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  1. In December 1990,Toyohiro Okayama became the first paying space traveler as a, reporter ,for Tokyo Broadcasting System, a visit to Mir as part of an estimated $12
  2. American historian (d. 1992) *1923 – Stan Chambers, American television, reporter ,*1925 – Mike Douglas, American entertainer (d. 2006) * 1925 – Floyd Curry
  3. Smashes. Kane's death then becomes sensational news around the world. Newsreel, reporter ,Jerry Thompson (William Allan) tries to find out about Kane's private life
  4. Monster" ) has been responsible for the deaths of local townspeople. Newspaper, reporter ,Janet Lawton (Loretta King Adler, in a role originally intended for Dolores
  5. American author *1952 – Peter Windsor, English motor racing journalist and, reporter ,* 1953 – Guy Verhofstadt, Prime Minister of Belgium *1954 – Abdullah Scalar
  6. The University of Michigan, Miller first majored in journalism and worked as a, reporter ,and night editor for the student paper, the Michigan Daily. It was during this
  7. July 2000,Solo, for 25 days; he was also kidnapped in May); French television, reporter ,Maybe Bur got and cameraman Jean-Jacques Le Garret and sound technician Roland
  8. Technician Roland Madurai (July 2000,Solo, for 2 months); ABS-CBN television, reporter ,Main Macapá and cameraman Val Quench (July 2000,Solo, for 4 days);
  9. Whose life is the subject of the movie. *William Allan as Jerry Thompson: the, reporter ,in charge of finding out the meaning of Kane's last word," Rosebud ".
  10. Award for Best Supporting Actor as an insecure, supremely ethical network TV, reporter , who offers the rhetorical question," Wouldn't this be a great world if
  11. The entire terminal was being offered for lease to airline tenants; after a, reporter ,asked whether the lounge would be leased as well, LaGuardia replied that it
  12. Like it was trying to balance. It hit some lampposts on the way in. " USA Today, reporter ,Mike Walter was driving on Washington Boulevard when he witnessed the crash
  13. And nutrients. The greatest exposure in the West came when New York Times, reporter ,James Reston, who accompanied Nixon during the visit, received acupuncture in
  14. French footballer * 1980 – Courtney Frail, American sports & entertainment, reporter ,* 1980 – Carlos Hernández, Venezuelan baseball player * 1980 – Aaron Michael
  15. 1967. This was not an off-the-cuff remark: Conrad had made a $500 bet with, reporter ,Briana Fallacy he would say these words, after she had queried whether NASA had
  16. Related reports and also give general information on the story, much as a, reporter ,sent to cover a story would. The presenters often have expertise in the story
  17. Allyn de la Cruz (January 2002,Zambian, for 3 months) and GMA-7 television, reporter ,Carlo Lorenzo and cameraman Gilbert Ordinals (September 2002,Solo, for 6 days
  18. Life and, in particular, to discover the meaning behind his last word. The, reporter ,interviews the great man's friends and associates, and Kane's story unfolds
  19. Of its kidnap victims. The journalists held captive were: GMA-7 television, reporter ,Susan Enriquez (April 2000,Basil an, a few days); 10 Foreign journalists (7
  20. And then it sort of disappeared, and there was fire and smoke everywhere. " AP, reporter ,Dave Winslow recounted," I saw the tail of a large airliner ... It plowed
  21. The politics behind the New York City Green market. And she was the first, reporter ,at a major publication to write about Terran Adrian of El Bull in Spain. Early
  22. Or the Air Force. It first appeared in September 1939,by a Times newspaper, reporter , Harris also rejects that German military thinking developed any kind of
  23. Boston, which is hosted by Emily Rooney. *Laurel Sweet is an award-winning, reporter ,who covers courts and crime. *Lauren Beckham Falcon covers pop culture, style
  24. Abandoned his work as a laborer and gained a job as a freelance television, reporter , living a" hand to mouth" lifestyle on a" shoestring" budget. Although
  25. Able to join the production immediately and was cast. Robert Who was cast as, reporter ,Alexander Knox. His character was originally supposed to die by the Joker's
  26. My Favorite Martian and other early roles Bixby took the role of young, reporter ,Tim O'Hara in the 1963 CBS sitcom, My Favorite Martian, in which he co-starred
  27. And governor general (b. 1900) * 1991 – Harry Reasoner, American television, reporter ,(b. 1923) *1992 – Lesser Babinski, Polish boxer (b. 1949) *1993 – Tex
  28. Through flashbacks, the story is revealed through the research of a newsreel, reporter ,seeking to solve the mystery of the newspaper magnate's dying word:" Rosebud.
  29. American bassist (Third Eye Blind) *1971 – James Kim, American technology, reporter ,(d. 2006) * 1973 – Filippo Inveighs, Italian footballer * 1974 – Derek Fisher
  30. Commentary on these games. WHAM-TV sports anchor Mike Catalan is the sideline, reporter , Since 2008,preseason games have been broadcast in high definition. In the
  31. Scheme accusations about Amway in a 2009 interview with Grand Rapids Press, reporter ,Chris Nape.: Nape:" Amway has been accused of being a pyramid scheme, of tax
  32. The Green Goblin in #14 (July 1964); Raven The Hunter in #15 (Aug. 1964);, reporter ,Ned Leeds in #18 (Nov. 1964); the Scorpion in #20 (Jan. 1965); and the
  33. Solo, for 4 days); Philippine Daily Inquirer contributor and Net 25 television, reporter ,Allyn de la Cruz (January 2002,Zambian, for 3 months) and GMA-7 television
  34. In an article about the Bradley Manning case, Greenwald mentions Wired, reporter ,Kevin Poulsen's 1994 felony conviction for computer hacking, suggesting that "
  35. Post. After finishing her first book, in 1997,Lesser was hired as a food, reporter ,for The New York Times. Lesser has since written about the influence of Costco
  36. Places but decayed and old elsewhere. Ridley Scott was interviewed in 2002 by, reporter ,Lynn Barber of The Observer where he described the film as:" extremely dark
  37. And frequent co-host on WEEK. *Dave Wedge is a political columnist, longtime, reporter , and frequent TV and radio commentator. *Joe Sciatica is the tabloid's new
  38. To become editor of the New York Daily News. Sciatica is a former political, reporter ,and columnist who is a regular panelist on" Beat the Press" on the WGBH TV
  39. Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, Dutch royal *1968 – Dana Mil bank, American, reporter , and columnist * 1969 – Mica Paris, British singer and presenter *1970 – Kylie
  40. Controversy since Stephen Jones became president. When asked by a Newsweek, reporter ,if he wished to play a political role, Stephen Jones replied," It would not be
  41. Things feature-y for the Boston Herald. *Jessica Van Sack is an award-winning, reporter ,who covers local innovation, worldwide technology trends and social media. She
  42. Generic minute" is recorded, then reports are to World Service radio, then the, reporter ,talks to any other programs that are on air. A key claim made by Lord Lambert
  43. Hamilton, former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told 60 Minutes, reporter ,Leslie Stahl," The Air Force is classifying all information about Area 51 in
  44. Auditorium during the 2008 election cycle. In April 2008 Stephen Jones told a, reporter ," I don't think I have a political bone in my body. " Student rules Strict
  45. And his wife, Helen,gave $1 million to the Republican National Committee, reporter ,Molly Ivies wrote that Amway had" its own caucus in Congress ... Five
  46. On July 14, 2010,a spokesperson for MTV Networks informed a New York Post, reporter ,that Mike Judge is creating a new Basis and Butt-head series, that Judge will
  47. In 1930,which was not a pennant year for the Yankees, Ruth was asked by a, reporter ,what he thought of his yearly salary of $80,000 ($ million in current dollar
  48. Fleming. Sure and Kournikova were reported to have been engaged in 2000 after a, reporter ,took a photo of them together in a Florida restaurant where Sure supposedly
  49. Charles Pedigree, American singer (b. 1963) *2003 – David Bloom, American, reporter , ( b. 1963) * 2003 – Babatunde Olatunji, Nigerian drummer (b. 1927) * 2003 –
  50. John Altschuler, formerly a writer for King of the Hill, told a Rolling Stone, reporter ,of the signs he noticed that Mike Judge was thinking of reviving Basis and

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