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  1. And after several unsuccessful efforts to subdue them, Zaman Shah made the, mistake ,of appointing a forceful young Sikh chief, Ranjit Singh, as his governor in the
  2. It would punish those who had made the proposal that it had agreed to. If a, mistake ,had been made, from the assembly's viewpoint it could only be because it had
  3. For example "! " Indicates a good move,"!! " An excellent move,"? " a, mistake , "?? " A blunder,"!? " An interesting move that may not be best, or "?! " A
  4. A ginger marmalade cat but the company in Folkestone dyeing the material made a, mistake ,and it turned out pink and cream. It was the best thing that ever happened,"
  5. Several miles of very difficult terrain. Their sketchy maps caused Albert one to, mistake ,one mountain for Zidane Mart, and when a scout pointed out his mistake
  6. That excess ad ribbing could be sliced from the final product. If I made a, mistake ,in singing a song or in the script, I could have some fun with it, then retain
  7. Tallest structure in Europe. Due to its high profile, many newcomers to Berlin, mistake ,the nickname Alex and apply it to the Fernsehturm instead. Alex also
  8. Were seized by British police at Dover. The police later admitted this was a, mistake ,and released the impounded literature shortly thereafter. In April 2007,an
  9. And his flagship doubling on the German flagship. However, due to another, mistake ,with signalling by flag, and possibly that Queen Mary and Tiger were unable to
  10. Disadvantage in its negotiations with the ROCCO. However, Wolmar considers it a, mistake ,to blame the Roscoe who are simply behaving in the way commercial companies
  11. Briefly in charge of repairing a few of the Parisian sewers, and he made the, mistake ,of telling his pupil this; with great malice, the young Duke went about saying
  12. Film appearance, Making a Living was filmed, Sennett felt he had made a costly, mistake , Most historians agree it was Normand who persuaded him to give Chaplin another
  13. Name to the simpler Afforests (this is now viewed by the band as having been a, mistake ,); however, two of their latest albums, Pod,a compilation of new mixes of
  14. Who evidently believed that Miltiades was eager to attack, may have made a, mistake ,whilst seeking to explain this delay. This then raises the question of why the
  15. Capability of increasing muscle mass, which enables hitters to not only hit ", mistake ," pitches farther, but it also enables hitters to adjust to" good" pitches
  16. It buy joining in the propaganda of State Socialism or revolution make a sad, mistake ,indeed. They help to so force the march of events that the people will not have
  17. Arrays of the Greeks" (),is dedicated to Hadrian, though this is probably a, mistake ,for Trajan, and the date 106 has been assigned to it. It is a handbook of Greek
  18. The name of the Basque language as" brusquer ". It may be however a writing, mistake , In the 19th century, the Basque nationalist activist Sabine Arena posited an
  19. Century who was also a former Neoplatonist. Phil wrote that it would be a, mistake ,to think that creation happened in six days, or in any set amount of time.
  20. Fatally, Tallard, aware of the situation, did nothing to rectify this grave, mistake , leaving him with just the nine battalions of infantry near the Ronstadt road
  21. This is not so obvious because xor is commutative and associative. A common, mistake ,is to use inverse order of encryption as decryption algorithm (i.e. first
  22. The 'palpable error' rule, which most bookmakers invoke when they have made a, mistake ,by offering or posting incorrect odds. As bookmakers become more proficient
  23. Reading the cited sources. While an author can occasionally make an inadvertent, mistake ,in paraphrasing another, it appears Gould's paraphrases are consistently
  24. Date of 428 BCE, based on the idea that the" seventh" year of Artaxerxes is a, mistake ,for" thirty-seventh" year, has become less popular, as it is based entirely
  25. Of the Moon. Deputy Administrator Seaman's has said that NASA's single worst, mistake ,in engineering judgement was not to run a fire test on the Command Module.
  26. Didn’t talk about the fear, I drank behind the fear instead and that was a big, mistake , " Ward was replaced by former Electric Light Orchestra drummer BEV Began for
  27. Describing the methods for performing actual calculations, were " almost a, mistake ," in comparison. In the Middle Ages, arithmetic was one of the seven liberal
  28. Huge force in the village was to seal his fate that day. Realizing his tactical, mistake ,had contributed to Tallard's defeat in the center, Clérambault deserted
  29. Delius' forces defeated their opponents in the front line, but made the fatal, mistake ,of pursuing their fleeing enemy into the swamp, where they were ambushed and
  30. At an end. The part which it plays henceforward is insignificant. It would be a, mistake ,to attribute the fall of Regina solely to the development of the Athenian navy.
  31. Unconditioned or ultimate answer to" why? "). Schopenhauer said that Kant's, mistake ,regarding perception resulted in all the obscurity and difficult confusion
  32. Cavalry officers who was attempting to leave the field –" Sir, you are under a, mistake , the enemy lies that way … " Others were cut down by the pursuing cavalry. The
  33. Later regretted leading the charge in person, saying " I committed a great, mistake ," when he should have been organizing an adequate reserve to move forward in
  34. Pronounce word with one fewer syllable, or that the spelling on the flier was a, mistake , Hall's domination of production of the metal ensured that the spelling
  35. Difference compared to 99 % of the others, it is understood to be a copyist's, mistake , The manuscripts from the Western text-type (as represented by the Codex Became
  36. Used as if they were completely arbitrary. For example, children may make the, mistake ,of using the spoken word" you" to refer to themselves, since others use that
  37. And allowed Kasparov to adjourn the game with an extra pawn. After a further, mistake ,in the second session, Karpov was slowly ground down and resigned on move 64
  38. Appears to me desirable to preserve. The choice of subject in that work is a, mistake , it was too little consonant with the character, tastes and ideas of the gentle
  39. And danger of loss of reputation, while preserving his peace of mind, as a mere, mistake ,that she made owing to her foolishness, one of her most endearing feminine
  40. Nearly indistinguishable from actual Brillo boxes at the time. It would be a, mistake ,to praise Warhol for the design of his boxes (which were designed by Steve
  41. Combination during the short program for the first time in his career. This, mistake ,proved extremely costly, and knocked Botany out of medal contention. He skated
  42. Process input and update the positions and states of objects in the world. Any, mistake ,in timing produced visual artifacts, a problem programmers called racing the
  43. The selection of the Indefatigable design, and this class is widely seen as a, mistake , The next generation of British battlecruisers were markedly more powerful. By
  44. Thousands of mourners followed the funeral procession of a General Keller by, mistake , to the accompaniment of a military band. Chekhov was buried next to his father
  45. Happened because of a frightening encounter with paparazzi, and that it was a, mistake ,on her part. She publicly announced she no longer studied Kabbalah in June 2006
  46. Art created in an Islamic culture or in an Islamic context. It would also be a, mistake ,to assume that all Muslims are in agreement on the use of art in religious
  47. To mistake one mountain for Zidane Mart, and when a scout pointed out his, mistake , Albert one advanced directly into Ra's Alula's position. Unbeknownst to General
  48. Purple (team) "). Tradition has it that Florentina got their purple kit by, mistake ,after an accident washing the old red and white colored kits in the river. The
  49. In 1861 before the blockade was effective; by the time they realized the, mistake ,it was too late. " King Cotton" was dead, as the South could export less than
  50. The use of celebrities to endorse a brand can have its downsides, however. One, mistake ,by a celebrity can be detrimental to the public relations of a brand. For

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