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  1. Claimed he developed such a long line because he had long breaths (saying, perhaps ,it was because he talked fast, or he did yoga, or he was Jewish). The long
  2. To uncover her hips and buttocks, and looking back and down over her shoulder, perhaps ,to evaluate them File: Hindus Aphrodite Altemps Inv8619. JPG|The Ludovic
  3. Language ". But Davenport gives Free (1879) these kudos: Frege's is ", perhaps ,the most important single work ever written in logic. ... in which we see a "
  4. The erotic White Stains (1898) and Clouds without Water (1909),although, perhaps ,his best known poem was his ode to the ancient god Pan, Hymn to Pan (1929).
  5. Towards them create" two opposing points of view" that" alienate the reader, perhaps ,unconsciously, from a narrator who can view with 'melancholy' detachment a
  6. Century onward, as to what Athena looked like. Most noticeable in the face is, perhaps ,the full round strong, masculine chin with a high nose that has a high bridge
  7. Region of South America the major domesticated crop was potatoes, domesticated, perhaps ,5000 years ago. Large varieties of beans were domesticated, in South America
  8. The meaning of this term is unclear. It seems to mean" Triton-born ", perhaps ,indicating that the sea-deity was her parent according to some early myths, In
  9. Poirot from London to New York and starred character actor Harold Huber, perhaps ,better known for his appearances as a police officer in various Charlie Chan
  10. Movements with weapons, such as those for the spear (), short staff (), and, perhaps ,the. However, aikido derives much of its technical structure from the art of
  11. Produced most of the helium, lithium,and deuterium in the universe, and, perhaps ,some beryllium and boron. Name ns1794_42/> name
  12. Is stronger than MAC, which asserts the nonexistence of any choice function on, perhaps ,only a single set of nonempty sets. Note that strengthened negations may be
  13. s),in order for the target machines to produce output from given input (, perhaps ,null). " Elegant" ( compact) programs," good" ( fast) programs: The
  14. America when the rebellion started, was criticized for being too lenient (, perhaps ,influenced by his American wife). General Jeffrey Amherst,1st Baron Amherst
  15. Back, as his real intent abroad was to complete a new work based on Paris and, perhaps ,a second rhapsody for piano and orchestra. Composition Gershwin based An
  16. Younger characters) recognize neither him nor his name::" I should, perhaps , Madame, tell you a little more about myself. I am Hercules Poirot. ": The
  17. To some theories, their leaders at least may have spoken a Turkic language, perhaps ,closest to the modern Chuvash language. One scholar suggests a relationship to
  18. Procedure for calculations. Starting from an initial state and initial input (, perhaps ,empty),the instructions describe a computation that, when executed, will
  19. Various IBM operating systems used both characters to mark the end of a line, perhaps ,for compatibility with Teletype machines. This de facto standard was copied
  20. Literally" sunrise ". The precise reference of this term has varied over time, perhaps ,originally referring only to the Ionian colonies on the Asia Minor coast. In
  21. Operate in Asia from headquarters elsewhere. Some of the most innovative and, perhaps ,the most transitory uses of" Asia" have been promulgated by the news media
  22. Etymology suggested for Salinas makes Apollo" The One of Entrapment ", perhaps ,in the sense of" Hunter ". Among the proposed etymologies is the Hurricane and
  23. There, Achilles is disguised as a girl and lives among Lycopenes' daughters, perhaps ,under the name" Pyrrha" ( the red-haired girl). With Lycopenes' daughter
  24. That the Earth was the center of the universe (geocentrism). Since he was, perhaps ,the philosopher most respected by European thinkers during and after the
  25. Celebrated of Kurosawa's works from this period, it is a detective movie (, perhaps ,the first important Japanese film in that genre) that explores the mood of
  26. Was the deity behind the oracle. The older tales mentioned two dragons who were, perhaps ,intentionally conflated. A female dragon named Delphine (δελφύς: womb) who is
  27. Produced it, and bring about my artistic and spiritual death' – on analogy, perhaps ,with Conan Doyle's dictum that 'the ruin of every novelist who has come up has
  28. A city needs despite not being a metropolis like London. Another popular, and, perhaps , better known, phrase to describe the city is" City of Smiles" – a slogan
  29. Century clinic for the poor, in which Kurosawa's humanist themes receive, perhaps ,their fullest statement. A conceited and materialistic, foreign-trained young
  30. Philomaths for example later directed The Frogs, and he was also credited, perhaps ,wrongly, with directing The Wasps. ) Aristophanes's use of directors
  31. Joshi refers to the" posthumous collaborations" as marking the beginning of ", perhaps ,the most disreputable phase of Derleth's activities ". A significant number of
  32. A" Nymph or Titan goddess of Lydia. " Herodotus' geographical puzzlement was, perhaps ,only a form of disagreement, as,having read the earlier Greek poetry along
  33. In the history of the game. Described by the BBC upon his retirement as ", perhaps ,the biggest worldwide star in the sport's history ", Agassi is an eight-time
  34. Passenger friend Harry Martin for his shirt cuff to write the tune on, thus, perhaps , the off the cuff analogy. He composed the tune for the old hymn" O Mother Dear
  35. On symbols. The term" enumerable infinite" means" countable using integers, perhaps ,extending to infinity. " Thus Builds and Jeffrey are saying that an algorithm
  36. Revolution The Industrial Revolution in Western Europe and North America, but, perhaps , most especially in Great Britain and in New England, led to a proliferation of
  37. It was the early hope of modern logicians that various branches of mathematics, perhaps ,all mathematics, could be derived from a consistent collection of basic
  38. For irrigation. Cultural characteristics The Ancient Pueblo culture is, perhaps ,best known for the stone and adobe dwellings built along cliff walls
  39. On costumes, training and maintenance of a Chorus was considerable, and, perhaps , many people in the original audience enjoyed comedy mainly for the spectacle
  40. From the Roman Empire and returned to their home in the Hungarian Great Plain, perhaps ,to consolidate and strengthen their empire. Theodosius used this opportunity to
  41. Of too tender a consistence, to admit a long continuance in salt, although, perhaps , I could name a country, which would be glad to eat up our whole nation without
  42. Had been called into question. Worst of all, the Japanese film industry—and, perhaps ,the man himself—began to suspect that he would never make another film. A
  43. Studied the behavior of light both theoretically and experimentally. He is, perhaps ,best known as the inventor of the Fresnel lens, first adopted in lighthouses
  44. ACT in relation to the Global Financial Crisis has reaffirmed its status and, perhaps , cast into question the utility of mainstream theories and critiques. Capital
  45. And G. Starting 2008). *Nicholas Pope (1965). Turkic–Mongolic–Tunguska and, perhaps ,Korean. *G. J. Ramstein (1952–1957). Turkic–Mongolic–Tunguska–Korean. *Sergei
  46. The window on life and politics in classical Athens, in which respect they are, perhaps ,as important as the writings of Thucydides. The artistic influence of the plays
  47. Some commentators have contended: *That the discipline grew out of colonialism, perhaps ,was in league with it, and derived some of its key notions from it, consciously
  48. Mistress Athena, it literally means" the Bosnia of At (h)Ana ", which, perhaps , means the Lady of Athens; Any connection to the city of Athens in the Knossos
  49. Said that moving in the lunar gravity, one-sixth of Earth's, was " even, perhaps ,easier than the simulations ... It's absolutely no trouble to walk around ".
  50. In style may have distinguished between arbitrary groups within a culture, perhaps ,defining status, gender,clan or guild affiliation, religious belief or

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