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  1. Rear den also serves to illustrate Rand's theory of sex. Lillian Rear den cannot, appreciate ,Hank Rearden's virtues, and she is portrayed as being disgusted by sex. Deign
  2. That the teacher" agreed that Elvis was right when he said that she didn't, appreciate ,his kind of singing. " He was generally too shy to perform openly, and was
  3. Looking closely at himself he realized that if he wrote about things they would, appreciate ,at the MC in Amsterdam his colleagues in Eindhoven would not understand; if he
  4. band's concerts, which confused audiences. Zappa felt that audiences failed to, appreciate ,his" electrical chamber music ". But also commented on the band members' lack
  5. Papers on the life and works of Lewis and the other Inklings, and generally, appreciate ,all things Lewiston. His name is also used by a variety of Christian
  6. In the other books require a certain amount of patience and knowledge to, appreciate , Purgatory, the most lyrical and human of the three, also has the most poets
  7. And she is portrayed as being disgusted by sex. Deign Haggard clearly does, appreciate ,Rearden's virtues, and this appreciation evolves into sexual desire. Rear den
  8. The cast was reduced from 52 to 38,the orchestra from 26 players to 14 ... To, appreciate ,the revival, you must buy into James Goldman's book, which is peddling a
  9. And Initio Tonnage. Dyson was the first person (besides Feynman) to, appreciate ,the power of Feynman diagrams, and his 1949 paper (written in 1948) was the
  10. Artist Thomas Hirschhorn deliberately eschew technical virtuosity. People can, appreciate ,a Renaissance Madonna for aesthetic reasons, but such objects often had (and
  11. Sizes, some infinite sets being larger than others. He was also the first to, appreciate ,the importance of one-to-one correspondences (hereinafter denoted" 1-to-1
  12. Considerable fortune, and moved to Berlin. The Berlin critics were beginning to, appreciate ,Munch’s work even though the public still found his work alien and strange. The
  13. Not to aspire to advantages which the Constitution denies them, but to know and, appreciate ,those which it guarantees them... Men are destined to live on the stage of the
  14. Offset by strong foreign capital inflows, allowing the Georgian currency to, appreciate , Recent indications suggest the economy has been severely affected by the war
  15. Community" have" a down on antidepressants" and that the media does not, appreciate ,the seriousness of depression and blames and stigmatizes sufferers in a manner
  16. For stereo sound, but the console was only equipped with a mono speaker. To, appreciate ,the full sound pallet, a user must plug into the headphone jack. Doing so
  17. Book created considerable controversy in the UK. The book made many Americans, appreciate ,their country's economic progress and sold over 40,000 copies, mostly in the
  18. After meeting and getting to know the singer as President, he had" come to, appreciate ,on a personal level what millions of people had appreciate d from afar ". Elton
  19. Graduate students.; You can create art and beauty on a computer: Hackers deeply, appreciate ,innovative techniques which allow programs to perform complicated tasks with
  20. By the wearing of the vent-pieces of cannon when in active service, will, appreciate , this important adaptation ". The pigment iridium black, which consists of very
  21. Batson (1904) and Humble (1905). The Standard Oil Company was slow to, appreciate ,the economic potential of the Spindle top oil field, and the Gulf Coast
  22. In take music, ma is the period between hits on the drum. It is important to, appreciate ,this silence when playing take, just as you would appreciate the sound of a
  23. On the theory of invariants for the Mathematical Annalena, was not able to, appreciate ,the revolutionary nature of Hilbert's theorem and rejected the article
  24. By frequently voting in the same way. And are therefore more likely to, appreciate ,each other's music; for example, the explanation for Greece and Cyprus '
  25. Support, the threat of mine and torpedo attack, and the failure to integrate or, appreciate ,the capabilities of new techniques, seriously inhibited the operations of the
  26. Books ". Often, an understanding of astrological symbolism is needed to fully, appreciate ,such literature. In music the best known example of astrology's influence is
  27. Him many benefits including free admission to the local theater. This made him, appreciate ,Shakespeare's work. He was a very hard worker and would memorize all of the
  28. Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Recently, philosophers and scholars have begun to, appreciate ,Fichte as an important philosopher in his own right due to his original
  29. Where you'll be welcomed to stay as long as you wish; I would also greatly, appreciate ,you're extending this invitation to any other British subject found in the
  30. Enough. One has to look deep into the meaning of religion in order to fully, appreciate ,it and make it a genuine part of one's life. Elite believed in the concepts of
  31. Interviews to Japanese journalists. " The press were not amused and did not, appreciate ,the sarcasm. On the couple's return to England on 26 August 1921,Dora was six
  32. It allows the worshiper to believe in essentially one Supreme Being and still, appreciate ,and not limit the names, expressions,or manifestations used to describe it.
  33. Helped her drive Freyr's wagon with the god effigy in it, but the god did not, appreciate ,Gunnar and so attacked him and would have killed Gunnar if he had not promised
  34. Carrying wine),and an artistic function in another context (helping us to, appreciate ,the beauty of the human figure). ' What should we judge when we judge art? Art
  35. Of success is ultimately futile) meant that a popular audience could not, appreciate ,its merits. In a pair of Arena documentaries about Welles' career produced and
  36. Voltaire and his Candide bear some blame for the lingering failure to, appreciate ,and understand Leibniz's ideas. Leibniz had an ardent disciple, Christian
  37. Is important to appreciate this silence when playing take, just as you would, appreciate ,the sound of a hit on the drum. Since ensemble take is focused on rhythm, the
  38. To the second-wealthiest man behind Carlos Slim. Philanthropy Gates began to, appreciate ,the expectations others had of him when public opinion mounted suggesting that
  39. Literacy was part of the evangelization since people had to be able to read to, appreciate ,the message of the Bible, but it was only after his retirement that he
  40. Been duly filed by the junior officer left on duty that night, who failed to, appreciate ,their significance. By the time Bellicose finally learned of Scheer's
  41. Delicacy of his style. Django Reinhardt was among the first people in France to, appreciate ,the music of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, whom he sought when he arrived
  42. John's was widely seen as reckless and ill-advised, attributes they did not, appreciate ,in a regimental leader. Warner was viewed as a more stable and quieter choice
  43. The redemption price is minimal, no dividends are ever paid, the stock cannot, appreciate ,in value (though private sales often exceed the face value of the stock),and
  44. The usual frenetic pace of Sennett's films to give the audience a chance to, appreciate ,the subtlety and finesse of their movement, and the cleverness of their gags.
  45. Amongst city officials/law enforcement and writers who wish to display and, appreciate ,work in public locations. There are many types and styles of graffiti
  46. Its only drawback, and believed that a Sound Blaster card was required to fully, appreciate ,the game. In a retrospective review, Adventure Gamers' Chris Demo wrote," If
  47. A world where everything is potentially important Yet those who did not, appreciate ,it is as model of history could still admire the style of writing - thus Dionysus
  48. Establishing shot should be two or three seconds - long enough for viewers to, appreciate ,the scene. However, a good example of an
  49. Drive. The Jesuit China missions of the 16th and 17th centuries" learned to, appreciate ,the scientific achievements of this ancient culture and made them known in
  50. With its earnings statements, Skilling replied" Well, thank you very much, we, appreciate , that... asshole. " Though the comment was met with dismay and astonishment by

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