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  1. Born 1958),Minister-President of Hesse *Ferdinand LaSalle (1825–1864), democrat , and socialist *Wilhelm Liebknecht (1826–1900),co-founder of the SPD *Rosa
  2. Movements *Nikolai Dobrolyubov, literary critic, journalist,and revolutionary, democrat ,*Pavel Florence, Orthodox theologian, philosopher,mathematician, electrical
  3. Photographs depicting of him wearing women's lingerie. Gary Norton,a, democrat , took office in January 2010. He was elected after defeating Brewer by a nearly
  4. Stating in the 1860s that“ what I will always be... a republican,a, democrat ,even, and a socialist into the bargain. ” Henri de Lubac argued that, in terms
  5. Computer scientist (MIT, Mitre) * Robert Ashton Everett (1915–1969),US, democrat ,politician * Robinson O. Everett, former Chief Judge for the Court of Appeals
  6. g. 46 percent of the votes in the general elections of 1948. In 1952 a social, democrat ,was appointed chairman of Östersund's governing body, due to the lack of
  7. A tyrannical government, then I have been, I am still, and will ever remain a, democrat , " Historians, including Weston Bate suggested that there was some hypocrisy in
  8. Hypercoaguability. Political career Virchow made himself known as a pronounced, democrat ,in the year of revolution,1848,and his political activity caused the
  9. Bismarck in Berlin, shooting him five times at close range. Cohen-Blind was a, democrat ,who hoped that killing Bismarck would prevent a war among the German states.
  10. Politics by Gorbachev in 1987,Yeltsin, who represented himself as a committed, democrat , presented a significant opposition to Gorbachev authority. In a remarkable
  11. Hall and Carnegie Hall. Politically, Ochs described himself as a" left social, democrat ," who became an" early revolutionary" after the protests at the 1968
  12. Democratic politics of Senegal. However, The image of Wade as a constitutional, democrat ,has been tarnished by events at the end of his mandate. When faced with
  13. Votes, in one of the closest elections in city history. Simon sen, a progressive, democrat , narrowly won the race in a district that leans Republican on a platform of
  14. The blue of the sky. Lévy later visited Count Benvenuti, a Venetian Christian, democrat ,and then Secretary General of the Council of Europe, and suggested that he
  15. Political revues, a songwriter and a poet. He saw himself as a left-wing, democrat ,and pacifist and warned against anti- democrat ic tendencies – above all in
  16. Post-communist Democratic Left Alliance (SLD),and prominent Christian, democrat , former UW member Mateusz Morawiecki. It was since strongly supported, but thus
  17. SPPF became the People's Party (PP) or Part Leper (LP),and the liberal, democrat ,Seychelles National Party (SNP). Politics has been an integral part of the
  18. Multiple factions and since Trotsky was a self-described 'non-factional social, democrat ,', the newspaper spent much of its time trying to unite party factions. The
  19. The Vanguard Test Vehicle 3 launch attempt. The sense of fear was inflamed by, democrat ,politicians and professional cold warriors which portrayed the United States as
  20. By a lion than one of his fellow rats" — i.e., by a monarch, rather than a, democrat , Schopenhauer shared the view of Thomas Hobbes on the necessity of the state
  21. Had every right to protest. Dean lost her bid for reelection in 2002 to fellow, democrat ,Tom Bates. The day before the election Tom Bates stole 1,000 copies of The
  22. Lunge who had 38.4 %. Davis aimed to portray himself as a moderate centrist, democrat ,and to label Lunge a Republican too conservative for California and out of
  23. Abolition In 1969 Willy Brandt became German Chancellor as head of a social, democrat ,/ liberal government. The new government maintained the main political goals
  24. Of Poland. An Italian fascist ambassador to Warsaw described him as" a liberal, democrat ,in the clothes of an old-world knight ". From then until his death in 1935,he
  25. To riots, and were short-lived. Aldo Moro, a relatively left-leaning Christian, democrat , inspired this alliance. He would later try to include the Communist Party as
  26. And kills 2 employees outside CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. ** Social, democrat ,Paul Syrup Rasmussen succeeds conservative Paul Scouter as Prime Minister of
  27. From then until 1917 he described himself as a" non-factional social, democrat ,". Trotsky spent much of his time between 1904 and 1917 trying to reconcile
  28. Thus, Thrasybulus won praise as an Athenian patriot and staunch, principled, democrat , He has been criticized by modern historians, however,for failing to recognize
  29. So, I never was, I am not now, nor do I ever intend to be a democrat . But if a, democrat ,means opposition to a tyrannical press, a tyrannical people, or a tyrannical
  30. Over matters essential to their identity as peoples ". As a social, democrat , Trudeau sought to combine and harmonize his theories on social democracy with
  31. Italian left wing Christian democrat ) and Jose Barros (Portuguese Christian, democrat ,). However, despite these assumptions these Presidents have usually been chosen
  32. Republicanism? If so, I never was, I am not now, nor do I ever intend to be a, democrat , But if a democrat means opposition to a tyrannical press, a tyrannical people
  33. Chairman of the municipal executive committee (kommunstyrelsen) is the social, democrat ,Carina Blank. Localities Data from 2000. (Source:
  34. There has been solid political consensus since the Helmut Schmidt social, democrat ,government introduced the measure in 1976. In the United Kingdom, the similar
  35. Popular members, two democrat ic liberals, one conservative liberal, one social, democrat , one Nationalist member, and the pro-Fascist philosopher Giovanni Gentile. The
  36. Jacques Delores (French socialist),Jacques Banter (Luxembourg Christian, democrat ,), Romano Prod (Italian left wing Christian democrat ) and Jose Barros (
  37. Is a major iconic figure in the emergence of democracy—he was the" agrarian, democrat ," who shaped the thinking of his nation and the world. As historian Vernon
  38. Of Indonesia (d. 1970) * June 13 – Age Er lander, Swedish politician (social, democrat ,), prime minister of Sweden for 23 years (1946–1969) (d. 1985) * June 17 –
  39. His mother considered herself a communist, while his father was social, democrat , and both were committed nudists, and the young Lars went on several childhood
  40. Of California (he became disillusioned with anarchism and became a social, democrat ,); and D. O. A. lead singer Joey Shithead. Jello Bianca, argues that humans are
  41. Common traps for semantic disputes include the usage of words such as liberal, democrat , conservative, republican,progressive, free,welfare or socialist whose
  42. Socialism, was first put forward by Eduard Bernstein, a leading social, democrat , Reformism was quickly targeted by revolutionary socialists, with Rosa
  43. The Washington Post published a commentary describing Meek as a bankrupt, democrat ,and accused him of complicity in" stealing" the Zimbabwean election. The
  44. Lenin and the Bolsheviks. He remained a self-described" non-factional social, democrat ," until August 1917 when he joined Lenin and the Bolsheviks as their positions
  45. Of the left-wing minority communists' leading positions. Soon also the social, democrat ,foreign minister Erik Tombola considered following Kairamo's example. Sweden
  46. Luxembourg Christian democrat ),Romano Prod (Italian left wing Christian, democrat ,) and Jose Barros (Portuguese Christian democrat ). However, despite these
  47. Party of Democratic Socialism (Germany) *Johann Jacoby (1805–1877),radical, democrat ,in Prussia *Loose Mahler (1869–1955),trade union leader, founding member of
  48. 2009 when Mike McCauley, a former Republican who switched parties to run as a, democrat , defeated Ward 2 incumbent Randy Wilson. These places control of the City
  49. Parties lost seats, while new parties became successful, such as the radical, democrat ,and progressive liberal D66. In the 1994 election, the CDA lost its dominant
  50. All the way to God, who was no more the ultimate monarch but the ultimate, democrat ,in eternal relation to other eternal persons. J. M. E. McTaggart's idealist

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