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  1. And the spurs set deeper into his sides. " In Dublin, Franklin was invited to, sit ,with the members of the Irish Parliament rather than in the gallery. He was the
  2. Used instead, which is a low-mid front vowel. * The sound, used in tin, bit and, sit , tends to be tenser than in other varieties of English, and may sometimes sound
  3. Of efficiency lovers, increasing processor performance has meant that most CPUs, sit ,idle most of the time, with delays caused by predictable bottlenecks such as
  4. For example,many things can be red. Likewise, many things, sit ,on surfaces (as in picture 1,to the right). The property of redness and the
  5. Are passive and may imply that the subject had been involuntarily forced to, sit ,or stand or directed to hold that location. * In most areas of the United
  6. III to a 1930s fascist England in Ian McKellen's 1995 film, however,did not, sit ,well with historians. Adams po sit s that the original Shakespearean setting for
  7. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) * Seating products that assist people to, sit ,comfortably and safely (seating systems, cushions,therapeutic seats). *
  8. Become heaven. The Appears and the Flying Spirits float across the sky. Lovers, sit ,in the air houses. INDRA AND THE PARAS: The famous painting Indra and the
  9. For an exam also arises in BRE but only rarely in AME; American lawyers-to-be, sit ,for their bar exams and American master's and doctoral students may sit for
  10. Weaver to produce pieces that are longer than the loom. Most looms are meant to, sit ,on a table, but some have floor stands or are meant to sit in the lap. Off-loom
  11. The general credibility of the arbitral process, arbitrators will sometimes, sit ,as a panel, usually consisting of three arbitrators. Often the three consist of
  12. A very competent driver. One of the very few motor manufacturers to actually, sit ,in and race the cars he designed and built, the competition no doubt" improved
  13. Churches use forms of service outside these norms. Many Evangelical churches, sit ,lightly to the set forms of morning and evening prayer, though generally
  14. To a tradition reported by Paul the Deacon, to be granted the right to, sit ,at his father's table Albion had to ask for the hospitality of a foreign king
  15. Neither trading nor toil, neither hatred nor envy; but the righteous shall, sit ,with crowns upon their heads, and rejoice in the radiance of the Divine
  16. Death. " Abu Bakr arrived and said," Sit down, O 'Umar! " But 'Umar refused to, sit ,down. So the people came to Abu Bakr and left Umar. Abu Bakr said," To proceed
  17. As verbs of movement. Verbs which fall into this category include sit zen (to, sit ,), liegen (to lie) and, in parts of Carinthia, schlafen (to sleep).
  18. Himself," Ah! Mother, Mother! How can it be that I must part from you? Here I, sit ,and there you are lying; we have so much to say, and we shall never say it. "
  19. Could not eventuate, he resigned from the party on 7 October 2009,continued to, sit ,as an independent and was defeated at the 2010 election. David Collier
  20. Parliamentarian, David Wunderlist, announced he would leave the party and, sit ,as an independent unless the South Australian Democrats could recruit 1,000 new
  21. After proclaiming" I would rather be a servant in the house of the lord than, sit ,in the seats of the mighty. " *1961 – K-19,the first Soviet nuclear submarine
  22. Tower (something he did not allow for any of his sons),and allowing him to, sit ,on the throne on some festive occasions. Most importantly Abdallah gave ABD
  23. Adrenal glands (also known as supra renal glands) are endocrine glands that, sit ,atop the kidneys; in humans, the right supra renal gland is triangular shaped
  24. Were not technically magistrates),did not hold. Besides having the right to, sit ,on a Curdle Chair (sell Curtis) and to wear a toga pretext, the Curdle
  25. Pupils of all abilities. Grammar Schools cream from 10 % to 23 % of those who, sit ,the exam. However, nationally only 6 % of pupils attend Grammar Schools.
  26. And more pliable than fishing line, which permits the beads of the stitch to, sit ,straight without undue tension bending the arrangement out of place. Right
  27. Lands and fiefdoms donated by their father. Alfonso Ranches, however,did not, sit ,still. From Castile, he orchestrated a series of attempts to usurp the crown
  28. French Revolution. The more senior bishops of the Church of England continue to, sit ,in the House of Lords of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, as
  29. Military support to the crusaders if they helped him to depose his uncle and, sit ,on his father's throne. The crusaders, whose objective had been Egypt, were
  30. Dicere, Vox populi, vox DEI, quum tumultuo sit as Vulg temper insane proximal, sit , ": 'And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of
  31. Feudal lord. " On the first lines of the book is the line" My old man would, sit ,there like a feudal lord. " However, when informed of this, author Saga's
  32. And share a common continental shelf. Almost all of Europe and most of Asia, sit ,atop the Eurasian Plate, adjoined on the south by the Arabian and Indian Plate
  33. Mlyàko (milk) n. → clear (milkman); Chechen (milky),etc. *Adam (, sit ,) vb. → medal (seat); medalist (seat,e.g. of government),etc. *seat
  34. Ratified the new Constitution. The Congress under the Articles continued to, sit ,until November 1788,overseeing the adoption of the new Constitution by the
  35. Container is shaken vigorously for at least one minute. It is then allowed to, sit ,on a flat surface for a day or so until the soil has settled into layers or
  36. To the city. Scene 9 In front of the Rich Man’s Hotel, Jimmy and the others, sit ,lazily as a pianist plays Sheila Badarzewska's" A Maiden’s Prayer ". With
  37. Of the Lower Bar (Abbreviates de Parco Minor); that the former should, sit ,upon a slightly raised portion of the chamber, separated from the rest of the
  38. Comfort depends on riding po sit ion. With comfort bikes and hybrids, cyclists, sit , high over the seat, their weight directed down onto the saddle, such that a
  39. Terminal PAC systems. Unitary systems, the common one room air conditioners, sit ,in a window or wall opening, with interior controls. Interior air is cooled as
  40. A significant episode occurs near the end of part IV, when Narrow and Room, sit ,on the terrace of a house, from which they can see far into the horizon. As he
  41. Made up of any number of modules. General terms In the UK a student is said to, sit ,or take an exam while in the US, a student takes an exam. The expression he
  42. Herself was allowed to retain her Protestant faith (an agreement that did not, sit ,well at all with Alexei's followers). As for the marriage itself, it was a
  43. Looms are meant to sit on a table, but some have floor stands or are meant to, sit ,in the lap. Off-loom bead weaving Off-loom bead weaving is a family of bead work
  44. Were received kneeling, as were those of the pope and the king. No monk might, sit ,in his presence, or leave it without his permission, reflecting the
  45. For Scotland to send representative peers from the Peerage of Scotland to, sit ,in the House of Lords. It guaranteed that the Church of Scotland would remain
  46. They failed to perform. Who could justify paying a slumping player millions to, sit ,in Toledo where the major league fans couldn't pay their way? Other players in
  47. Repetitive body movements (tardive dyskinetic),diabetes, an inability to, sit ,still or remain motionless (akathisia),sexual dysfunction, a return of
  48. Became available. With this extra processing power, computers would sometimes, sit ,idle, without jobs to run. Programming languages in the batch programming era
  49. Letters to be issued with the leaden seal; that the latter, however,should, sit ,among the apostolic writers upon benches in the lower part of the chamber, and
  50. Sit for their bar exams and American master's and doctoral students may, sit ,for their comprehensive exams, but in nearly all other instances, Americans

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