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  1. Residents of Chico Canyon cut large ramps and stairways into the cliff rock to, connect ,the roadways on the ridge tops of the canyon to the sites on the valley bottoms.
  2. With neighboring nations, one is between Heart and Iran while another is to, connect ,with Pakistan Railways. Long distant journey are made by private coaches or
  3. Are shown only in their isolated form. Please note that most consonants do, connect ,to the left with, and written then with their medial or final form.
  4. The spirit of Republican virtue and norms. He also wanted to relate to and, connect ,with the concerns of the plebs and lay people. He achieved this through various
  5. Is Angel. This is the preferred etymological theory amongst historians, and may, connect ,to Angle (the peninsula is noted for its" angular" shape). * It may mean "
  6. Garmin, Avidyne Corporation, and Marco Avionics. Communications, connect ,the flight deck to the ground and the flight deck to the passengers. On-board
  7. Of an Iron Age hill fort also in that parish, then it may be tempting to, connect ,Ambrosia with Amesbury. Ambrosia in popular culture The novel Coalescent by
  8. Much attention to mystical and transcendental speculations which the rabbis, connect ,with the Biblical account of creation (Genesis 1,Ma'ash Batshit),the
  9. Of water. A cable or rode is the rope, chain,or combination thereof used to, connect ,the anchor to the vessel. Neither rope nor chain is fundamentally superior to a
  10. To a smaller number of ground pins, while the connect ors for the 40-wire cable, connect ,ground wires to ground pins one-for-one. 80-wire cables usually come with three
  11. Railway complex includes a major workshop. The railway has helped the city to, connect ,it with major Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai,Kolkata, Chennai,Hyderabad
  12. Texas, and the Mueller Airport Redevelopment. The streetcar system would help, connect ,the new rail line to key destinations in Central Austin. An Amtrak Texas Eagle
  13. Connecting the airport to the metro system, and 2 express bus services, connect ,the airport to the port at Piraeus and the city center respectively.
  14. The airport is in length and can accommodate moderate-sized aircraft. Services, connect ,to various other Caribbean islands via regional carrier LIST, local charter
  15. Internally the connect ors are different; the connect ors for the 80-wire cable, connect ,a larger number of ground wires to a smaller number of ground pins, while the
  16. Sofia, and Bucharest). Ferries departing from the major port of Piraeus, connect ,the city to the numerous Greek islands of the Aegean Sea. There are two mains
  17. Positive electrode. We now have two terminals, and the current will flow if we, connect ,them. The reactions in this cell are as follows:: zinc: Zn → Zn2+ + 2e-:
  18. Of 256. **ST FLU" Generalized Logic Unit"—Control logic for the system used to, connect ,the ST's chips. Not part of the data path, but needed to bridge chips with
  19. Native inhabitants of the eponymous Enrique mountain ranges of Nicaragua that, connect ,North America and South America, an important geographic feature of New World
  20. Controller on or connect ed to the motherboard. The interface cards used to, connect ,a parallel ATA drive to, for example, a PCI slot are not drive controllers
  21. Writer Constance Lindsay Skinner in the Great Depression as a series that would, connect ,Americans to their heritage through the history of the great rivers of the
  22. The Plus 1 with a disc drive connect or at the head. This made it possible to, connect ,a 5¼” floppy disc drive as used by BBC Micro owners or a more common 3½ ”
  23. Old railway tracks are the Dee side Way to Anchor (which will eventually, connect ,to Balladeer) and the Formative and Buchanan Way to Ellen, both used by a
  24. In what is termed the zeitgeist. Art is often intended to appeal to and, connect ,with human emotion. It can arouse aesthetic or moral feelings, and can be
  25. His covenant was seen within his temple. " A number of Roman Catholic writers, connect ,this verse with the Woman of the Apocalypse in, which immediately follows, and
  26. Contact any conductor but unlike socket 34 of the other two connect ors, it does, connect ,to the common ground bus. On the gray connect or, note that socket 28 is
  27. Of Amsterdam. Further plans were to build a new highway above the metro to, connect ,the Central Station and city center with other parts of the city. The
  28. 1998,so the Inter connect port, while itself very advanced, can only be used to, connect ,a serial dongle. A prototype multipurpose Inter connect device containing
  29. Called AOL Dialer, or AOL Connect on Mac OS X. This feature allowed users to, connect ,to the ISP without running the full interface. This allowed users to use only
  30. Overview of known amber finding places in Europe Amber roads, connect ,amber finding locations to customer sites in Europe, in the Middle East regions
  31. To Cologne also stop at Aachen Hauptbahnhof. Four RE lines and one RB line, connect ,Aachen with the Ruhrgebiet, Mönchengladbach,Liège, Düsseldorf and the
  32. Else is listening what’s important. I feel like songs have the ability to, connect ,us to ourselves and to each other, and to our faith, to the love of Jesus, in a
  33. Venezuela An anchor is a device, normally made of metal, that is used to, connect ,a vessel to the bed of a body of water to prevent the vessel from drifting due
  34. The road systems leading from these cities are strictly local; no roads, connect ,these communities to each other or any other communities apart from their own
  35. Is looking to refurbish the Admirals Club at LaGuardia and find a way to, connect ,Concourse C and D so that passengers connect ing between the two concourses do
  36. With their medial or final form. Additionally, the letter in the last row may, connect ,to the letter on its left, and then will use a medial or initial form. Use the
  37. Pressure-driven flow below the depths of the major ridge systems. Some theories, connect ,these flows directly, implying that there is significant upwelling of dense
  38. FX platform, being an extreme enthusiast platform, allows two processors to, connect ,through HyperTransport, which is a similar setup to dual-processor (2P)
  39. Road,I-22,is currently under construction. When completed around 2012 it will, connect ,Birmingham with Memphis, Tennessee. Several U. S. Highways also pass through
  40. Rock. Capital Metro is also looking into a circulatory system of streetcars to, connect ,most Downtown, the University of Texas, and the Mueller Airport
  41. Oberkochen. Street The junctions of Allen/Westhausen and Allen/Oberkochen, connect ,Allen with the Autobahn A7 (Würzburg–Fussed). Federal roads (Bundesstraßen)
  42. She also has a remarkable ability to latch onto a casual comment and, connect ,it to the case at hand. Miss Marple has never worked for her living and is of
  43. Crosses the richest agricultural and timber districts of the state. Railways, connect ,it with the mineral regions of north-central Alabama. After the Coos and
  44. ATM network, allowing a DSL termination point in a telephone central office to, connect ,to many internet service providers across a wide-area ATM network. In the
  45. Penny backer Bridge, also known as the" 360 Bridge ", crosses Lake Austin to, connect ,north and south Loop 360. Tollways In November 2006,Austin opened the first
  46. The affinities of Korean and Japanese; in particular, some authors tried to, connect ,Japanese to the Austronesian languages. Starting (1991) defends Macro-Altaic
  47. Machines, as did many arcade ports. One game, MIDI Maze, used the MIDI ports to, connect ,up to 16 machines for interactive networked play, this is sometimes said to
  48. Early hours of September 11,they boarded a commuter flight back to Boston to, connect ,to American Airlines Flight 11. American 11 was hijacked 15 minutes after the
  49. World of gaming affords. PlayStation Home gives Audi the perfect environment to, connect ,with gamers in an unexpected way, and we made sure to push the platform to its
  50. Energy. Two high-energy phosphate bonds (phosphoanhydride bonds) (those that, connect ,adjacent phosphates) in an ATP molecule are responsible for the high energy

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