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  1. And in prison compared himself to the perpetrators of the Gulag:" I remember, myself ,in my captain's shoulder boards and the forward march of my battery through
  2. In a letter, Lane wrote," I do not see anyone to act the money part but, myself , " In May 1843,he purchased a farm in Harvard, Massachusetts. Up front, he
  3. S death along with a nurse, and reported his last words as" Sometimes I hate, myself , " Biographer Gerald Sister accepted the version of events he received from a "
  4. The work, she wrote to her friend William Roscoe:" I am dissatisfied with, myself ,for not having done justice to the subject. – Do not suspect me of false
  5. Us the transcendent significance of counterpoint. Now, what I am always asking, myself ,is this: is it possible to make a synthesis of these three great masters, a
  6. Be deceived unless one existed in order to be deceived? But I have convinced, myself ,that there is absolutely nothing in the world, no sky, no earth, no minds, no
  7. Constantly bombarded by road-safety propaganda, it was almost a relief to find, myself ,in a real accident. ” *“Trying to exhaust himself, Vaughan devised an endless
  8. Several uses of the copula can be categorized: *Identity:" I only want to be, myself , "" When the area behind the dam fills, it will be a lake. "" The Morning
  9. Adding—"My ancestors were never subordinate to any other people; and I for, myself ,cannot remain under the vassalage of any foreign power. I am a descendant of
  10. My admiration for the Japanese cinema was at its height. I was almost a samurai, myself , " Federico Fellini in an interview declared the director" the greatest living
  11. And serenity, a wonderful new assurance about life, a fresh perception of, myself ,in the world around me. Born-again and politics The first born-again President
  12. Hawks declared publicly that" socialist is not a word I would use to describe, myself ," and his approach to government was pragmatic. He concerned himself with
  13. Replied," I do. It is five feet, ten inches. I know, because I built it, myself , " As Prime Minister, Alexander Mackenzie strove to reform and simplify the
  14. No bodies. Does it now follow that I, too,do not exist? No. If I convinced, myself ,of something or thought anything at all, then I certainly existed. But there is
  15. Logic, turned a jaundiced eye to this effort:" I have no high estimate, myself ,of the interest or importance of what are sometimes called logical machines ...
  16. Great, Monty,but what if I read it and fall in love with it and want to do it, myself , ' And he said,'In that case, you can do it yourself '. " The book was Barry
  17. Suicide. Paulus surrendered, commenting," I have no intention of shooting, myself ,for this Bohemian corporal ". (Beer, p. 381. ) In popular culture The
  18. Indicting Rousseau's plan for female education, she writes" I must relieve, myself ,by drawing another picture. " These terse exclamations are meant to draw the
  19. Interested in the possibilities of this technique, and I began experimenting, myself , Of course, when you think of it, The Waste Land was the first great cut-up
  20. Christ is raised with his own body:" See my hands and my feet, that it is I, myself ,"; 553 but he did not return to an earthly life. So, in him," all of them will
  21. There and don't be afraid to make mistakes. He said I was being too hard on, myself , " *On October 21, 2007,James Simpson of Lubbock, Texas,accused Knight of
  22. Says," ... my hope is just for those songs to provide companionship, remind, myself , and whoever else is listening what’s important. I feel like songs have the
  23. Have allowed them to do their job. I had been warned against trying to protect, myself , and against letting my courage get in the way of my good sense. I forgot those
  24. It, Gauss wrote to Parkas Bonsai:" To praise it would amount to praising, myself , For the entire content of the work ... coincides almost exactly with my own
  25. Enigma" because no one else was doing anything about it and I could have it to, myself ,". In December 1939,Turing solved the essential part of the naval indicator
  26. Do not suspect me of false modesty – I mean to say that had I allowed, myself ,more time I could have written a better book, in every sense of the word... I
  27. Further swear by my God, by my honor and by my life, that I shall keep within, myself ,all the secrets of this organization and carry them with me into my grave. May
  28. Him nor his name::" I should, perhaps,Madame, tell you a little more about, myself , I am Hercules Poirot. ": The revelation left Mrs Summerhouse unmoved.:" What a
  29. Subject of religion, DiFranco has stated:" Well,I'm not a religious person, myself , I'm an atheist. I think religion serves a lot of different purposes in people
  30. Be a disordered universe. I'm using my imagination to find meaning, both for, myself ,and, I hope, for my readers. " Fans have noticed of late that Barker's voice
  31. Back the old people ..." Alexei is reported to have told her," ... and choose, myself ,new ones according to my will; when I become sovereign I shall live in Moscow
  32. Has not had his fill yet with such lines as" Not enough by half! / I may eat, myself ,for supper. " And yet, the music betrays the seeming unbridled ecstasy of Jacob
  33. Is" anxious to get back in the studio after the book is finished, and reinvent, myself ,as an almost-50 performing woman. " 2007 was Grant's 30th year in music. She
  34. Best in Hamilton, the best in Ontario, the best in Canada. I don't associate, myself ,with anything that is not good. It is up to you to see that everything about
  35. That they speak of it. The book enrages people. Moreover, since I was terrified, myself ,of the horror that I should inspire, I cut out a third from the proofs. They
  36. Of Asia. Rule One is not march on Moscow. I developed these two rules, myself , ": (spoken of the US approach to the Vietnam War) Quoted in Chalfont's
  37. Of Ananias, who is thought to have lost his fortune gambling.: :Though to, myself ,I often seem::: A bright chap and not awkward, : :None comes close to Ananias, ::
  38. For example, Archbishop Usher wrote in 1613 of" being so conscious unto, myself ,of my great weakness ". Locke's definition from 1690 illustrates that a
  39. Tory allegations that he wanted to amalgamate with the U. S. saying:" As for, myself , my course is clear. A British subject I was born—a British subject I will die.
  40. Politician. Given that the first two jobs are out of the question,I'll throw, myself ,into politics. " Name IMDB/> The opposition criticized him for engaging in
  41. Quantentheorie' i.e., Copenhagen spirit of quantum theory if I may so express, myself , which has directed the entire development of modern atomic physics. After
  42. Century—as far into the twentieth century as you might live. I decided to make, myself ,a good case history of such a human being, and it meant that I could not be
  43. End, where Gehrig makes his speech at Yankee Stadium ending with" I consider, myself ,the luckiest man ..." Retirement and post-playing days In 1936,Ruth was one
  44. For which his wife burned all his correspondence," the best part of, myself ," as he was later to comment. In 1918,he met Dorothy Busy, who was his
  45. Classes with mostly female students. He later stated that" it was hard to tear, myself ,away from a machine at which I could so unambiguously demonstrate success. " In
  46. Fires—mechanically, half-consciously,caring nothing about either the reader or, myself , " The admission may have done Chekhov a disservice, since early manuscripts
  47. To have a good appreciation of everything that already exists in this field. I, myself ,have had many experiences confirming this to be so. " Receiver development
  48. To a publisher, I think I shall try Counsel, those Dublin people, and so tack, myself ,definitely onto the Irish school. " Lewis occasionally expressed a somewhat
  49. Who wakes up one morning and thinks," This is an interesting world I find, myself ,in—an interesting hole I find myself in—fits me rather neatly,doesn't it? In
  50. Elf man had great enthusiasm for returning because" I didn't have to prove, myself ,from the first film. I remember Jon Peters was very skeptical at first to hire

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