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  1. A letter name "/IN"> Greeley"/> encouraging the border states especially to, accept ,emancipation as necessary to save the Union. Lincoln later said that slavery
  2. By God's sovereignty, but God's sovereignty allows all men the choice to, accept ,the Gospel of Jesus through faith, simultaneously allowing all men to resist. *
  3. Congregationalists. The majority of Southern Baptists, including Billy Graham, accept ,Arminianism with an exception allowing for a doctrine of perseverance of the
  4. Which would make man earn salvation through good works. Not all Christian sects, accept ,this doctrine, leading many controversies on grace and free will, and the idea
  5. There is competition among different brands of cars. " Anarcho-capitalists only, accept ,collective defense of individual liberty (i.e., courts,military or police
  6. Evidence, in support of the need for the motion. In such a case, a court will, accept ,an affidavit from the filing attorney in support of the motion, as certain
  7. However, the committee of this French Missionary Society was not ready to, accept ,his offer, considering his Lutheran theology to be" incorrect ". He could
  8. Evil as the scene continues-, that it's easier this way as some courts don't, accept ,'the evil voice' as evidence. Jane Marple, usually referred to as Miss Marple
  9. Help, polished and expanded it and then pitched it to Data, who were happy to, accept ,the project due to its low budget. Shooting of Fashion began on July 7,1950
  10. S writing style as" a river of gold "; it is hard for many modern readers to, accept ,that one could seriously so admire the style of those works currently available
  11. Critical of the Academy Awards have boycotted the ceremonies and refused to, accept ,their Oscars. The first to do so was Dudley Nichols (Best Writing in 1935 for
  12. Those that accept Jesus will be given eternal life, so the people that do not, accept ,him cannot burn in hell for eternity because Jesus has not given them eternal
  13. Qur'an mentions the holy scripture as a light and guidance for those who would, accept ,the Message. God says in the Qur'an: When Moses led his people on the Exodus to
  14. Sin, though God's prevent grace restores to humanity the ability to, accept ,God's call of salvation. * God purposely exercises his sovereignty in ways
  15. Statements within the task body. If the control flow of the task reaches an, accept ,statement, the task is blocked until the corresponding entry is called by
  16. People ", the Australian Government did not consider it had a responsibility to, accept ,them. A number of things were done to discourage the practice such as
  17. Guilty, an evidentiary hearing usually follows. The court is not required to, accept ,a guilty plea. During the hearing, the judge assesses the offense, the
  18. We must yield to the divine will, he says; we cannot pick and choose and, accept ,only what we can understand. But we must still seek to do what good lies in our
  19. A component especially of individualist anarchism philosophical anarchism may, accept ,the existence of a minimal state as unfortunate, and usually temporary,"
  20. And how we live with it. Our life must have meaning for us to value it. If we, accept ,that life has no meaning and therefore no value, should we kill ourselves? In
  21. The axiom of choice, are non-measurable sets. The majority of mathematicians, accept ,the axiom of choice as a valid principle for proving new results in mathematics
  22. Are declared in the task specification. Each task entry can have one or more, accept ,statements within the task body. If the control flow of the task reaches an
  23. At the expense of everybody else. " Henry David Thoreau wrote," I heartily, accept ,the motto,'That government is best which governs least '; and I should like to
  24. What must be the response of individuals? Should they resign themselves to it, accept ,it is as inevitable, and seek what solace they can as individuals, or should they
  25. As incompatible with agnosticism on the grounds that atheism and agnosticism, accept ," a deity exists" as a meaningful proposition which can be argued for or
  26. Will result in a scenario whereby the unstable oxide ion formed will tend to, accept ,a proton to reform the original alcohol. With alkyl halves oxides give rise
  27. As a full autonomous state under the crown. He proclaimed:" Aruba shall never, accept ,a federation and a second class nationality. " Mexico Cross worked in Aruba to
  28. Lincoln to rapidly emancipate the slaves, whereas moderate Republicans came to, accept ,gradual, compensated emancipation and colonization. Name "/IN"> Washington"/>
  29. Two types of requests when Request_Approach'count 0 > -- landings have priority, accept ,Request_Takeoff (ID: in Airplane_ID; Takeoff: out Runway_Access) do My_Runway
  30. Our endeavors are meaningless. While we can live with a dualism (I can, accept ,periods of unhappiness, because I know I will also experience happiness to come
  31. At the beginning of the war, he also sought to persuade the states to, accept ,compensated emancipation in return for their prohibition of slavery (an offer
  32. Of Himself, from eternity, He decreed to justify in Christ, believers,and to, accept ,them unto eternal life. " God alone determines who will be saved and his
  33. University were ordered to observe their students. Markov initially refused to, accept ,this decree and wrote an explanation in which he declined to be an" agent of
  34. By Hank (by then Gaultier of Lower Silesia) that the minister should never, accept ,an invitation to inspect a concentration camp in neighboring Upper Silesia, as
  35. Traditional classification, two recent proposals are given, neither of which, accept ,traditional" Mon–Khmer" as a valid unit. However, little of the data used for
  36. Salvation to all humanity, and each individual, therefore,is able either to, accept ,the Gospel call through faith or resist it through unbelief. Calvinists hold
  37. And Roman writers. Edward Flannery writes that it was the Jews' refusal to, accept ,Greek religious and social standards that marked them out. Hecataetus of Andrea
  38. There is an epidemic. Authorities, including the Prefect’M. Othón, are slow to, accept ,that the situation is serious and quibble over the appropriate action to take.
  39. Although more layouts were developed by users. Newton devices could also, accept ,free-hand" Sketches "," Shapes ", and " Ink Text ", much like a desktop
  40. 18) They believe it is vital to come to know God. And although Arius did not, accept ,Athanasius’ theory that the Holy Spirit was co-equal and of the same substance
  41. Religions) generally focus on moral themes members of all the religions would, accept , However, there is strong evidence in the edicts alone that he was a Buddhist.
  42. Of the gift, which has become a principle of justice. The gods and the spirits, accept ,that the share of wealth and happiness that has been offered to them and had
  43. Bank deposits to silver or copper or any other good, and thereafter declined to, accept ,checks as payment for goods, bank deposits would lose their purchasing power
  44. Data. In conjunction with select statements it is possible to define guards on, accept ,statements (similar to Dijkstra's guarded commands). Ada also offers
  45. Are destroyed rather than tortured forever. John 3:16 says that only those that, accept ,Jesus will be given eternal life, so the people that do not accept him cannot
  46. A calling task is blocked until the called task reaches the corresponding, accept ,statement). Task entries can have parameters similar to procedures, allowing
  47. Ages, and in the Indian Brahminic philosophy. For Schweitzer, Mankind had to, accept ,that objective reality is ethically neutral. It could then affirm a new
  48. And 1894,Gide traveled in Northern Africa, and it was there that he came to, accept ,his attraction to boys. He befriended Oscar Wilde in Paris, and in 1895 Gide
  49. Airplane which runway end Request_Takeoff; -- end of the synchronized part or, accept ,Request_Approach (ID: in Airplane_ID; Approach: out Runway_Access) do
  50. Tunguska languages cited by Starting et al. (2003). Georg (2005) does not, accept ,this, referring to Georg (1999/2000) and an upcoming paper. Numerals and

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