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  1. Suggest an increase in several growth hormones; other data argue for diminished, growth ,factors. Also, some inborn errors of metabolism are associated with autism but
  2. Countries lack key natural resources, particularly fossil fuels, and economic, growth ,in many countries has often been characterized by a high dependency on imports
  3. Climate change, growing consumer demand in China and India, and population, growth ,) to cause food shortages in Asia, the Middle East, Africa,and Mexico, as well
  4. 1989. Environment At the same time as they benefit from dramatic market, growth , countries in Asia face huge sustainability challenges: environmental
  5. Some will think he opposes taxes in general, because they hinder economic, growth , Others may think he opposes only those taxes that he believes will hinder
  6. And 2007. During 2001–2010 Angola has the world's the biggest Annual average GDP, growth ,with 11.1 percent. In 2004,China's Embank approved a $2 billion line of
  7. Is merely one example of the many adverse environmental impacts of rapid Asian, growth , Water and air quality is also a cause of severe concern across the region.
  8. Is an equally important part of working towards leaner, more efficient economic, growth , The Philippine government's Clean Air Act of 1999,which makes emission
  9. Food molecules. Amino acids are required for synthesis of proteins required for, growth ,and repair of our body tissues. Fatty acids are also required for growth and
  10. Of the PRC and India have been growing rapidly, both with an average annual, growth ,rate of more than 8 %. Other recent very high growth nations in Asia include
  11. Economy in Africa and one of the fastest in the world, with an average GDP, growth ,of 20 percent between 2005 and 2007. During 2001–2010 Angola has the world's
  12. Growth Generators countries came from Asia driven by population and income, growth , They are Bangladesh, the People's Republic of China, India,Indonesia, Iraq
  13. As of 2006. The median age for males and females is 18 years old. Population, growth ,The population is growing by 2.184 % annually. There are 44.51 births and 24.81
  14. For example, a politician might say" I oppose taxes which hinder economic, growth ,", an example of a glittering generality. Some will think he opposes taxes in
  15. Multicellular phalli are the reds and browns, and some chlorophytes. Apical, growth ,is constrained to subsets of these groups: the florideophyte reds, various
  16. Generation and Corruption 319b-320a,he distinguishes the coming to be from: #, growth ,and diminution, which is change in quantity; # locomotion, which is change in
  17. Of new pesticides, yield-sensing technologies, simulation models of crop, growth , invited cell culture techniques) * Transformation of primary products into
  18. To phase out commodity-linked farm subsidies, also known as decoupling. The, growth ,of organic farming has renewed research in alternative technologies such as
  19. Beings,e.g. the ability to initiate movement (or in the case of plants, growth ,and chemical transformations, which Aristotle considers types of movement).
  20. Mycobiont. Coral reefs, the rate at which metabolism can proceed determines the, growth ,or deterioration of the reef. Algae of the Dinoflagellate phylum are often
  21. The Angolan bourgeoisie was born. From the 1920s to the 1960s,strong economic, growth , abundant natural resources and development of infrastructure, led to the
  22. Is provided with oxygen and sugars which can account for 50 to 80 % of sponge, growth ,in some species. Life-cycle Rhodophyta, Chlorophyta and Heterokontophyta, the
  23. Soviet Union. The construction of military bases contributed to the population, growth ,of some Alaskan cities. Statehood for Alaska was an important cause
  24. And more recently intensive agriculture, industrial development, and population, growth ,have raised many questions among agricultural scientists and have led to the
  25. Raised concerns about animal cruelty and the health effects of the antibiotics, growth ,hormones, and other chemicals commonly used in industrial meat production. The
  26. Great intellectual impact, it " contributed to the erosion of Christianity,the, growth ,of cultural relativism, an awareness of the survival of the primitive in modern
  27. The Economist asserting that for 2001 to 2010,Angola's' Annual average GDP, growth ,was 11.1 percent. It is still recovering from the Angolan Civil War that
  28. Oil prices and rising oil production have led to a very strong economic, growth ,in recent years, but corruption and public-sector mismanagement remain
  29. Day, after the Japanese currency reached a record high of 79 yen/US$. Economic, growth ,in Asia since World War II to the 1990s had been concentrated in Japan as well
  30. With an average annual growth rate of more than 8 %. Other recent very high, growth ,nations in Asia include Malaysia, Indonesia,Pakistan, Thailand,Vietnam
  31. Might kill one-third or one-half of the population, destroying the demographic, growth ,of a generation and forcing colonists back into the river valleys. " The
  32. Power, Portugal,becoming ever richer and more powerful, would not tolerate the, growth ,of these neighboring states and subjugated them one by one, so that by the
  33. City of Birmingham for work in new industrial jobs. It experienced such rapid, growth ,that it was nicknamed" The Magic City ". By the 1920s,Birmingham was the 19th
  34. They are: the tenth largest in the world. Average annual non-hydrocarbon GDP, growth ,averaged 6 percent between 2003 and 2007,with total GDP growing at an average
  35. Missile Command, headquartered at Redstone Arsenal. Most Alabama's economic, growth ,is due to the state's expanding automotive manufacturing industry. Located in
  36. Matthew Ciabatta commented," I know they laugh at Rand," while forecasting a, growth ,of interest in her work in the academic community. Objectives movement In 1985
  37. Ready to leave the water. The material of the tail is being used for a quick, growth ,of the legs. The disappearance of the larval structures is a regulated process
  38. Credit to Angola to rebuild infrastructure. The economy grew 18 % in 2005 and, growth ,was expected to reach 26 % in 2006 and stay above 10 % for the rest of the
  39. Burma during the lifetime of Baha'u'Allah. Since the middle of the 20th century, growth ,has particularly occurred in other Asian countries, because the Bahá'í Faith's
  40. Tend to grow faster than usual, followed by normal or relatively slower, growth ,in childhood. It is not known whether early over growth occurs in all autistic
  41. Hardship, in part because of continued dependence on agriculture. Despite the, growth ,of major industries and urban centers, white rural interests dominated the
  42. Of the nervous system for stereoscopic vision, locomotion and feeding * A quick, growth ,and movement of the eyes to higher up the skull and the formation of eyelids. *
  43. Americans were under-represented. Following World War II, Alabama experienced, growth ,as the economy of the state transitioned from agriculture to diversified
  44. Of one type of autism, Fragile X. Some data suggest an increase in several, growth ,hormones; other data argue for diminished growth factors. Also, some inborn
  45. Of intensive farming techniques (use of fertilizers, chemical pest control, growth ,control to avoid lodging). Genetic engineering Genetically Modified Organisms
  46. May think he opposes only those taxes that he believes will hinder economic, growth , In writing, the sentence can be rewritten to reduce possible misinterpretation
  47. Really gained momentum. Starting in 1982,dividends from the fund's annual, growth ,have been paid out each year to eligible Alaskans, ranging from an initial
  48. Jobs and better futures in northern industrial cities. The population, growth ,rate in Alabama (see" Historical Populations" table below) dropped by
  49. For growth and repair of our body tissues. Fatty acids are also required for, growth ,and repair of body tissues. Nucleic acids are important for the manufacturing
  50. That plants possess a vegetative soul, responsible for reproduction and, growth , animals a vegetative and a sensitive soul, responsible for mobility and

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