i, then lessons, ii ,and ii i together),followed by either the first part of the patristic reading
  10. Thomas Carlyle, History of Friedrich, ii ,Chapter iv: Albert the Bear *The History Files:
  11. He who pursues a very specialized task will do it best. " (Book VIII, ch, ii , http://books.google.com/books? Id IA4ohkXjeF4C&pg PA244&lpg PA244&dq
  12. Folio 8 recto: Tiger (Tigris) (Isidora of Seville, Etymologiae, Book XII, ii , 7) * Folio 8 verso: Part (Part) (Isidora of Seville, Etymologiae, Book XII
  13. The vertical strokes of the adjacent letters. It first appeared in the sequence, ii ,(as in ingenue) in Latin manuscripts of the 11th century, then spread to i
  14. Of tissue; among which predominate two (2) types: (i) adipose tissue and (, ii ,) glandular tissue; the last supports the lactation functions of the breasts.
  15. Ascorbate #E304 fatty acid esters of ascorbic acid (i) ascorbic palmitate (, ii ,) ascorbic stearate. In plastic manufacturing, ascorbic acid can be used to
  16. Declension from the exact equilibrium. " (Smith,1776,book IV, ch. I ii , part, ii , ) Frédéric Bastian on the fallacy of trade deficits The 19th century economist
  17. Calvi. Both of these are published in the Historian Franco rum Scriptures, Tome, ii , ( Paris,1639–1649). The Akkadian Empire (Akkadian Akkad I, Hittite OUR
  18. Shall be charged when a player: (i) hits a sacrifice bunt or sacrifice fly; (, ii ,) is awarded first base on four called balls; ( ii i) is hit by a pitched ball;
  19. Bc+ad)i. \ In particular, the square of the imaginary unit is −1:: i^2, ii ,-1. \ The preceding definition of multiplication of general complex numbers is
  20. And this change illustrates the ongoing mutation of the forms of expression (, ii ,)" Britney Spears" ( usually as" Britney's" ), meaning " beers ", as in "
  21. 7) * Folio 8 verso: Part (Part) (Isidora of Seville, Etymologiae, Book XII, ii , 10-11) * Folio 9 recto: Panther (Panther) (Physiology, Chapter 16;
  22. To her own (name). In a late rendering by Cygnus, ( Poetical Astronomy, ii , 13) Zeus is said to have used the skin of the goat deity Althea (aegis "
  23. Leo) (Physiology, Chapter 1; Isidora of Seville, Etymologiae, Book XII, ii , 3-6) * Folio 8 recto: Tiger (Tigris) (Isidora of Seville, Etymologiae
  24. a) Agreements: (i) Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement (1994). (, ii ,) Maritime Transport Agreement (1997). ( ii i) Agreement on Cooperation in
  25. Panther) (Physiology, Chapter 16; Isidora of Seville, Etymologiae, Book XII, ii , 8-9) After folio 9 verso some leaves are missing which should have contained
  26. Canticles like the Song of Moses (Exodus xv. ), the Song of Hannah (1 Sam., ii , ), the prayer of Habakkuk ( ii i. ), the prayer of Hezekiah (Isaiah xxxv ii i. )
  27. And is a kind of quality or possibility such as a word's usual meaning, or (, ii ,) is a dynamic interpret ant, such as a state of agitation, or ( ii i) is a
  28. Paris,1668–1701). Aimoin's third work was the composition of books, ii ,and ii i of the Miracle anti Benedict, the first book of which was written
  29. In native Czech words, only of exists as a diphthong. Vowel groups IA, ie, ii , Io, and IU in foreign words are likewise not regarded as diphthongs; they may
  30. Into a college of prelates. Pope Martin V (Cons tit. 3" In Apostolic ", ii ,and v) fixed the manner for their examination and approbation and also the tax
  31. The company's name, equivalent to the British limited liability company, and (, ii ,)" societal Antonia" or" Campania ", identified by" S. A." or "
  32. Lengths must satisfy two requirements: (i) the lengths must not be 0,AND (, ii ,) the subtraction must be“ proper ”, a test must guarantee that the smallest of
  33. The last measure was exact and the remainder in R is 0 programs can halt, OR (, ii ,) the algorithm must continue: the last measure left a remainder in R less than
  34. i) accountability, by assessing the effectiveness of ADB's operations; (, ii ,) transparency, by independently reviewing operations and publicly reporting
  35. Seems to indicate a level of significance. Clement of Alexandria (Stomata, ii , 20) also makes Barnabas one of the Seventy Disciples that are mentioned in
  36. Be generally classified by chemical bonding type as follows: (i) salt-like, (, ii , ) covalent compounds, ( ii i) interstitial compounds, and (iv) " intermediate
  37. As Diana, unless I be obtained by the manner of my father's will ". (I., ii ,) In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo describes Rosaline, saying that" She hath Dian's
  38. After 507 BC down to the congress at the Isthmus of Corinth in 481 BC * (, ii , ) It is only for two years (490 and 491) out of the twenty-five that any
  39. 10 rectos: Elephant (Elephant) (Isidora of Seville, Etymologiae, Book XII, ii , 14; Physiology, Chapter 43; Ambrose, Hexaemeron, Book VI,35; Solidus
  40. In the sixteenth century: Giraldo Cambrensis reported in 1188 (Itineraries, ii , ii i) that it was to be found only in the Taxi in Wales and in one river in
  41. Would be released and how many titles would ultimately be available, and (, ii ,) the introduction of competing products by Sega and Sony in May 1995 and
  42. Part of their lives, by the emperors. Giraldo Cambrensis reported (Itinerary, ii , iv) the common customs of lay abbots in the late 12th-century Church of Wales
  43. Research which are less common in biostatistics programs and (, ii ,) statistics departments have lines of research that may include biomedical
  44. Story of the stomach and its members in the speech of Menelaus Agrippa (Livy, ii , 32). In Late Antiquity Martians Capella organized all the information a
  45. Geophysical origin such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, land slides and (, ii ,) climatic origin such as drought, flood,cyclone, locust,forest fire. Though
  46. To be conferred through the Roman Curia (Legal, Praelectiones Our. Can., I, ii , 287). As a consequence, the labor was immensely augmented, and the number of
  47. Prior probability P (X0) DX that X is in the range X0 < X < X0 + DX),and (, ii ,) an estimate of the number of observers in each universe, N (X) (e.g.
  48. Utilisation of their opportunities and special knowledge as directors; and (, ii ,) that what they did resulted in profit to themselves. " And accordingly, the
  49. Deuteronomy xxx ii . 24 and Numbers vi. 24; Tag. To Can't. ii i. 8,iv. 6; Eccl., ii , 5; PS. xci. 5,6. ) Christian demonology" Demon" has a number of meanings
  50. This notion to four elements: (i) discrete, distinguishable locations, (, ii , ) discrete, indistinguishable counters ( ii i) an agent, and (iv) a list of

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