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  1. Is a stronger reducing agent than carbon. There is an indirect carbothermic, reduction ,possible by using carbon and Al2O3,which forms an intermediate Al4C3 and this
  2. Placebo in 13,000 patients with hip fractures found" a 29 % relative risk, reduction ,in DVT with 160 mg of aspirin taken daily for five weeks. Although there are
  3. And alkane molecules, the second law of thermodynamics suggests that this, reduction ,in entropy should be minimized by minimizing the contact between alkane and
  4. To supply basic services, the development of clean power, and the, reduction ,of air and water pollution. In addition to providing the means for government
  5. Proto-crocodiles began to compete with amphibians, leading to their, reduction ,in size and importance in the biosphere. Taxonomic history Traditionally
  6. Na2CO3 (l) + 2 C (s) → 2 Na (g) + 3 CO (g) A process based on the, reduction ,of sodium hydroxide was developed in 1886. This is done in a Downs Cell in
  7. To the energy required to reduce aluminum oxide (Al2O3). For example, direct, reduction , with carbon, as is used to produce iron, is not chemically possible, since
  8. Can cause hydrolysis of -CN group. LiAlH4 is more commonly employed for the, reduction ,of nitrites on the laboratory scale. Similarly,LiAlH4 reduces amides to amines
  9. Is +3,in which americium compounds are rather stable against oxidation and, reduction , In this sense, americium is chemically similar to most lanthanides and
  10. Metallic americium weighing 40–200 micrograms were not prepared until 1951 by, reduction ,of americium (III) fluoride with barium metal in high vacuum at 1100 °C.
  11. Reduction. Noor asymmetric hydrogenation is the asymmetric, reduction ,of β-keto-esters. Hydrolysis Alkenes engage in an acid catalyzed hydration
  12. Coexistence of an alkane and water leads to an increase in molecular order (a, reduction ,in entropy). As there is no significant bonding between water molecules and
  13. The electrolytic process replaced the Kohler process, which involved the, reduction ,of anhydrous aluminum chloride with potassium. Both of the electrodes used in
  14. And ischemic stroke by about a fifth. This translates to an absolute rate, reduction ,from 8.2 % to 6.7 % of such events per year for people already with
  15. To 90 °C did not result in its disproportionate or reduction , however a slow, reduction ,was observed to Am (III) and assigned to self-irradiation of americium by
  16. Is commonly used in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine through a Birch, reduction , the Birch method of making methamphetamine is dangerous because the alkali
  17. Parlance. An abbreviation is a shortening by any method; a contraction is a, reduction ,of size by the drawing together of the parts. A contraction of a word is made
  18. Phosphate it uncouples oxidative phosphorylation, thus inhibiting energy-linked, reduction ,of NAD+, mitochondrial respiration and ATP synthesis. Hydrogen peroxide
  19. Such as Dungeons & Dragons * Accreditation of Prior Learning (UK) refers to a, reduction ,in the amount of study required to pass a degree, due to previous experience or
  20. Increase in the trade surplus, record highs in foreign exchange reserves, and, reduction , in foreign debt. The government's continued efforts to diversify the economy
  21. E− To some extent, the carbon anode is degraded by the oxygen. The anodes in a, reduction ,cell must therefore be replaced regularly, since they are consumed in the
  22. Functions. For example the" sum" function is derived by applying the ", reduction ," operator to the" addition" function. Applying the same reduction operator
  23. Electropositive hydrogens yields a product which is essentially non-acidic. The, reduction ,of acetic acid to ethanol using LiAlH4 (lithium aluminum hydride or LAH) and
  24. Am (IV) complexes which can be washed away. Metallic americium is obtained by, reduction ,from its compounds. Americium (III) fluoride was first used for this purpose.
  25. 6e− 8NH3),is only +0.04 V. In practice, both oxidation to dinitrogen and, reduction ,to dihydrogen are slow. This is particularly true of reducing solutions: the
  26. Becoming a more common mode of production because of increased profits and a, reduction ,of soil erosion. Across the province, the once common grain elevator is slowly
  27. Improves torsion rigidity compared to a conventional steel frame. The weight, reduction ,is somewhat offset by the quarto four-wheel drive system which is standard in
  28. Associated with an increased risk for the disease. The drug may be effective in, reduction ,of risk of various cancers, including those of the colon, lung,and possibly
  29. Understanding of what stimulates As (III) oxidation and/or limits As (V), reduction , is relevant for bioremediation of contaminated sites (Coal). The study of
  30. As (V) reducers can help the understanding of the oxidation and/or, reduction ,of arsenic. Treatment of chronic arsenic poisoning is easily accomplished.
  31. Collaboration argued such recommendations are unjustified, since the relative, reduction ,of risk in the primary prevention trials of aspirin was same for persons in
  32. The" reduction " operator to the" addition" function. Applying the same, reduction ,operator to the" maximum" function (which returns the larger of two numbers
  33. Chloride. Sodium was first produced commercially in 1855 by thermal, reduction ,of sodium carbonate with carbon at 1100 °C, in what is known as the Seville
  34. So elementary that it is not easy to imagine them further divided ". Turing's, reduction ,yields the following::" The simple operations must therefore include:::" ( a
  35. Antenna. Because of this antenna implementation, some iPhone 4 users reported a, reduction ,in signal strength when the phone is held in specific ways. After a large
  36. And animal waste products, including camel dung, where it was distilled by the, reduction ,of nitrous acid and nitrites with hydrogen; in addition, it was produced by the
  37. Borohydride or lithium aluminum hydride (after an acidic workup). Another, reduction ,by aluminiumisopropylates is the Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley reduction . Noor
  38. Reduces death rates from a range of common cancers by at least a fifth and the, reduction ,of risk continued for 20 years in both men and women. For specific cancers the
  39. The Am (IV) solution to 90 °C did not result in its disproportionate or, reduction , however a slow reduction was observed to Am (III) and assigned to
  40. Another reduction by aluminiumisopropylates is the Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley, reduction , Noor asymmetric hydrogenation is the asymmetric reduction of β-keto-esters.
  41. To represent words in specific application. By classical Greece and Rome,the, reduction ,of words to single letters was still normal, but can default. An increase in
  42. A free rubber 'bumper' case, which had been proven to eliminate the signal, reduction ,issue. Later that year Apple again refreshed its iPod line of MP3 players which
  43. Fluoride and then reduced to the pure metal. The operational temperature of the, reduction ,cells is around. Cryolite is found as a mineral in Greenland, but in industrial
  44. Winston. The changes that resulted from RJR's involvement, as well as the, reduction ,of the schedule from 48 to 31 races a year, established 1972 as the beginning
  45. Salts, which are then hydrolyzed. The formation of a secondary alcohol via, reduction ,and hydration is shown:: Reactions Deportation Alcohols can behave as weak
  46. And thus does not contaminate 225Ac. Actinium metal has been prepared by the, reduction ,of actinium fluoride with lithium vapor in vacuum at a temperature between 1100
  47. An apparatus made of tantalum and tungsten.: \math rm An alternative is the, reduction ,of americium dioxide by metallic lanthanum or thorium: The crystal structure of
  48. Or stoichiometrically. Aniline (C6H5NH2) and its derivatives are prepared by, reduction ,of the nitro aromatics. In industry, hydrogen is the preferred reluctant
  49. And crude oil. Removes hydroxyl groups from alcohols e.g.: and the Clemens, reduction ,removes carbonyl groups from aldehydes and ketones to form alkanes or
  50. 2007 to complete any outstanding tasks, after which they would be laid off. The, reduction ,in force was so large that virtually every conference room within the Dulles

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