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  1. Friendly and almost paternal towards Alex at first, before forcing him into the, theatre , and what Alex calls the" chair of torture. " *Dr. Trotsky: The scientist and
  2. Of advocacy. During the City Dionysian, a statue of the god was brought to the, theatre , from a temple outside the city, and it remained in the theater throughout the
  3. S cultural diversity. Most of the major cities have several performing, theatre , companies who entertain in venues as diverse as Edmonton's Arts Barns and the
  4. The National Gallery of Art. In April 2003,AFI re-opened the 1938 AFI Silver, theatre , in Silver Spring, Maryland just north of Washington. History The American Film
  5. 1986) was a Soviet and Russian filmmaker, writer,film editor, film theorist, theatre , and opera director, widely regarded as one of the finest filmmakers of the 20th
  6. Depicts him as Athens' greatest weapon in the war against Sparta. *Political, theatre , : The Denied and City Dionysus were state-sponsored, religious festivals, and
  7. In The Frogs, the god appears also as a dramatic character, and he enters the, theatre , ludicrously disguised as Hercules. He observes to the audience that every time
  8. In the reading of poetry and drama. In 1638,Amsterdam opened its first, theatre , Ballet performances were given in this theater as early as 1642. In the 18th
  9. Rally driver (d. 1986) * 1957 – Simon McBirney, British actor, writer and, theatre , director * 1958 – Sterling Harwood, American academic *1959 – Ruth Ann Swanson
  10. Visual Effects, a Vancouver based visual effects company * Atmospheric, theatre , a style of architecture by John Emerson Apes is a faint constellation in the
  11. Were given in this theater as early as 1642. In the 18th century, French,theater, became popular. While Amsterdam was under the influence of German music in the
  12. L. Plunger, architect,1931 File: CenturyTheatreVenturaCA. JPG|Ventura Century, theatre , now a live performance venue, Ventura,California, built 1928 File: US 853.
  13. Of the Danish royal family. * Aarhus Theater (Aarhus Theatre),the largest, theatre , in the city. * Søsterhøj, a 325-meter tall concrete tower with guyed mast on
  14. Brought to the theater from a temple outside the city, and it remained in the, theatre , throughout the festival, overseeing the plays like a privileged member of the
  15. Version. Synopsis In order to prepare the role of an important old actress,a, theatre , student interviews three actresses who were her pupils: an international diva (
  16. 7," The Piper at the Gates of Dawn ", could not survive translation to the, theatre , A special introduction written by Milne is included in some editions of
  17. Declared that the ancient dramatist would have a permanent place in proletarian, theatre , and yet conservative, Prussian intellectuals interpreted Aristophanes as a
  18. Aristophanes to request first prize for the drama competition. *Self-mocking, theatre , : Frequent parodying of tragedy is an aspect of Old Comedy that modern audiences
  19. Arch, the colonnades of two streets, a gymnasium, etc. A stadium and a, theatre , lie outside on the south. The remains of the acropolis fortifications are very
  20. Well as official freedom of the press. Crisis of the 1990s The city became the, theatre , of many political demonstrations of all descriptions until 1992. In 1991,a
  21. The Festival Hall) The city has been host to several well-established, annual,theater, music, film festivals: * Ankara Uluslararası Muzak Festival (International
  22. Of cabaret or leakiest, which combines music, storytelling,commentary, theatre , and comedy. Cabaret dates back to the 1930s and artists like WIM Kan, Wim
  23. Of the plays is immeasurable. They have contributed to the history of European, theatre , and that history in turn shapes our understanding of the plays. Thus for
  24. By poet Array, depicting his redemption, was adapted to stage in 1996 by, theatre , director,Satan Hiram and has since been performed in many parts of the world.
  25. In six other plays at the Conn aught Theatre, Worthing, and the Thorn dyke, theatre , Leather head. In 1957,Cockburn was employed by the director Stephen Joseph at
  26. Former goods shed by the main railway station of Babelsberg was converted into a, theatre , by local volunteers. The" Theater am Bangor" ( Theatre at the Railway
  27. Ending. In 1988,a German adaptation of Clockwork Orange at the intimate, theatre , of Bad Goldberg featured a musical score by the German punk rock band Die
  28. British musician (The Cooper Temple Clause) * 1981 – Amy Leach, British,theater, director * 1983 – William Being, Ghanaian/American football player * 1983 –
  29. Cathedral. Just a few steps in south-eastern direction lies the 19th century, theatre , Also well-known and well worth seeing are the two remaining city gates, the
  30. As the Ankara Opera House) In addition, the city is served by several private, theatre , companies among which Ankara Santa Tiyatrosu who have their own stage in the
  31. Awards (for music),Emmy Awards (for television),and Tony Awards (for, theatre , ) are modeled after the Academy. The AMPS was originally conceived by
  32. Is the Bamboos, a concert hall for improvised and Jazz music. Theatre The main, theatre , building of Amsterdam is the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam at the Leidseplein. It
  33. Biography, written by Paul Allen, and this primarily covers his career in the, theatre , It has been suggested that, after Cockburn himself, the person who is used
  34. S two sons, the second being Amitabh. His mother had a keen interest in, theatre , and had been offered a role in a film, but preferred her domestic duties. She
  35. Amsterdam opened its first theater. Ballet performances were given in this, theatre , as early as 1642. In the 18th century, French theater became popular. While
  36. On a moving ship. (b. 1891) *1938 – Constantin Stanislavsky, Russian/Soviet, theatre , practitioner (b. 1863) *1941 – Rabindranath Tagore, Indian author, Nobel
  37. Was established with the founding of Boom Chicago in 1993. They have their own, theatre , at Leidseplein. Nightlife Amsterdam is famous for its vibrant and diverse
  38. ABBA was one of the biggest bands in the world. They converted a vacant movie, theatre , into the Polar Music Studio, a state-of-the-art studio in Stockholm. The studio
  39. Of corrugated iron, with two 13-foot rooms (consulting room and operating, theatre , ) and with a dispensary and sterilizing room in spaces below the broad eaves.
  40. Play ABU ROI (1896),which is often cited as a forerunner to the surrealist, theatre , of the 1920s and 1930s,Carry wrote in a variety of genres and styles. He wrote
  41. Theatre. Cockburn, however,continues to write and direct his own work at the, theatre , Influence on plays Since Alan Ayckbourn's plays started becoming established
  42. Biology building at Swansea University is named after Wallace. *A large lecture, theatre , at Cardiff University (Main Building 0.13) is named after Wallace. Writings
  43. Designed new buildings apart from the Kasai, town hall, law courts, buildings,theater, palace of the Governor, casino ... to form an elegant walk bordered by arcades
  44. Rules footballer (b. 1903) *1967 – Toto, Italian comedian, film and, theatre , actor,writer, singer,and songwriter (b. 1898) *1969 – Victoria Eugenie of
  45. Since Old Comedy makes numerous references to people in the audience,the, theatre , itself was the real scene of action and theatrical illusion was treated as
  46. Beset by its own conflicts, particularly with the Normans in Sicily. The main, theatre , of conflict of Amalric's reign was Fatimid Egypt, which was suffering from a
  47. Apollo Stadium; Memorial Drive Park; Barton Theatre. Other concert and live, theatre , venues include: Adelaide Town Hall; Duns tan Playhouse; Her Majesty's Theatre.
  48. Earliest plays were written and produced at a time when the Scarborough Library, theatre , like most regional theaters, regularly commissioned work from their own actors
  49. Popular Iranian prime minister, Dr. Mohammed Mossad—the Cinema Rex, a movie, theatre , in Ibadan, Iran,was set ablaze by four Islamic Revolution sympathizers in an
  50. Russian painter (b. 1863) *1933 – Constantine Marjanishvili, Georgian,theater, director (b. 1872) *1936 – Charles Rooms de Beerenbrouck, Dutch Prime

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