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  1. Leave multiplication and co-multiplication un relate d; thus it is common to, relate ,the two (by defining an antipodes),thus creating a Hope algebra. Motivation
  2. Of which are involved in basic biological functions. Some of these functions, relate ,to arousal or to social interactions such as sexuality, aggression,or maternal
  3. Archaeoastronomy as an area of cognitive archaeology. Other researchers, relate ,archaeoastronomy to the history of science, either as it relate s to a culture
  4. 91 and 77 B. C. The Ministry of Alma Among the Parasites Chapters 28 to 35, relate , the account of a rebellion of a subgroup of the Nephrite nation who called
  5. Anecdotally, it is a substantial number. What data we do have almost all, relate ,to penetrative sexual acts, and the superficial contact of the anal ring with
  6. Of Leadership, they use, the type of creativity, Kirton (2003) and how they, relate ,to others. Music In music, pieces or sections which confound expectations and
  7. And on a closed contour *Mathematical argument, a quantity that serves to, relate ,functions and variables using a common variable when such a relationship would
  8. Of India, the Mahayana is also valuable for historians who wish to date and, relate ,contemporary royal dynasties in the Indian subcontinent. It is very important
  9. The eldest children, but to Anne, her favorite according to tradition, she did, relate , Anne shared a room with her aunt, they were particularly close, and this may
  10. Wished to embody the spirit of Republican virtue and norms. He also wanted to, relate ,to and connect with the concerns of the plebs and lay people. He achieved this
  11. To compute p (n). Class number relate d Dirichlet discovered formulas that, relate ,the class number h of quadratic number fields to the Jacobi symbol. An integer
  12. Really see color. Both artists use dots, but the particular style and technique, relate ,to the artistic movement adopted by each artist. These are always of
  13. Has inherent authority over a Baptist church. Churches can properly, relate ,to each other under this polity only through voluntary cooperation, never by
  14. And will include tourist and residential complexes. The third project will, relate ,to restructuring an area of Algiers, qualified by the originators of the
  15. That specify when an operation may be executed; postconditions, that, relate , the states of the ADT before and after the execution of each operation; and
  16. Garner, who would go on to become a personal friend of Collins, would later, relate ,that" Billy Collins saw a title with funny-looking words in it on the
  17. Majority of television commercials feature a song or jingle that listeners soon, relate ,to the product. Virtual advertisements may be inserted into regular television
  18. Large or public collection requires a catalog. Codes called" call numbers ", relate ,the books to the catalog, and determine their locations on the shelves. Call
  19. The Bulgarian khans). A popular, but ultimately unconfirmed, attempt tries to, relate ,Attila to Charlemagne. Later folklore and iconography Later writers developed
  20. By giving away Capp's baby grand piano. According to Camp, who loved to, relate ,the story,Kelly's two perfectly logical reasons for doing so were: a. to
  21. For example, bots can help with studying, like Study Buddy. Some are made to, relate ,to children and teenagers, like Speak, others give advice, and others are for
  22. A finger into spilled blood. A possible additional use of the verb baptize in to, relate ,to ritual washing is suggested by Peter Latham (2007) who suggests that
  23. Even dispute its name. All three major international scholarly associations, relate ,archaeoastronomy to the study of culture, using the term Astronomy in Culture
  24. Modeling using differential equations The equations governing Brownian motion, relate ,slightly differently to each of the two definitions of Brownian motion given at
  25. Instead changes along with V. It is desired to know how the values of DP and DV, relate ,to each other as the adiabatic process proceeds. For an ideal gas the internal
  26. A lot of people tell me they enjoy that album. It's hard for me to, relate ,to that. I mean, it,you know, people enjoying that type of pain, you know? "
  27. Be got 'straight from the horse's mouth ', so to speak. However, these facts, relate ,almost entirely to his career as a dramatist and the plays contain few clears
  28. Agreements Burundi is a party to the following international agreements that, relate ,to the environment: Biodiversity, Climate Change, Desertification,Endangered
  29. Occurred.:" However, nowhere in his exposition of his table does Dionysus, relate ,his epoch to any other dating system, whether consulate, Olympiad,year of the
  30. About Achilles, given the title Achilles by modern scholars. The tragedies, relate ,the deeds of Achilles during the Trojan War, including his defeat of Hector and
  31. And Gwrtheyrnion by Ambrosia. It is not clear how these various traditions, relate ,to each other, or whether they come from the same tradition; it is very
  32. Melancholic music and outlook to life when they were enslaved. The lyrics often, relate ,troubles experienced within African American society. For instance Blind Lemon
  33. During filming are relate d by Young, Walsh,Cassidy and Sanderson. They also, relate ,a story about crew members creating T-shirts that took pot shots at Scott. The
  34. Like many thinkers of his time,Anaximander's contributions to philosophy, relate ,to many disciplines. In astronomy, he tried to describe the mechanics of
  35. Of Erectness/Erichthonius by the foiled rape by Hephaestus. Other variants, relate ,that the serpent who accompanied Athena, also called Erichthonius, was born to
  36. Top of the commercial zone will accompany the project. The second project will, relate ,to the bay of Algiers and aims to revitalize the sea front. The development of
  37. In fundamental ways the manner in which blacks and whites interact with and, relate ,to one another. The movement resulted in the removal of codified, de jure
  38. Models are almost always smaller than in practice, so a method was needed to, relate ,small scale models to their real-life counterparts. This was achieved with the
  39. With the Sinclair brand name and those intellectual property rights where they, relate ,to computers and computer relate d products. " Which included the ZX Spectrum
  40. Aligned with the initial velocity),there are simple formulas that, relate ,the following quantities: displacement, initial velocity, final velocity
  41. The Kentucky bluegrass) The term has also been applied to various things that, relate ,to the region in which the grass grows: *Bluegrass region, a region of the
  42. In China asked his disciples Tofu, Bhikṣuni Songhai, Dàoyù and Hike to, relate ,their realization of the Dharma. Songhai is also known by her title SOI, and
  43. Of the country for defense. In times of crisis the Army's main tasks, relate ,to participation in operations countering terrorist activities and defense of
  44. For the Achaean assault on Troy. Counselor Later myths of the Classical Greeks, relate ,that Athena guided Perseus in his quest to behead Medusa. She instructed
  45. Of the arrival of the Germanic invaders in Kent should not be considered to, relate ,what actually happened, but rather relate s myths that were current in Kent
  46. Very youthful population and a housing crisis. The new generation struggled to, relate ,to the cultural obsession with the war years and two conflicting protest
  47. World, especially perception of the human form as beautiful, is supposed to, relate ,to perceiving beauty in art or artifacts. This goes back at least to Kant, with
  48. Etc. Additionally, in the New Testament only, the verb baptize in can also, relate ,to the neuter noun baptism" baptism" which is a neologism unknown in the
  49. Such as sexuality, aggression,or maternal behaviors; but many of them, relate ,to homeostasis. Several hypothalami nuclei receive input from sensors located
  50. Which come from Roman Egypt in 3rd century CE. The bulk of the documents, relate ,to the running of a large, private estate is named after Heroines because he

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