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  1. A type of" monopoly or oligopoly. "" The result is the prices with us do not, drop ,even if they do on international market, or they do quite belated and not to
  2. Who were experiencing certain problems were instructed to lift the machine and, drop ,it in order to re-seat the chips on the logic board. In the end, Manock was
  3. Organizable Wojskowej, ZOW). Pick and NOW hoped that the Allies would, drop ,arms or troops into the camp (most likely the Polish 1st Independent Parachute
  4. Into the Andy lowlands (very flat treeless tundra with lakes and bogs). The, drop ,from Markov to the sea is less than. It rises at about 67°N latitude and 173°E
  5. 1000 women. The greatest decrease has occurred in the developed world with a, drop ,from 39 to 26 per 1000 women in comparison to the developing world, which had a
  6. Of CAM in the past 12 months and 75 % across lifespan (though these figure, drop ,to 36.0 % and 50 % if prayer specifically for health reasons is excluded);
  7. Fact that the reduced power levels in the LM caused internal temperatures to, drop ,considerably. The sun-powered CM got so cold that water began to condense on
  8. Swarm of bees settled on his face while he lay in his cradle, leaving behind a, drop ,of honey. His father considered this a sign of his future eloquence and honeyed
  9. Such as" open G" ( D-G-D-G-B-D)," open D" ( D-A-D-F-A-D),or ", drop ’D " (D-A-D-G-B-E). Construction There are many variations on the
  10. To avoid this risk. And such researchers claim to have documented a sharp, drop ,in employment among individuals with a disability after passage of the Act.
  11. Downpours. When the continental air mass is weak, Mediterranean winds, drop ,their moisture farther inland. When there is a dominant continental air mass
  12. One method of accomplishing this moor is to set a bow anchor normally, then, drop , back to the limit of the bow cable (or to double the desired scope,e.g. 8:1
  13. In 1851,Ann Arbor was chartered as a city, though the city showed a, drop ,in population during the Depression of 1873. With new immigrants coming from
  14. To below 10 K. Even the less detailed Einstein model shows this curious, drop ,in specific heats. In fact, all specific heats vanish at absolute zero, not
  15. Which disrupt the flow of the prevailing westerly winds and cause them to, drop ,most of their moisture on the western slopes of the mountain ranges before
  16. It is unavailable. The priesthood holder anoints the recipient's head with a, drop ,of oil, then lays hands upon that head and declare their act of anointing. Then
  17. Emit this energy as a photon, traveling in a random direction, and so, drop ,back to lower energy levels. Thus, the atoms behave like a filter that forms a
  18. With a two-handed backhand. She can hit forceful ground strokes and also, drop ,shots. Her playing style fits the profile for a doubles player, and is
  19. One pound eighty. For amounts over a dollar an American will generally either, drop ,denominations or give both dollars and cents, as in two-twenty or two dollars
  20. Build support for his own policies, and fend off efforts by Radicals to, drop ,him from the 1864 ticket. At its 1864 convention, the Republican Party selected
  21. Issuance would cause increases in the money supply so that interest rates would, drop ,to zero or near to it. Rothbard disagreed with this, as he explains in The
  22. S water level had drop ped by fifty centimeters in 1993. Experts said that this, drop ,brought the level to within twenty-seven centimeters of the critical point
  23. Expected to decline by about 15 % in the next fifty years and strawberries will, drop ,as much as 32 % simply because of projected climate changes of a few degrees.
  24. He once wrote: 'Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by, drop ,upon the heart, until in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom
  25. Provides a drag-n- drop interface within web browsers, permitting users to, drop ,an entire folder of photos into the web page to upload them. * On October 4
  26. Potential are proportional to T 4. (Guggenheim, p. 111) These quantities, drop ,toward their T = 0 limiting values and approach with zero slopes. For the
  27. And the last syllable ends in a consonant, the vowel of the last syllable may, drop , E.g.: from (fingernail) → format. But: from (my circle) → coronet.
  28. speaker's native variety,e.g. -an instead of -Na. **Dual endings will often, drop ,out except on nouns, and then used only for emphasis (similar to their use in
  29. Chronic alcoholics unresponsive to brief treatment. AA's data states that 64 %, drop ,out of AA in their first year, but its program is credited with helping many
  30. Of a photon with a matching energy level. For this to occur, the electron must, drop ,to a lower energy state that has an energy difference matching the energy of
  31. Of ". ) **Feminine plural endings in verbs and critic suffixes will often, drop ,out, with the masculine plural endings used instead. If the speaker's native
  32. Rover. (3.26 MB, ogg/Theory format). Image: Apollo 15 feather and hammer, drop , Ogg|Hammer and Feather Drop - Scott demonstrates that Galileo was right. (
  33. The electron will eventually lose energy (by releasing a photon) and, drop ,into the lower orbital. Thus, electrons fill orbitals in the order specified by
  34. Assets from submarines or surface threats. Maritime support aircraft can, drop ,active and passive sonar devices (Songbooks) and these are also used to
  35. Or two thousand and three. In the United States it is considered correct to, drop ,the and, as in one hundred sixty-two or two thousand threes. Some American
  36. Aeschylus. He once wrote: 'Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls, drop ,by drop upon the heart, until in our own despair, against our will, comes
  37. Entire clay court season, including the French Open. This caused his ranking to, drop ,out of the top 10 for the last time. Agassi returned for the grass court season
  38. Within the astronauts' pressure suits was not changed. Because of the rapid, drop ,in cabin (and suit) pressures during ascent, decompression sickness was
  39. Troubles with drug addiction. The show was canceled after a significant ratings, drop ,during its fifth season, which saw many regular characters disappear from the
  40. Conditions. Along with the change in precipitation patterns, there was a, drop ,in water table levels due to a different cycle unrelated to rainfall. This
  41. It took five minutes to open all three hatch layers, and they could not, drop ,the inner hatch to the cabin floor as intended, so they pushed it out of the
  42. In 2009,at the former governor's request, the state government chose to, drop ,this name and instead transfer the Royal Adelaide Hospital name to the proposed
  43. Enough depth at low tide and enough room for the boat to swing. The location to, drop ,the anchor should be approached from down wind or down current, whichever is
  44. Tracks to be played on third-party players) if record labels would agree to, drop ,the technology. On April 2,2007,Apple and EMI jointly announced the removal
  45. The correct endings in extemporaneous speech. As a result, spoken MSA tends to, drop ,or regularize the endings except when reading from a prepared text. *In CA, the
  46. Nucleus could not be explained by the then-current models (such as the liquid, drop ,model developed by Niels Bohr amongst others). The shell model, developed in
  47. Added urgency to the decision. Another environmental concern is a significant, drop ,in Lake Sevan's water level because of draw downs for irrigation and the
  48. Of weather and tide in the anchorage, is essential in choosing a good place to, drop ,the hook. One can get by without referring to charts, but they are an important
  49. Competition than before deregulation in most markets, and average fares tend to, drop ,20 % or more. The added competition, together with pricing freedom, means that
  50. Some sources state that his soldiers marched for two days without a single, drop ,of water before reaching an oasis that Khalid had selected in advance. Khalid

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