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  1. All-wheel drive car in the full-size luxury segment, also having best-in-class, fuel ,economy. The disadvantage of the aluminum frame is that it is very expensive to
  2. World War, communication with the rest of the country broke down, and food and, fuel ,became scarce. Many citizens traveled to the countryside to forage. Dogs, cats
  3. Cools the pressurized air, providing a denser air charge, which allows for more, fuel , and therefore more power. Alcohols have applications in industry and science
  4. Alkanes from headcase upwards form the most important components of, fuel ,oil and lubricating oil. In latter function, they work at the same time as
  5. By a decay, results in 241Am:: \math rm The plutonium present in spent nuclear, fuel ,contains about 12 % of 241Pu. Because it spontaneously converts to 241Am,241Pu
  6. Also takes time. It has been suggested that rural communities might obtain, fuel ,from the biochar and syn fuel process, which uses agricultural waste to provide
  7. Or more fans, which provide thrust. An afterburner may be used to inject extra, fuel ,into the hot exhaust, especially on military" fast jets ". Jet engines can
  8. 243Am. Scarcity and high price yet hinder application of americium as a nuclear, fuel ,in nuclear reactors. There are proposals of very compact 10-kW high-flux
  9. Engineering, and maintaining or increasing yields while requiring fewer fossil, fuel ,derived inputs than conventional crops. Such developments would be particularly
  10. The NRA was formed to discourage street racing. When launching, a top, fuel ,dragster will accelerate at 3.4 g (33 m/s²),and when braking parachutes are
  11. Some alcohols, mainly ethanol and methanol, can be used as an alcohol, fuel , Fuel performance can be increased in forced induction internal combustion
  12. Conditions some bacteria use arsenide, which is oxidized to Senate as, fuel ,for their metabolism. The enzymes involved are known as Senate reductase (
  13. Range means the maximum range an aircraft can fly. This usually means maximum, fuel ,load, optionally with extra fuel tanks and minimum equipment. It refers to
  14. Writing for the Hudson Institute says that" the Palestinians have been used as, fuel ,for the new form of anti-Semitism; this has hurt the Palestinians and exposed
  15. Process, which uses agricultural waste to provide charcoal fertilizer, some, fuel , and food, instead of the normal food vs fuel debate. As the syn fuel would be
  16. Of americium need to be separated. In a typical procedure, the spent reactor, fuel ,(e.g. MOX fuel ) is dissolved in nitric acid, and the bulk of uranium and
  17. Liquid that boils at 78.4 °C, which is used as an industrial solvent, car, fuel , and raw material in the chemical industry. In the US and some other countries
  18. As well. Alaska's economy depends heavily on increasingly expensive diesel, fuel ,for heating, transportation,electric power and light. Though wind and
  19. Taxes, liquor and tobacco taxes, gaming (pull tabs) taxes, tire taxes and, fuel ,transfer taxes. A part of the revenue collected from certain state taxes and
  20. From certain state taxes and license fees (such as petroleum, aviation motor, fuel , telephone cooperative) is shared with municipalities in Alaska. Fairbanks has
  21. Remained neutral in this war, Amsterdam suffered a food shortage, and heating, fuel ,became scarce. The shortages sparked riots in which several people were killed.
  22. Provide charcoal fertilizer, some fuel and food, instead of the normal food vs, fuel ,debate. As the syn fuel would be used on-site, the process would be more
  23. Used on-site, the process would be more efficient and might just provide enough, fuel ,for a new organic-agriculture fusion. It has been suggested that some
  24. Nitric and hydrochloric acids, could dissolve the noblest metal, gold,was to, fuel ,the imagination of alchemists for the next millennium. Islamic philosophers
  25. Testing of modifications to address the problems of Pogo oscillation, ruptured, fuel , lines,and bad igniter lines took place on December 18,a mere three days
  26. This propensity to premature ignition is measured by the octane rating of the, fuel , where 2,2,4-trimethylpentane (isobutane) has an arbitrary value of 100,and
  27. For use in gasoline. They form instead the major part of diesel and aviation, fuel , Diesel fuel s are characterized by their cetane number, cetane being an old
  28. Deceleration is 4 g (39 m/s²),more than the Space Shuttle experiences. A top, fuel ,car can be heard over away and can generate a reading from 1.5 to 3.9 on the
  29. To be separated. In a typical procedure, the spent reactor fuel (e.g. MOX, fuel ,) is dissolved in nitric acid, and the bulk of uranium and plutonium is removed
  30. Aircraft can fly. This usually means maximum fuel load, optionally with extra, fuel ,tanks and minimum equipment. It refers to transport of aircraft for use on
  31. Alkanes can cause problems at low temperatures and in polar regions, where the, fuel ,becomes too thick to flow correctly. Alkanes from headcase upwards form the
  32. Class. Average street cars cover the ¼ mile in 12 to 16 seconds, whereas a top, fuel ,dragster takes 4.5 seconds or less, reaching speeds of up to. Drag racing was
  33. And velocity data, landed at 20:17 UTC on July 20 with about 25 seconds of, fuel ,left. Two and a half hours after landing, before preparations began for the EVA
  34. A slightly lower boiling point (64.7 °C),and is used mainly as a solvent, fuel , and raw material. Unlike ethanol, methanol is extremely toxic: One sip (as
  35. And pesticides. The vast majority of this energy input comes from fossil, fuel ,sources. Between 1950 and 1984,the Green Revolution transformed agriculture
  36. Can fly when carrying ordnance. The combat radius is somewhat less. The, fuel ,time limit for powered aircraft is fixed by the fuel load and rate of
  37. Decrease. Applications Alcohols can be used as a beverage (ethanol only),as, fuel ,and for many scientific, medical,and industrial utilities. Ethanol in the form
  38. In small quantities, for research purposes. A tonne of spent nuclear, fuel ,contains about 100 grams of various americium isotopes, mostly 241Am and 243Am.
  39. Is somewhat less. The fuel time limit for powered aircraft is fixed by the, fuel ,load and rate of consumption. For unpowered aircraft, the maximum flight time
  40. Is the distance an aircraft can fly between takeoff and landing, as limited by, fuel ,capacity in powered aircraft, or cross-country speed and environmental
  41. And rubber bands. Jet aircraft Air breathing jet engines take in air, burn, fuel , with it in a combustion chamber, and accelerate the exhaust rearwards at high
  42. As little as possible while at the track by bringing their own food, beverages, fuel , and supplies; thus, making it more difficult for tracks to make money on these
  43. Of air across great blocks of ice. He also anticipated modern concerns with, fuel ,shortages and industrial pollution. Methane gas, he reasoned, could be produced
  44. Plutonium with alpha particles in nuclear reactors – one tonne of spent nuclear, fuel ,contains about 100 grams of americium. It is widely used in commercial
  45. Industrial gauges. Several unusual applications, such as a nuclear battery or, fuel ,for spaceships with nuclear propulsion, have been proposed for the isotope
  46. Between 2.0 L and 2.3 L. This range of engine capacity allowed for both, fuel ,economy and power. For the ultra-luxury version of its Audi A8 full size luxury
  47. Distance from New York City to Paris on a globe and from that calculated the, fuel ,needed for the flight. The total was a tenth of the amount that the Saturn V
  48. MW/g for 243Am Another proposed space-related application of americium is a, fuel ,for spaceships with nuclear propulsion. It relies on the very high rate of
  49. Consumed to stay alive. Most of the trees in Amsterdam were cut down for, fuel , and all the wood was taken from the apartments of deported Jews. Many new
  50. Uneconomical (at the time of the report,2001) due to low (<$0.50/Gal), fuel , prices,long distances and low population. The cost of a US gallon of gas in

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