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  1. Air Museum in Peru, Indiana,located near Frisson Air Reserve Base, made a, request ,to be permitted to display the Apollo 1 Command Module. Popular culture *An
  2. For its policy of refusing to disable restrictions upon an adult patron's, request , Library patrons attempting to access pro-gun websites were blocked, and the
  3. As for the offering of the skull to Rosamond, that may have been a ritual, request ,of complete submission of the queen and her people to the Lombards, and thus a
  4. However, certain critical interlocutory court orders, such as the denial of a, request ,for an interim injunction, or an order holding a person in contempt of court
  5. Tendency of Varieties to Depart Indefinitely From the Original Type ", with the, request ,that Darwin would review it and pass it on to Charles Lyell if he thought it
  6. From the Romans. As his first attempt, Andriskos travelled to Syria to, request ,military help from Demetrius Voter of Syria. Demetrius instead handed him over
  7. To Solzhenitsyn, publication of the Satin memoirs was canceled at the, request ,of Samutin's widow, who stated that the memoirs were in fact dictated by the
  8. Have built the Analytical Engine and use it to fight crime at Queen Victoria's, request , The comic is based on thorough research on the biographies and correspondence
  9. Movement. Death On his deathbed, unable to speak, Huxley made a written, request ,to his wife Laura for" LSD,100 kg, intramuscular ". According to her account
  10. Tuberculosis, aggravated by drug and alcohol use. It is recorded that his last, request ,was for a toothpick. He was interred in the Cafetiere de Bagneux, near Paris.
  11. Who married Philip I of Namur, were legitimized by the pope in 1201 at the, request ,of the king. Little is known of the personality of Agnes, beyond the remarkable
  12. Hemingway; and artist Pablo Picasso. Gershwin met with Boulanger and at her, request ,he played ten minutes of his music. Boulanger replied that she had nothing to
  13. The commander of Fort Sumter, South Carolina, Major Robert Anderson sent a, request ,for provisions to Washington, and the execution of Lincoln's order to meet
  14. Introducing them to Nico (who would perform with the band at Warhol's, request ,). In 1966, he" produced" their first album The Velvet Underground & Nico, as
  15. On Ashore, asylum seekers could claim to have entered Australian territory and, request ,to be processed as refugees. The use of Ashore for this purpose created great
  16. Upon Gratin to call a general council from all parts of the empire. This, request ,appeared so equitable that he complied without hesitation. However, Ambrose
  17. Caparisons asked Apollo to let his tears fall forever. Apollo granted the, request ,by turning him into the Cypress named after him, which was said to be a sad
  18. Osborn, was hospitalized after tripping on LSD. Lee wrote this story upon a, request ,from the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare for a story about the
  19. Of the user. They may be as basic as pictures on a board that they are used to, request ,food, drink,or other care; or they can be advanced speech generating devices
  20. Bell's main sources of income were from lectures until after 1897. One unusual, request ,exacted by his fiancée was that he use" Alec" rather than the family's
  21. Of his name, André LE Chaplain. His work De More was written at the, request ,of Marie de Champagne, daughter of King Louis VII of France and of Eleanor of
  22. Was not made through the formal process, so nothing came from this original, request , After the successful conclusion of the Northern Expedition, the now-defunct
  23. When Arminius died before he could satisfy Holland's State General's, request ,for a 14-page paper outlining his views, the Remonstrants replied in his stead
  24. But was issued as a separate DVD release, retitled The Last Video at the, request ,of the former ABBA members. In 2005,all four members of ABBA appeared at the
  25. Is an amateur press association started in June 1975 by Lee Gold (at the, request ,of Bruce Pelt, who felt that discussion of Dungeons & Dragons was taking up too
  26. With the provinces of the Communion. The Primates' Meeting voted to, request ,the two churches to withdraw their delegates from the 2005 meeting of the
  27. The B. A. Council. Hooker eventually relented and agreed to support the pension, request , Biogeography and ecology In 1872,at the urging of many of his friends
  28. Demanded that they allow her to pray to the Mother of God for protection. This, request ,was granted and Anna then manifested her true theatrical and manipulative
  29. In the city's eastern parkland. However, in 2009,at the former governor's, request , the state government chose to drop this name and instead transfer the Royal
  30. In herbal substances should be monitored, although the guidance does not, request ,for the evidences of these traits. However, for the herbal substances in
  31. Escorting Anne around in a wheelchair, they did some shopping, and at Anne's, request , visited York Minster. However, it was clear that Anne had little strength left
  32. Repelled the invaders. Philip marched on Melissa (theoretically acting on the, request ,of the Amphicytonic League),captured the mercenaries sent there by
  33. Cleared_Runway (ID); delay 5.0; -- fly around a bit ... loop select -- try to, request ,a runway Controller1. Request_Approach (ID, Rwy ); -- this is a blocking call
  34. With the finding of such a tribunal, one generally has the power to, request ,a trial de Nova by a court of record. In such a proceeding, all issues and
  35. Of Jews and Muslims in his administration. Nevertheless, upon Andrew's, request , the Archbishop withdrew the ecclesiastic punishments soon and the Pope
  36. In arranging Thoreau's funeral in the church he had resigned, at Emerson's, request , With Hawthore's death, Alcott worried that few of the Concord notables
  37. To escape the city to join his lover in Paris after city officials refused his, request ,to leave. He befriends some criminals so that they may smuggle him out of the
  38. For a drinking competition, which is a none too subtle way for Aristophanes to, request ,first prize for the drama competition. *Self-mocking theater: Frequent
  39. Captain was probably Gonzalo Coelho - but ultimately took charge at the, request ,of the Portuguese officers. Vespucci, in all probability, voyaged to America at
  40. Provisions to Washington, and the execution of Lincoln's order to meet that, request ,was seen by the secessionists as an act of war. On April 12, 1861,Confederate
  41. Tasks ahead. God, in the Qur'an, says that Moses said: God granted Moses his, request ,and told him that he could take his brother along with him. God says: Aaron
  42. From uterine cancer and bloodletting by her physicians. She was buried, at her, request , next to her father at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Hucknall, Nottingham
  43. His death in 1986. In 1990,movement toward independence was postponed upon the, request ,of Aruba's Prime Minister, Nelson O. Outer. The article scheduling Aruba's
  44. Provinces. In the second half of 1226,Andrew lead his armies to Hatch on the, request ,of his youngest son, Andrew. Although, Prince Still defeated the royal armies
  45. Were made public in response to a December 2004 Freedom of Information Act, request ,by Judicial Watch. Some still images from the video had previously been
  46. A sculpted sphere and cylinder were placed on the tomb of Archimedes at his, request , *On Conoid and Spheroids: This is a work in 32 propositions addressed to
  47. Chosen by the monks from among the fully professed monks. Once chosen, he must, request ,blessing: the blessing of an abbot is celebrated by the bishop in whose diocese
  48. After a brief but fierce storm sent up against the group at Juno's, request , and several failed attempts to found cities, Aeneas and his fleet made
  49. Philip was assassinated by Ananias of Orestes. In 334 BC, Alexander I, at the, request ,of the Greek colony of Tara's (in Magna Graecia),crossed over into Italy, too
  50. Hasan Ali Shah was on a hunting trip at the time, but he sent a messenger to, request ,permission of the monarch to go to Mecca for the hajj pilgrimage. Permission

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