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  1. As the country attempts to bridge its energy deficit and move to cleaner energy, resources , It has also developed a" National Urban Renewal Mission" to improve water
  2. And other commodities are escalating. Many Asian countries lack key natural, resources , particularly fossil fuels, and economic growth in many countries has often
  3. Of this war, as so far conducted, and by the rapid exhaustion of the national, resources ,without progress ". In the spring of 1863,Lincoln was optimistic about a group
  4. Through sharing of profits or payment) but would have free access to the, resources ,and surplus of the commune. Anarchist communism does not always have a
  5. Operate at utilization levels of below 60 %. This depletion of scarce water, resources ,is merely one example of the many adverse environmental impacts of rapid Asian
  6. 2007 due to the poor quality of the oil. Overview Despite its abundant natural, resources , output per capita is among the world's lowest. Subsistence agriculture
  7. In Alaska's development, moving freight into Alaska while transporting natural, resources ,southward (i.e., coal from the Isabella coal mine near Healy to Seward and
  8. One of the objects of Sinister is to shoot asteroids to get them to release, resources ,which the player needs to collect. Ports and follow-ups Asteroids has been
  9. Production systems Cropping systems vary among farms depending on the available, resources ,and constraints; geography and climate of the farm; government policy; economic
  10. Of freshwater resources . However, increasing pressure being placed on water, resources ,by industry, cities and the involving biofuels industry means that water
  11. And over 4,000 people killed by two earthquakes in 1998. The country's natural, resources ,include: coal, copper,iron ore, lithium,uranium, rare earth elements
  12. Emissions. Agriculture accounts for 70 per cent of withdrawals of freshwater, resources , However, increasing pressure being placed on water resources by industry
  13. Of producing more food for the world's growing population with fewer water, resources , Scientists are also realizing that water resources need to be allocated to
  14. Population with fewer water resources . Scientists are also realizing that water, resources ,need to be allocated to maintain natural environmental services, such as
  15. Challenge of producing sufficient food for the world with dwindling water, resources , One of the actions they say is required is to ensure all water systems, such
  16. And have significant energy security concerns. Fossil fuels are not the only, resources ,that are limited in Asia: water scarcity is another pressing issue. India
  17. Building, air force, etc.) or to coin new words using existing lexical, resources ,(e.g. " Corporation "," socialism ", both ultimately based on the verb" to
  18. Continent in the world by a considerable margin, and it is rich in natural, resources , such as petroleum, forests,fish, water,rice, copper and silver.
  19. De Cabinet, but most of all, the dilapidation of the country's rich mineral, resources ,by the regime. While most of the internally displaced have now settled around
  20. However, the current tendency is to coin new words using the existing lexical, resources ,of the language, or to repurpose old words, rather than directly borrowing
  21. 30 million cubic meters, is sufficient to meet consumer demands. Other natural, resources ,include coal, bauxite,copper and iron ore. Agriculture is the most significant
  22. Mining and energy Afghanistan's economy has a write future due to its natural, resources , According to recent U. S. Geological surveys that were funded by the Afghan
  23. Of corporatize customers is 2,1 in AZN. In the same year the total wood, resources ,counted 136 million m³. In some lands it is profitable to grow grain, potatoes
  24. Was born. From the 1920s to the 1960s,strong economic growth, abundant natural, resources ,and development of infrastructure, led to the arrival of even more Portuguese
  25. Angola from independence in 1975 until 2002. Despite extensive oil and gas, resources , diamonds, hydroelectric potential, and rich agricultural land, Angola remains
  26. Economy have made Alberta a national leader in health education, research,and, resources , Many notable facilities include the Foothills Medical Center, the Peter
  27. From the 2000s,because of Angola's growing demand for qualified human, resources , Besides the Portuguese, significant numbers of people from other European and
  28. The province's revenue comes mainly from royalties on non-renewable natural, resources ,(30.4 %),personal income taxes (22.3 %),corporate and other taxes (19.6
  29. Deafness as something that ought to be eradicated, and also believed that with, resources ,and effort they could teach the deaf to speak and avoid the use of sign
  30. Develop the bomb, drawing on its" immense material, financial,and scientific, resources ," to initiate the Manhattan Project. It became the only country to develop an
  31. To the economy by supporting local lodging. Energy Alaska has vast energy, resources , Major oil and gas reserves are found in the Alaska North Slope (ANS) and
  32. Fuel, South Georgia Island, South Sandwich Islands, and Bought Island. Natural, resources ,The Atlantic harbors petroleum and gas fields, fish,marine mammals (seals and
  33. Sustainability Technological advancements help provide farmers with tools and, resources ,to make farming more sustainable. New technologies have given rise to
  34. Average, while accessible supplies are being depleted. For example, water, resources , per capita in China are only a quarter of the global average, but water
  35. Transparency in the management of oil revenue, and the safeguarding of, resources ,for future generations. American, a sub-company of SOLAR, intends to ensure
  36. Was to postpone childbearing to a more suitable time or to focus energies and, resources ,on existing children. The most commonly reported reasons were socioeconomic
  37. And less toxic. Bitumen can now be made from non-petroleum based renewable, resources ,such as sugar, molasses and rice, corn and potato starches. Bitumen can also be
  38. Of the continental shelves. The Atlantic hosts the world's richest fishing, resources , especially in the waters covering the shelves. The major fish are cod, haddock
  39. Try to find an optimal solution, but an approximate solution where the time or, resources ,are limited. They are not practical to find perfect solutions. An example of
  40. Potential roles in science fiction: as places human beings might colonize, resources ,for extracting minerals, hazards encountered by spaceships traveling between
  41. Revenue for Jonas Savimbi's UNITS rebellion through illicit trade. Other rich, resources ,await development: gold, forest products, fisheries,iron ore, coffee,and
  42. With the economy still heavily skewed towards low technology. From 1993 human, resources ,in sciences and technology have drastically decreased. Various surveys show
  43. Has often been characterized by a high dependency on imports of natural, resources , China, South Korea, India,Taiwan and Singapore are among the world's largest
  44. CD audio players, speakers,video consoles, and TV appliances. Enormous, resources ,were also invested in the problem-plagued Newton division based on John Sculley
  45. Annexed Ankara, an important location for military transportation and natural, resources , to his territory in 1073. After the Battle of Rose Dag in 1243 in which the
  46. This base, as the banks were ready to an effective transfer of their financial, resources ,to the strategic goals, development strategy was made for 2002–2005.
  47. Instruments to study the sky, depending on a combination of their interests and, resources , Methods include simply looking at the night sky with the naked eye, using
  48. Semi-arid steppe of the southeastern section, the province has adequate water, resources , There are numerous rivers and lakes used for swimming, fishing and a range of
  49. Is another pressing issue. India, China,Thailand and Korea all have water, resources ,per capita below the global average, while accessible supplies are being
  50. Health and the environment. This requires promoting good management of natural, resources ,and respect for the environment, and increasingly concern for the psychological

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