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  1. Rejecting the null hypothesis when the alternative hypothesis is true. Effect, size ,Several standardized measures of effect gauge the strength of the association
  2. Relates this to Raleigh scattering, which is what happens when the fluctuation, size ,is much smaller than the wavelength, and which explains why the sky is blue.
  3. Software * Customization of graphical user interfaces to alter the colors and, size ,of desktops, short-cut icons, menu bars and scroll bars. * Optical character
  4. Began to compete with amphibians, leading to their reduction in, size ,and importance in the biosphere. Taxonomic history Traditionally, amphibians
  5. Developed a unique and characteristic style in its art. Because of the, size ,and duration of these civilizations, more of their art works have survived and
  6. As a group, agnostids are misogynous, meaning that their pygidium is similar in, size ,and shape to their Teflon. Most agnostic species were eyeless. The systematic
  7. On a variety of factors such as geographic spread, local circumstances, size , and membership. For instance, a local society in the middle of a large city
  8. After Niger). It is comparable in size to Mali and is nearly twice the, size ,of the US state of Texas, or five times the area of the United Kingdom. It lies
  9. Of a do pant, or resolution of an imaging system, as measure of the, size ,of the smallest detail which still can be resolved at the background of
  10. S 41st largest country (before France and after Burma). It is about the, size ,of Texas in the United States. It borders Pakistan in the east and south, Iran
  11. Census has not been held in the nation in decades, exact figures about the, size ,and composition of the various ethnic groups are unavailable. An approximate
  12. Explained by the model in the population (it estimates only the effect, size ,in the sample). On average, it overestimates the variance explained in the
  13. That is a grazing algae or on growth or filtering plankton until a certain, size ,has been reached, where metamorphosis sets in. This metamorphosis typically
  14. Is the largest state in the United States in land area at, over twice the, size ,of Texas, the next largest state. Alaska is larger than all but 18 sovereign
  15. Rejecting the null hypothesis if we assume a certain ANOVA design, effect, size , in the population, sample size and alpha level. Power analysis can assist in
  16. The presence of peptidoglycan in the cell walls, and ribosomes different in, size ,and content from those of the Eukaryotes. Rather than in chloroplasts, they
  17. Proportion of variance accounted for),these guidelines may overestimate the, size ,of the effect. If going by the r guidelines (0.1 is a small effect,0.3 a
  18. Some Greek sources are claiming even 300,000. Most Western sources put the, size ,of the Greek minority at around 200,000,or about 6 % of the population, while
  19. The. Covering approximately 22 % of Earth's surface, the Atlantic is second in, size ,to the Pacific. With its adjacent seas, it occupies an area of about; without
  20. It overestimates the variance explained in the population. As the sample, size ,gets larger the amount of bias gets smaller, : \eta ^2 = \franc. Partial η2 (
  21. Research in 1903 and 1904 was mainly concerned with the effect of finite atomic, size ,on diffusion phenomena. In his paper on mass–energy equivalence Einstein
  22. It uninhabited wilderness. Fairbanks is the only community of any significant, size , Small towns and Native villages are scattered throughout, mostly along the
  23. Members. While the membership had been growing, stricter policies have kept its, size ,steady since then. Rules Currently, according to Rules 2 and 3 of the official
  24. Is dependent on the size of the atoms sharing the bond. For an acid HA, as the, size ,of atom A increase, the strength of the bond decreases, meaning that it is
  25. By weight. Adobe bricks are made in an open frame, by being a reasonable, size , but any convenient size is acceptable. The mixture is molded by the frame, and
  26. Table atoms become less electronegative but also significantly larger, and the, size ,of the atom tends to dominate its acidity when sharing a bond to hydrogen.
  27. From the deep sea to the highest mountain streams. Extant species can range in, size ,from Paedocypris, at,to the massive Ocean Sunfish, at,and the long-bodied
  28. Level. Power analysis can assist in study design by determining what sample, size ,would be required in order to have a reasonable chance of rejecting the null
  29. A distinction is sometimes made between the smaller adobes, which are about the, size ,of ordinary baked bricks, and the larger adobes, some of which may be one to
  30. The south by the Indian Ocean and on the north by the Arctic Ocean. Given its, size ,and diversity, Asia – a toponym dating back to classical antiquity –" is more
  31. Mali, in the southeast by Niger, and in the north by the Mediterranean Sea. Its, size ,is almost with an estimated population of 36.3 million as of 2011. Algeria is a
  32. Be a surprise that the boiling point has almost a linear relationship with the, size ,(molecular weight) of the molecule. As a rule of thumb, the boiling point
  33. Are made in an open frame, by being a reasonable size , but any convenient, size ,is acceptable. The mixture is molded by the frame, and then the frame is
  34. The large majority of the population is ethnically Albanian. The exact, size ,of ethnic minorities is not known, as the last census that contained
  35. Grain, Vlachs, Montenegrins,Serbs, Balkan Egyptians, Roma and Jews. The, size ,of the Greek minority is a contentious issue, with the Albanian government
  36. The world's twenty-third largest country (after Niger). It is comparable in, size ,to Mali and is nearly twice the size of the US state of Texas, or five times
  37. Form into which the mixture is pressed, adobe can encompass nearly any shape or, size , provided drying time is even, and the mixture includes reinforcement for larger
  38. The comparison of findings in studies and across disciplines. Common effect, size ,estimates reported in univariate-response ANOVA and multivariate-response
  39. A long time) that, given " current astronomical demonstrations" that" the, size ,of the sun is greater than that of the earth and the distance of the stars from
  40. To the west. Alabama ranks 30th in total land area and ranks second in the, size ,of its inland waterways. The state ranks 23rd in population with 4.7 million
  41. Kabul. The other major cities in the country are, in order of population, size , Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-i-Sharif,Kunduz, Jalalabad,Lashkar Gah, Taloqan, Puli
  42. If we assume a certain ANOVA design, effect size in the population, sample, size , and alpha level. Power analysis can assist in study design by determining what
  43. As the economic sector employing the most people worldwide. Despite the, size ,of its workforce, agricultural production accounts for less than five percent
  44. Particles. It depends on properties of the material (refractive index); the, size ,of the particle or particles; and the wavelength of the incoming radiation.
  45. The Declaration of Independence never intended 'to say all were equal in color, size , intellect, moral developments, or social capacity ', but they 'did consider
  46. Computers, such as the iPad, which offer text-to-speech and adjustable font, size ,features. * Adjustable task lamp, using a fluorescent bulb, shines directly
  47. Neck and back, which is raised during a confrontation to make the aardwolf's, size ,appear bigger. It is 55–80 cm (22–31 in) long, excluding its bushy 20–30 cm (
  48. Sector. Today, the influence of the oil processing business is minimal. The, size ,of the agriculture and manufacturing sectors also remains minimal. The GDP per
  49. Backbone. In general, the number of carbon atoms is often used to define the, size ,of the alkane (e.g.,C2-alkane). An alkyl group, generally abbreviated with
  50. Acidic hydrogen and the atom that bears it. This, in turn, is dependent on the, size ,of the atoms sharing the bond. For an acid HA, as the size of atom A increase

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