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  1. Same as the Signed Limited Editions but with an extra original drawing, or ", remarque ," on the signature page While starting up, Full Moon Press offered Lifetime
  2. Discours et histories amauroses (1594),L’Sure de la Chaste, qui see, remarque , par LES diverse fortunes, adventures et fiddles Amours de Criniton et de
  3. Lacoue-Labarthe. Nancy is the author of works on many thinkers, including La, remarque , spéculative in 1973 (The Speculative Remark,2001) on G. W. F. Hegel, Le
  4. Century. In printmaking, he is credited with the invention of the deliberate, remarque , a small sketch on a plate, lying outside the main image. These were originally
  5. Traits de la melancholic, sçavoir is Elle est la cause DES effects Que l’on, remarque , dans LES possesses de Lou dun, tiré DES Reflections de M. de La Mesnardière SUR
  6. Artist, as a" tribute" to the artist and their work. The artist doing the, remarque , will initial the stamp; for example some have been completed by Ken Michael sen
  7. Remarqued set for display to the public. Stamps of deceased artists will bear a, remarque , by a living federal artist, as a" tribute" to the artist and their work. The
  8. Humains see transparent en metaphors, en batraciennes charges humans. On, remarque , ses fantasies antiques of furtiveness critiques EU'Elle Pauline en grands
  9. Uncoloured) around the principal image (what is sometimes referred to as a, remarque , ),and (2) some additional caption, often amusing, to supplement the picture

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