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  1. Lincoln was laid in state and publicly mourned in cities and state capitols, across ,the north. Religious and philosophical beliefs Scholars have extensively
  2. Processes of human communications, verbal and non-verbal, variation in language, across ,time and space, the social uses of language, and the relationship between
  3. Of rapid Asian growth. Water and air quality is also a cause of severe concern, across ,the region. China's CO2 and sulfur dioxide emissions are now the highest
  4. North, and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, with Russia further west, across ,the Bering Strait. Approximately half of Alaska's 710,231 residents (as per
  5. Wore heavily on the President's re-election prospects, and many Republicans, across ,the country feared that Lincoln would be defeated. Sharing this fear, Lincoln
  6. Effect-size estimates facilitate the comparison of findings in studies and, across ,disciplines. Common effect size estimates reported in univariate-response ANOVA
  7. Increasingly also study Western subjects, particularly variation, across ,class, region,or ethnicity within Western societies, and other social
  8. To promote the television broadcast). The Academy Awards is televised live, across ,the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii),Canada, the United Kingdom
  9. Who spread his agenda for" Social Anthropology" by teaching at universities, across ,the British Commonwealth. From the late 1930s until the postwar period appeared
  10. Wiring over the framework to allow an even load as masses of adobe are spread, across ,the metal fencing like cob and allowed to air dry accordingly. This method was
  11. Wits in a corrupt society. Novels such as Amarillo de Tormes were influential, across ,Europe. Throughout the eighteenth century, a great number of novels featured
  12. Route to his inauguration by train, Lincoln addressed crowds and legislatures, across ,the North. The president-elect then evaded possible assassins in Baltimore, who
  13. Constitute about 11 % of the bottom topography with few deep channels cut, across ,the continental rise. Ocean floor trenches and seamounts: *Puerto Rico Trench
  14. May prove difficult. A combination of the bricks and adobe mortar that are laid, across ,the beams creates an even load-bearing pressure that can last for many years
  15. That can last for many years depending on attrition. Once the beams are laid, across ,the building, it is then time to begin the placing of adobe bricks to create
  16. From penetrating the composite of mud and organic matter. Vegas are beams, across ,the roof that support the roof. Raising a traditional adobe roof To raise a
  17. Afroasiatic languages include the Berber languages, which are spoken natively, across ,Morocco, Algeria,and Tunisia, as well as parts of Niger, Libya and Mali;
  18. When quoted unqualified, it usually refers to some appropriate average, across ,the spectrum of visible light. In general, the albedo depends on the
  19. Encourage private sector investment in Environmental Markets are now in force, across ,the region. These focus on the provision of infrastructure to supply basic
  20. Such as" racism" and find thousands of anthropological references, stretching, across , all the major and minor subfields. Along with dividing up their project by
  21. Delphi to give her prophecies. Hera sent the serpent to hunt Let to her death, across ,the world. To protect his mother, Apollo begged Hephaestus for a bow and arrows
  22. Example of studying human variation across space. Polo's travels took him, across ,such a diverse human landscape and his accounts of the peoples he met as he
  23. Including disappearances and reappearances, allowing people to appear to slide, across ,the ground, and other such effects. Examples of population include The Secret
  24. Anthropology, and geography are another example of studying human variation, across ,space. Polo's travels took him across such a diverse human landscape and his
  25. Of the danger of disunion caused by the slavery debate, and rallied Republicans, across ,the North. The stage was then set for the campaign for statewide election of
  26. Of both continents. Many British people refer to the USA and Canada as ", across ,the pond ", and vice versa. Ocean bottom The principal feature of the
  27. Water and municipal solid waste treatment. Similar policies are in operation, across ,the remainder of the region. For example, India plans to add 17 Gigawatts of
  28. Not generally accepted. Austro-Asiatic languages have a disjunct distribution, across ,India, Bangladesh and Southeast Asia, separated by regions where other
  29. Johnson as well. Lincoln spent many hours a week talking to politicians from, across ,the land and using his patronage powers—greatly expanded over peacetime—to hold
  30. In" other cultures" looked for them far away and started to look ", across ,the tracks" only in late 1960s. Now there exist many works focusing on peoples
  31. Support the bricks above. Within the last courses of brick, bond beams are laid, across ,the top of the bricks to provide a horizontal bearing plate for the roof to
  32. Charles Leave, assessed Lincoln's wound as mortal. The dying man was taken, across ,the street to Petersen House. After being in a coma for nine hours, Lincoln
  33. And maize (up 11 %) over the year. Food riots took place in several countries, across ,the world. Contributing factors included drought in Australia and elsewhere
  34. Western Anatolia concluding a wide-ranging array of minor Anti-Hittite powers, across ,the region. The Greek cognate of Assume first describes a plain near the
  35. Against the advice of the president, prematurely launched an offensive, across ,the Rappahannock River and was stunningly defeated by Lee at Fredericksburg in
  36. The overall geographic and the same may be said of many hundreds more agencies, across ,the globe that operate in Asia from headquarters elsewhere. Some of the most
  37. About once per hour along its long axis to ensure even heat distribution, across ,the surface of the spacecraft. In direct sunlight, the spacecraft could be
  38. X and accidentally destroys it, demolishing the country's last railroad bridge, across ,the Mississippi River and killing himself, his men, and Dr. Stapler. *Dave
  39. Along with the enormous influence that his theory of structuralism exerted, across ,multiple disciplines, Lévi-Strauss established ties with American and British
  40. Since it recorded words phonemically. The script was spread by the Phoenicians, across ,the Mediterranean. In 1443. Understanding of the phonetic alphabet of Mongolian
  41. Of the Republican Party. The party did the leg work that produced majorities, across ,the North, and produced an abundance of campaign posters, leaflets,and
  42. Cities are located in the country. Similarly, high pollution levels are found, across ,the region; according to the World Health Organization,17 % of all deaths in
  43. From the Ionic sanctuary on the island of Demos. Such statues were found, across ,the Greek-speaking world, the preponderance of these were found at the
  44. Is 30 to 35 %, because of the covering by clouds, but varies widely locally, across ,the surface, depending on the geological and environmental features. The term
  45. Well, since mapping cultures is central to both sciences. By making comparisons, across ,cultural traditions (time-based) and cultural regions (space-based)
  46. An epidemic of stem rust on wheat caused by race Ug99 is currently spreading, across ,Africa and into Asia and is causing major concern. Approximately 40 % of the
  47. The largest institution in the state, enrolling 29,689 students (as of 2010), across , four Alabama campuses (Troy, Dothan,Montgomery, and Phenix City),as well as
  48. Treatment and waste management. As average per-capita disposable income rises, across ,the region, demand for energy and other commodities is escalating. Many Asians
  49. Into wood forms, producing rows of dried earth bricks that would then be laid, across ,a support structure of wood and plastered into place with more adobe. For a
  50. The ancestor of modern maize, more than 6000 years ago. It gradually spread, across ,North America and was the major crop of Native Americans at the time of

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