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  1. She is too late to save him and can only mourn over his body. Wherever Adonis ', blood ,falls, Aphrodite causes anemones to grow in his memory. She vows that on the
  2. Septa, large alveoli and therefore a slow diffusion rate of oxygen into the, blood , Ventilation is accomplished by buccal pumping. However, most amphibians are
  3. Would call vertebrates and invertebrates, Aristotle called 'animals with, blood ,' and 'animals without blood ' ( he was not to know that complex invertebrates
  4. Own soil ". Lincoln demanded that Polk show Congress the exact spot on which, blood ,had been shed and prove that the spot was on American soil. Lincoln later
  5. Ashes, and sodium, which was known partly for its high abundance in animal, blood , He named the metal inside the material as" lithium ". Sodium Although sodium
  6. Breath, stomach aches, or headaches. The body prepares to deal with a threat:, blood ,pressure and heart rate are increased, sweating is increased, blood flow to the
  7. The passion of Christ, the breaking of the bread, and reception of the body and, blood ,of Christ as instituted at the Last Supper. While many Anglicans celebrate the
  8. Ft. Sumter showed he adhered to his vow not to be the first to shed fraternal, blood , But he also vowed not to surrender the forts. The only resolution of these
  9. Attempts to communicate methods of sexual magic, often using words like ", blood ,"," death" and" kill" to replace" semen "," ecstasy" and" ejaculation "
  10. And Orestes was avenging his father, whereas the Erin yes say that the bond of, blood ,between mother and son is more meaningful than the bond of marriage. They
  11. Many Union soldiers did not fully endorse the idea of shedding their own, blood ,for African American slaves, whom they viewed as inferior. Manning's research
  12. Americium is excreted within a few days and only 0.05 % is absorbed in the, blood , From there, roughly 45 % of it goes to the liver and 45 % to the bones, and
  13. Foam-arisen" ), while the Erin yes (furies) emerged from the drops of, blood , Hesiod states that the genitals" were carried over the sea a long time, and
  14. Daily Physical Exercise; and to defeat diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high, blood , pressure,the prescription of a diet which contains high amounts of Whole
  15. Use of hemoglobin, but of a different kind from vertebrates). Animals with, blood ,were divided into live-bearing (humans and mammals),and egg-bearing (birds
  16. Polk insisted that Mexican soldiers had" invaded our territory and shed the, blood ,of our fellow-citizens on our own soil ". Lincoln demanded that Polk show
  17. Disease. Later in life, he also suffered constant minor ailments such as high, blood ,pressure. Much of these symptoms were related to stress, but with gaining fame
  18. Denomincations. Push organizes marches in Tirana recently one against, blood ,feuds in 2010. Bibles are provided by the Interconfessional Bible Society of
  19. The diaphragm would seem to grow heavy, and I would get the impression that my, blood ,pressure was rising tremendously ... Anxiety amidst all my freedom and power!
  20. Should be mourned with no feminine lamentations and with no tears, but with the, blood ,of men. " His horsemen galloped in circles around the silken tent where Attila
  21. Experimentalists gradually uncovered the workings of the human body, such as, blood ,circulation (Harvey,1616),and eventually traced many diseases to infections
  22. A god. He then nailed Marshal' shaggy skin to a nearby pine-tree. Marshal ', blood ,turned into the river Marshal. Another variation is that Apollo played his
  23. Him instantly. Apollo is said to be filled with grief: out of Hyacinths ', blood , Apollo created a flower named after him as a memorial to his death, and his
  24. And fat, releasing CO2 into the blood stream. In aqueous solutions such as, blood ,CO2 exists in equilibrium with carbonic acid and bicarbonate ion.: CO2 + H2O
  25. Had in fact clipped his popliteal artery and his boot was filling up with, blood , Within a few minutes, Johnston was observed by his staff to be nearly fainting
  26. Brief in the extreme, but his daughter Catherine became his only descendant by, blood , He liked to call Elisabeth" La Dame Blanche" (" The White Lady" ).
  27. Impression on Carrel, and he set about developing new techniques for suturing, blood ,vessels. The technique of" triangulation ", which was inspired by sewing
  28. Or decompression mix, to speed the elimination of dissolved nitrogen from the, blood , See Argos. Lighting Incandescent lights are filled with argon, to preserve the
  29. Body rapidly breaks down stored carbohydrates and fat, releasing CO2 into the, blood ,stream. In aqueous solutions such as blood CO2 exists in equilibrium with
  30. In China the symbolic sloughing of the earth by the emperor and princes of the, blood ,took place in their third month, which frequently corresponds to our April. The
  31. 1:8. Written in 1911,which contained a statement of Crowley's belief in the, blood ,libel against the Jews: Crowley rhetorically asked how a system of value such
  32. He cast two spears at once, one grazed Achilles' elbow," drawing a spurt of, blood ,". Also, in the fragmentary poems of the Epic Cycle in which we can find
  33. Mammals),and egg-bearing (birds and fish). Invertebrates ('animals without, blood ,') are insects, crustacea (divided into non-shelled – cephalopods – and
  34. And invertebrates, Aristotle called 'animals with blood ' and 'animals without, blood ,' (he was not to know that complex invertebrates do make use of hemoglobin
  35. Beginning of 20th century, the Basis Trial in Russia represented incidents of, blood ,libel in Europe. Allegations of Jews killing Christians were used as
  36. That this equipment will work properly. All this is possible only through the, blood , sweat, and tears of a number of a people ... All you see is the three of us
  37. Some cells in multicellular animals may be amoebic, for instance human white, blood ,cells, which consume pathogens. Many protists also exist as individual amoebic
  38. Examination. There is no diagnostic test for MND. Investigations such as, blood ,tests, electromyography (EMG),magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),and
  39. A threat: blood pressure and heart rate are increased, sweating is increased, blood ,flow to the major muscle groups is increased, and immune and digestive system
  40. Charles Claude Guthrie in work on vascular suture and the transplantation of, blood ,vessels and organs as well as the head, and Carrel was awarded the 1912 Nobel
  41. Lower several factors associated with heart disease, including cholesterol and, blood ,lipids. Almonds contain polyphenols in their skins analogous to those of
  42. Cancer. Preliminary research associates consumption of almonds with elevating, blood ,levels of high density lipoproteins and lowering low density lipoproteins. A
  43. Cytokines trigger an inflammatory response, which draws large numbers of white, blood ,cells to the area and increases the regional blood flow. The final structure of
  44. Desire for" military glory—that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of, blood ,". Lincoln emphasized his opposition to Polk by drafting and introducing his
  45. Speer and his group entered the building, to be confronted with a pool of, blood , apparently from the body of Herbert von Bose, von Papen's secretary, who had
  46. Pigmented and translucent, its pinkish color is due to the hemoglobin in its, blood , Abundant in the famous Mammoth Cave, being a distraction for visitors. Calmly
  47. With human kidney cells and in vivo tests with rat liver cells and peripheral, blood ,leukocytes in humans. Inductive coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is
  48. Draws large numbers of white blood cells to the area and increases the regional, blood ,flow. The final structure of the abscess is an abscess wall, or capsule, that
  49. Boar. In the attack, Adonis is castrated by the boar, and dies from a loss of, blood , Aphrodite rushes back to his side, but she is too late to save him and can
  50. Middle Ages in Europe there was persecution against Jews in many places, with, blood , libels,expulsions, forced conversions and massacres. A main justification of

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