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  1. Life. He was a comic poet in an age when it was conventional for a poet to, assume ,the role of 'teacher' ( didaskalos),and though this specifically referred to
  2. When Major dies three days later, two young pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, assume ,command and turn his dream into a philosophy. The animals revolt and drive the
  3. Lines::" While some regard the Amazons as a purely mythical people, others, assume , an historical foundation for them. The deities worshiped by them were Ares (
  4. And emergence of new fields. These include technological fields that, assume ,the solution to technological problems lies in better technology, such as
  5. His nephew Marcus Claudius Marcellus follow in his footsteps and eventually, assume ,the Principate in his turn was causing political problems and alienating his
  6. Fifth postulate was found to be independent of the first four. Indeed, one can, assume ,that exactly one parallel through a point outside a line exists, or that
  7. Of culture, rather than with the larger function, and generally seemed to, assume ,a Victorian idea of progress rather than the idea of non-directional
  8. The absence of one or more factors enabling individuals and families to, assume ,basic responsibilities and to enjoy fundamental rights. The situation may
  9. Nabla\dot\math bf) Assumption 4: No viscous forces Additionally, if we, assume ,that there are no viscous forces in the medium (the bulk and shear viscosity
  10. Or communicate an idea. Even as late as 1912 it was normal in the West to, assume ,that all art aims at beauty, and thus that anything that wasn't trying to be
  11. Nabla\angle\rho\range\dot\tilde= 0 Assumption 2: Homogeneous medium Next we, assume ,that the medium is homogeneous, i. e., : \tabla\angle \rho \range = 0 ~. Then
  12. Kings possess it for a while, then pass away? After thee, will not other kings, assume ,control, and eat the fruits of the tree of thy hope? " In the estimation of the
  13. Punishment According to Schopenhauer, whenever we make a choice," we, assume ,as necessary that that decision was preceded by something from which it ensued
  14. Of equations, we need an equation of state for the pressure. To do that we, assume ,that the medium is an ideal gas and all acoustic waves compress the medium in
  15. 0 Assumption 3: Medium at rest At this stage we, assume ,that the medium is at rest, i. e., \angle\math bf\range = 0. Then the mass
  16. Rho\math bf Assumption 2: Ir rotational flow For most acoustics problems we, assume ,that the flow is rotational, that is, the vorticity is zero. In that case:
  17. Different view of Abu Bakr. They believe that Ali in Abi Tali was supposed to, assume ,Caliphate, and had been appointed by Muhammad as his successor at Hair Thumb.
  18. Demarchy" already existed and had the meaning of mayor or municipal. One could, assume ,the new term was coined and adopted by Athenian democrats. The word is attested
  19. To carry out — instead bringing his brother Ramiro from the monastery to, assume ,royal powers — an eventuality that Laurie suggests was Alfonso's hidden intent
  20. Most common isotopes are 241Am and 243Am. In chemical compounds, they usually, assume ,the oxidation state +3,especially in solutions. Several other oxidation states
  21. For social justice. In the 19th century, Anglican biblical scholarship began to, assume ,a distinct character, represented by the so-called" Cambridge triumvirate" of
  22. In chronological order. The English translation of the title has led some to, assume ,that at the end of his career, Augustine retreated from his earlier theological
  23. Of a shamanistic ritual, where drinking from the cup was considered a way to, assume ,the dead man's powers. In this context, Stefano Gaspar and Wilfred Meighen
  24. Works intended for use within the school (esoteric). Modern scholars commonly, assume ,these latter to be Aristotle’s own (unpolished) lecture notes (or in some
  25. Dead Man's Folly, which take place in the mid-1950s. It is therefore better to, assume ,that Christie provided no authoritative chronology for Poirot's retirement
  26. Proposed to Octavian, the victor of Rome's civil wars, that he once again, assume ,command of the provinces. The senate's proposal was a ratification of Octavian
  27. Insects. William died in March 1845,and Wallace left his teaching position to, assume ,control of his brother's firm in Neath, but he and his brother John were
  28. Of Israel was removed by God due to his disobedience so that King David could, assume ,the throne. Protestants see apostolic succession in much the same way. In the
  29. If one exists. Strategy examples In the example election described here, assume ,that the voters in each faction share the following on Neumann-Morgenstern
  30. This paper is divided into squares like a child's arithmetic book .... I, assume ,then that the computation is carried out on one-dimensional paper, i. e., on a
  31. Was always the complex numbers C, but many of the same results are true if we, assume ,only that k is algebraically closed. We consider the affine space of dimension
  32. Induction. 5. Skeptical solution of these doubts (in two parts) For Hume, we, assume , that experience tells us something about the world because of habit or custom
  33. Nabla\tilde Assumption 7: Medium at rest At this stage we, assume ,that the medium is at rest which implies that the mean velocity is zero, i. e.
  34. S for which there is a proof in S of the formula" K (s) ≥ n" ( which we, assume ,can be formalized in S). We can find an effective enumeration of all the
  35. P\range+\tilde\right \end Assumption 6: Homogeneous medium Next we, assume ,that the medium is homogeneous; in the sense that the time averaged variables
  36. Symbols are visually very similar to the ISO symbols, leading many to falsely, assume ,that they are identical. *The first computer programming language standard was
  37. In an Islamic culture or in an Islamic context. It would also be a mistake to, assume ,that all Muslims are in agreement on the use of art in religious observance
  38. To assess the probability of successfully rejecting the null hypothesis if we, assume ,a certain ANOVA design, effect size in the population, sample size and alpha
  39. Towards those sanctuaries. Agatha expresses his hope that the Alemannic would, assume ,better manners through prolonged contact with the Franks, which is by all
  40. A Christian. One way to explain much of the confusion concerning Ammonium is to, assume ,that there were two people called Ammonium: Ammonium Sacks who taught Platinum
  41. Fleeing it, let us therefore try to look the truth in the face. Let us try to, assume ,our fundamental ambiguity. It is in the knowledge of the genuine conditions of
  42. At least 100) on the island by 1683. While traditional histories of the region, assume ,that" the English" were the first settlers of Anguilla under British rule
  43. Applying the improvement will be: \franc. To see how this formula was derived, assume ,that the running time of the old computation was 1,for some unit of time. The
  44. Right T_5 + (n + 1’T_4 + T_1 + T_2 + T_3 + T_7 As a rule-of-thumb, one can, assume ,that the highest-order term in any given function dominates its rate of growth
  45. Associative rule:: (a \dot b) \dot c = a \dot (b \dot c) Now, let us, assume ,that a and b have variable transparencies, whereas c is opaque. We're
  46. Variance of data in groups should be the same. Model-based approaches usually, assume ,that the variance is constant. The constant-variance property also appears in
  47. Is about 1.58 billion. The gas is now compressed to a 100cc volume (we will, assume ,this happens quickly enough that no heat can enter or leave the gas). The new
  48. At convenient distances. ” Simple Example Consider the assembly of a car:, assume ,that certain steps in the assembly line are to install the engine, install the
  49. Was eventually appointed to be his successor. However, when he was going to, assume ,the Bishop office in Prague, he suddenly died during the ceremony itself.
  50. Accordingly wrote to Khalid to take half of his forces of Iraq to Syria and to, assume ,command of all Muslim armies in Byzantine Syria. The Byzantine province of

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