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  1. The island as well. The main tourist locations are the town of UTA (with its, beach ,), and its outer suburbs of Legion and Seminar (which were once independent
  2. 1978 – Stars Tziortziopoulos, Greek footballer * 1978 – Kerri Walsh, American, beach , volleyball player * 1980 – Brandon Harrods, American songwriter * 1981 – Oliver
  3. Is a small man-made lake, open in the summer months for swimming, lying on the, beach , and paddle boating. Storybook Land is a park with attractions
  4. Also relates that a gigantic skeleton, its kneecap in diameter, appeared on the, beach ,near Pigeon, on the Trojan coast; these bones were identified as those of Ajax
  5. Germany's main memorial to Polish soldiers. Berlin is known for its numerous, beach ,bars along the river Spree. Together with the countless cafés, restaurants and
  6. City. The city is best known as one of Mexico’s oldest and most well-known, beach ,resorts, which came into prominence by the 1950s as a getaway for Hollywood
  7. Looked through binoculars - it stands in a cow field between the castle and the, beach , Festival The yearly festival runs from the last week in July for a week
  8. Fox Point was used on most days of the filming. Other sites included Achnahaird, beach ,where a horse chase was filmed and Lock Curtain. Notable residents *Lucy
  9. And for the variety of slopes. The Atlantic coast is overwhelmingly, beach ,and gradually sloping coasts; the Mediterranean coast has many cliffs, above
  10. Protection unnecessary. He forged a new knife out of barrel rings left on the, beach , Two vessels had arrived and departed before his escape, but both of them were
  11. On the full or new moon and two days following. No orders may be taken from the, beach ,that are under 80 mm in shell length. Gatherers are not allowed to wear
  12. Ursula S20 Submarine museum (the only one of its kind in India),the longest, beach ,road in India, Yarada Beach, Araku Valley, and Indira Gandhi Zoological Gardens
  13. Small black men were carrying spears and arrows and building boats on the, beach , The captain of the Primrose radioed for an urgent airdrop of firearms so the
  14. Was added to the main stadium. A second Olympic complex, next to the sea at the, beach ,of Althea (Alison),also features modern Stadia, shops and an elevated
  15. Cocktail bars often offer free live entertainment. In addition, there is the, beach ,bar zone, where younger crowds go. These are located along the Cost era road
  16. Nights of firework and pyrotechnic contests between companies on the urban, beach ,Playa del Postage. Another well-known festival is Moro's i Christians in
  17. Track in Lewiston, Maine. Image: AfterglowsunsetFL. JPEG|An afterglow on a, beach ,in Florida Image: Afterglow Kraków. JPG|An afterglow on Krakow's housing
  18. Lewis Beach, where up to 7 meters of land is lost every year. Decades ago, this, beach , was used for holy pilgrimages with more than 10,000 people, but they have now
  19. Of Philadelphia in the United States after having dumped half of its load on a, beach ,in Haiti, was forced away where it sailed for many months, changing its name
  20. In the 1798 rebellion. There is a monument to him at the eastern end of Keel, beach , * The artist Paul Henry stayed on the island for a number of years in the
  21. Is also played outdoors as a casual recreational activity, often as a garden or, beach ,game. Since 1992,badminton has been an Olympic sport with five and the
  22. Months on Bali in a few passing days with yoga classes, drawn-out, beach , dinners,massage therapy. Other tours built around the book focus on curative
  23. 1989),Russian tennis player * Alexandra Shiryayeva (born 1983),Russian, beach ,volleyball player * Alexandra Selloff, American novelist and screenwriter *
  24. By country * Westside, Belgium (artificial bouldering structures on the, beach ,) United States locations by state *http://www.hooveral.org/Default.asp? ID=485
  25. In unique hand-sewn dresses, became the original prize for winning games at the, beach ,– another Neptune Beach invention. The Strenuous owned and operated the beach
  26. Atlantic Ocean in both directions. He landed close to the memorial on Reweigh, beach ,on 4 September 1987,completing the second leg of his voyage. * Footballers
  27. Southeast of the country. Cox's Bazaar, south of the city of Chittagong, has a, beach ,that stretches uninterrupted over. Straddling the Tropic of Cancer, Bangladeshi
  28. Dakota::: Off the roof: :Loyalty::: Off the table: :Kannada::: From the, beach ,: :Malta::: From the land: :Malta::: From the sea: :later Takata::: stop
  29. The second-largest hospital in Denmark * Den Permanent a popular closed, beach ,area, also providing views of Helgenæs and Samsø across Århus Bay. * Regard
  30. Together to the island of Cyprus. What started as singing for fun on the, beach ,ended up as an improvised live performance in front of the United Nations
  31. Granada and part of Almería) and the Costa de Almería. In 2004,the Blue Flag, beach ,program of the non-profit Foundation for Environmental Education recognized 66
  32. Often be seen along Crown Memorial State Beach and Shoreline Drive. From the, beach ,there are also views of the San Francisco skyline and the San Francisco –
  33. Known as" the Bach" * Bach (New Zealand),a modest holiday home or, beach ,house Blood on the Tracks is Bob Dylan's 15th studio album, released by
  34. Around the fence. Some resort homes and buildings from the Neptune, beach ,era still exist in present-day Alameda. The Roll Building, on the corner of
  35. Center of gyres and coastlines, frequently washing aground where it is known as, beach ,litter. Bordering countries and territories The states (territories in italics
  36. Beach – another Neptune Beach invention. The Strenuous owned and operated the, beach ,on their own, even filling in a section of the bay to add an additional
  37. Befriended an Era man called Kenneling, and later took him to England. On the, beach ,at Manly, a misunderstanding arose and Phillip was speared in the shoulder: but
  38. Is it a short walk to the Silver Sands,Aberdour's busiest and most popular, beach , On the west side of Hawkcraig Point there is a short concrete jetty that was
  39. Much of the Victorian parts of the city. On the coast, Aberdeen has a long sand, beach ,between the two rivers, the Dee and the Don, which turns into high sand dunes
  40. By leaving a tethered pig, some pots and pans, some fruit and toys on the, beach ,at North Sentinel Island. One of the islanders shot the film director in the
  41. S hands. * May 22 - Suspected Abu SAAF gunmen raid the luxurious Pearl Farm, beach ,resort on Jamal island in southern Philippines, killing two resort workers
  42. FIVE World Tour has chosen an inner-city site near Alexanderplatz to present a, beach ,volleyball Grand Slam every year. Open Air gatherings of several hundred
  43. Are currently under construction by Fife Council, which will much improve the, beach ,throughout the year. The Black Sands, as the contrasting name would suggest
  44. The creators of the first man and woman. The brothers were once walking along a, beach ,and found two trees there. They took the wood and from it created the first
  45. Popular with tourists and some locals as a surfing location. South of Keep, beach ,is Montage Head, which with its rounded appearance drops dramatically down to
  46. Such as the" arming the hero ", or the particularly well-studied" hero on the, beach ," theme) do exist across Anglo-Saxon and other Germanic works, some scholars
  47. Far larger than the state capital Chilpancingo and as well,Mexico's largest, beach ,and Balearic resorted city. The city is best known as one of Mexico’s oldest
  48. Loneliness, misery and remorse. Hordes of raucous sea lions, gathering on the, beach ,for the mating season, eventually drove him to the island's interior. Once
  49. Over the last decades. Some sport variations have their origins in Brazil:, beach ,football, futsal (indoor football) and foot volley emerged in Brazil as
  50. An exemplary city design and is located halfway between the ski slopes and the, beach , It enjoys a natural cooling from geophysical factors. The urban areas of

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